Will of Thomas Hatton

Will: 24 May 1832. Probate: 28 Jun 1832.
Executor: [gives wife authority].
Wit: Newton H. Tapp and Morgan Patton.

Wife -Elizabeth Hatton: "all goods and chattels land and tennaments after all my debts and charges are paid to have and to hold same from any person or persons whosoever during her remaining in her widowhood and if the aforesaid Elizabeth Hatton should marry again, then the personal and real properties to be sold on a twelve month credit and one fourth of the money to be paid to my wife Elizabeth Hatton..."

Daughter -Almira Hatton: one fourth of the money (from above).

Sons -Demcy Hatton -James Hadlock Hatton: one fourth of the money, so soon as they shall all become of lawful age and until that time after the sale, the money is to be put out at interest.