Will of Francis Joseph George

George, Francis Joseph
Will: 20 Nov 1846.
Probate: 25 Nov 1846.
Executors: Fredrick L. Grisard, Perret Dufour.
Wit: A.W. Dumont, Charles T. Jones.

To my two children Fredrick and Leon Pickett, the children of Nancy Pickett the former wife of William Pickett, the former of whom was born July 29, 1841 and the latter on the 7th of March 1844, all the property real personal or mixed which I may die seized and all the goods chattels lands and tennaments... to them and their heirs forever in manner and form as herein after setforth.

Said Fredrick and Leon Pickett: shall receive and have the aforesaid property in equal portions... to be paid to them when they shall respectively attain the age of 21 years and in case of the death of either... the whole to vest in and become the property of the survivor of them and in case they should both die... I will and bequeath the same to their mother Nancy Pickett her heirs and assigns forever.

I will and direct that all my property be sold except the farms on which Nancy Picket and Frances Tapp now occupy, by my executor to soon after my death as practicle and upon such terms and credits as will conduce best to the profit and amt of such sale, of which I make my executor the sole judge which property now consists of lots and house in Vevay, the stock of my shop and other articles not necessary to mention.

I will and direct that Nancy Pickett shall have use and occupy for her own separate use either the farm now occupied by her or the one orchard by Francis Tapp at her option until the said Leon Pickett shall attain the age of 21 years rendering no rent thereof.

I will and direct that my executor so soon as he shall have converted my estate as aforesaid into money place the same securely at interest and rent the farm not occupied by Nancy Pickett to the best advantage in his power that he pay the rent of said premises and the interest arising from said money yearly to the said Nancy Pickett for the support of herself and children until they shall attain full age.