Joseph C. Eggleston

Eggleston, Joseph C.
Will: 6 May 1846. 
Probate: 13 Nov 1846.
Executrix: Mary Jane Eggleston, wife.
Wit: Ira N. Malin, Charles T. Jones.

Wife -Mary Jane Eggleston: (item no. 3) after pmt of debts, the interest of the money now loaned out at interest towit: the debt due from James Harwood, Edward W. Eggleston and from Chastein Cook, to enjoy the same while she remains my widow.

Wife -Mary Jane Eggleston: all the residue of my personal estate absolutely except my silver watch, which I will and bequeath to my son Edward Eggleston.

(item no. 5) If the principle of said debts mentioned... are paid or should be collected by law I will and direct that such monies be immediately loaned out on good mortgage security, for the same use as to invest as above directed.

Wife -Mary Jane Eggleston: (item no. 6) my entire landed property and town lots during her widowhood. In case of the marriage of said wife, after my decease (which I do not expect) I will that the whole of the legacy mentioned in item no. 3 herein and the devise in item no. 6 entirely cease and that said Mary Jane take in lieu thereof lots no. 110 and no. 111 in the town of Vevay in absolute fee simple.

Should my said wife marry I will and bequeath and devise the residue of my estate mentioned in said item 3 and 5 to my four children in equal parts (except lots 110 and 111 in Vevay).

In case of the death of said Mary Jane Eggleston I will... the whole of my estate real and personal and the property purchased with the proceeds of the estate... to my said four children absolutely share and share alike.

My said wife is hereby empowered to sell and convey all my real estate in Vevay and to lay out the monies in other lands or lots.