Will of Gabriel Hall

Hall, Gabriel
Will: 19 Jan 1842. 
Probate: 23 Feb 1842.
Executor: Garsham McCallum.
Wit: Thomas Wright, Sr., Neil McCallum.

My estate both real and personal to be for the use and benefit and support of my wife and children and they to have the full possession of the same on the conditions as hereafter named that is to say that I do appoint my beloved wife Mary Hall, guardian of all my minor children as long as she remains my widow to bring up support educate them in the best manners and means well afforded and that if she should die or marry or otherwise become unable to perform her duty as aforesaid then in that case I appoint Gasham McCallum, my son-in-law to take charge.

I appoint Garsham McCallum, as my wife is unable to attend to it, to collect all my outstanding debts as soon as possible and to sell so much of my personal property at private sale as will pay all my just debts. I do wish my real estate to be sold until my son George Hall becomes 21 yrs of age and shall not then be sold if these my heirs can agree until the youngest son Wilkins P. Hall becomes 21 yrs of age, but not withstanding when my son George comes of age if they are all willing to sell the estate and his part of the proceeds to be loaned out on interest that is my youngest son Wilkins and when my property is all sold and coav--- into money that all my children shall have equal share both boys and girls of the proceeds thereof.