Will of John Buchanan

Buchanan, John
Will: 15 Sep 1844. 
Probate: 28 May 1847.
Wit: Joseph C. Eggleston, Hiram C. Parker.

Children of Wilson Buchanan, deceased, whose names are not all known to the testator: sum of one dollar, having made said Wilson Buchanan advancements in his lifetime to the extent of what I intend to give him.

Nancy Short: sum of one dollar.

Martha Henry and George Henry: sum of one dollar.

Daughter -Elizabeth, formerly Elizabeth Scimmerhorn, but now married to some person whose name is unknown: the sum of one dollar.

Children of deceased daughter, Tabitha Huckleberry: sum of one dollar.

Alfred and Lucinda Wright: sum of one dollar.

David and Sarah Eblin: sum of one dollar.

Wilson B. Benefiel and Eliza Benefiel: sum of one dollar.

John B. Buchanan: sum of one dollar.

George Andrew Buchanan: one note on John Buchanan of 300 dollars bearing even date herewith.

Wife -Rachel Buchanan and sons -Jacob S. Buchanan, James Garnet Buchanan and George Andrew Buchanan: the residue of my estate, real, personal and mixed.