Will of James Hunter, Sr.

Will: 20 Dec 1842.
Probate: 14 Aug 1843.
Will taken out by heirs. James Hunter, Jr. produced will at probate court.
Wit: John Cunningham.
Will written in Cotton Township.

Wife: 1/3 of all real and personal estate.

Oldest daughter -Sarah: 5 dollars and no more.

Sons -James Hunter and George Hunter: a certain lot of land on the west fork of Mill Creek, all of said land? but one undivided third as bequeathed to my wife provided they shall pay each of my seven youngest daughters 50 dollars.

Son -George: have all said lot to be under the entire control of my said son James for Georges use as James may see that he needs.

Son -James: two undivided thirds of all my personal property.

All the property stand undivided until the death of my wife unless further agreed upon by all the heirs.

Son -George: the north half of the west half of the SW quarter of S25 T4 R3W, lying in Cotton Twp., Switzerland Co., containing 79 and 56 breadths of an acre, said share to be under the control of my son James the land as the other share above mentioned.

[Note: This will was probated in 1843, recorded by Edward Patton, Clerk. However, E. Patton died & George C. Patton, Deputy took the sworn statement of James Hunter, Jr. that the will was valid and the will was again proven in Probate Court by William Patton, Clerk in 1848 & 16 Aug 1849].