Will of Jane B. Craig

Craig, Jane B.
Will: 14 Mar 1840.
Probate: 6 Jul 1840.
Executors: Joseph C. Eggleston, Ira Mendenhall.
Wit: Ira P. Mendenhall, Mary E. Seymour.

...all my property not otherwise disposed of to be sold at public outcry.

Daughter -Mary Jane Eggleston, Tabitha O'Neal Craig, George Marion Craig, Dekalb Craig and George Craig Patton [probably is Geo Patton Craig]: each the sum of 200 dollars

...that the board of my four youngest heirs should be paid out of the said 200 dollars, and [if] their board since the death of their father does not amt to the sum of 200 dollars the balance to be paid them in money.

Niece -Mary Jane B. Lowry: 50 dollars.

John Ira Mendenhall's 4 children: the sum of 10 dollars each.

John W. Wright's two children: 10 dollars each.

Rebecca Welsh: 10 dollars.

Daughter -Eliza L. Wright: 15 dollars.

Daughter -Tabitha Craig: 80 dollars for the purpose of buying her a gold watch, I also wish J.C. Eggleston to buy it for her and have the first 2 letters of my name engraved on one side and her own name on the other side ... also 50 dollars for the purpose of buying her a horse and wish Thomas T. Wright to purchase the horse for her.

George Marion Craig: my silver watch that belongs to his father, also my gray mare that was presented to me by Edward Patton.

Edward Eggleston: one cow called Bloss.

Nancy Malin Mendenhall: my blue heifer.

...that after all the legacies herein mentioned shall be paid that the balance of the money... to be loaned out at interest until the interest amts to 270 dollars and the whole amt to be divided between my heirs equally... the reason that I gave all my heirs except Eliza L. Wright the sum of 200 dollars is that I think I have been that much benefit to her and her husband by letting them have the use of my farm and stock.