Will of Amos Gilbert Sr.

Gilbert Sr., Amos, of the town of Vevay.
Will: 28 Feb 1843. 
Probate: 1 May 1843.
Executrix: Agnes Gilbert.
Wit: William Boyd, Jr., Lewis Golay.

Wife -Agniss Gilbert: all personal and real estate, as long as she remains my widow for the maintenance of herself and my two youngest children. Should she marry then she shall have the use and benefit of one third of my real estate.

Youngest children -Nancy Welsh, formerly Nancy Gilbert -John M. Gilbert -William B. Gilbert: at Agnes' decease, all real estate.

Two sons -Elijah Gilbert -Amos Gilbert, Jr. and daughter -Amety McMillen, w/o John McMillen: one dollar each they having already received their proportion of what I suppose they ought to have of my estate.

Agnes Gilbert gave copy of will administration 8 May 1843, and on 20 Sep 1844 filed the following relinguishment:

I Agnes Gilbert, widow of Amos Gilbert deceased hereby give notice to all persons concerned that I do hereby relinguish all claims under the last will and testament of the said Amos Gilbert, my late husband and that I intend to claim my right of dower and the real and personal estate which belonged to the said Amos Gilbert. 

-Witness: John Dumont.