Will of Moses Bonnell

Bonnell, Moses
Will: 10 Aug 1842.
Probate: 3 Sep 1842.
Executor: Peter Britt.
Wit: Nelson A. Britt, L. Blin(d).
Will -Covington, Ky.

Polly Bonnell: all real and personal estate, during her natural life.

Son -Joseph Bonnell: after the death of Polly Bonnell, to have the rents, use and profits during his natural life on the north half of my farm in the county of Switzerland, state of Indiana as his part of the division of my property after his death the above named north half of my farm to revert to his children.

The balance of the property which is left after the above dispositions be divided as follows,
Daughter -Maryetta Gray: sum of 300 dollars and then 1/3 part of the real and personal estate not otherwise disposed of.
Debts are to be paid out of the remaining 2/6 of my farm if sufficient and if not, out of the personal property and if the personal property and 2/6 of my farm be more then sufficient to pay my debts the balance to be divided between Sucky Ann Hatley and Samuel Bonnell.