Will of John Brown

Brown, John of Jefferson Township.
Will: 6 Jun 1831. 
Probate: 25 Jun 1831.
Executor: James Brown. Executrix: Agnes Brown.
Wit: Samuel Beal, Mary E. Keen and Margaret Millegan.

Wife -Agnes Brown: two cows; maintenance out of estate and legacy.

Son -William Brown: one dollar; discharged from pmt of all the debts due or damage of every kind which I may have standing against him.

2nd son -John H. Brown: one dollar; discharged from pmt of demands of every kind... (against the estate).

Only daughter -Mary Holmes: one dollar.

3rd son -George Brown: "one half of the land which I hold by patent and deed and in order that there be no misunderstanding respecting the disposition of my land, it is my will and desire that a line should be run north and south through the center of my land leaving a great quanity on each side of the line as near as may be, and in that case I give and bequeath unto my third son, George Brown, the east half of the said land together with the third of the property of all my personal estate after my death and legacies heretofore mentioned and are discharged."

4th and youngest son -James Brown: all the rest and residue of estate, real and personal, ...principally being the west half of my land with the buildings these therein and 2/3 of the proceeds of all the personal property.