Will of Nathan Hagan

Hagan, Nathan
Will: 16 Dec 1833. 
Probate: 6 Jul 1835.
Executor: Samuel Page, friend
Executrix: Asenath Hagan, wife. Switzerland County: Joseph C. Eggleston , was Asenath's attorney.
Wit: William B. Kerlin, George W. Drake, Robert Sidebottom.

"I, Nathan Hagan of Stubenville, in the county of Jefferson, in the State of Ohio..."

Daughter -Margaretha J. Hagan: the sum of 10 dollars.

Wife -Asenath G. Hagan and son -George W. Hagan: all my estate and property.

Stubenville, Jefferson Co., Ohio:
Date: 18 May 1835
Present the honorable Jeremiah H. Hallock, President of said county court, and Thomas George, James Wilson and John England, Esq. associates thereof... William B. Kerlin and Robert Sidebottom, two of the subscribing witnesses thereto being called and appeared... and the Court being satisfied... Samuel Page, one of the Executors in the said will appeared in Court and declined acting as Executor.
Attest: James Ross Wells, clerk on 3 Jun 1835.