Last Will & Testament of Smith Turner

Be it Recorded that now on the Second day of April in the year of Our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty one, at the office of the clerk of the Switzerland Circuit Court in the town of Vevay, Switzerland County.

Came Abigal Turner Sole Executor named in the last will and testament of Smith Turner late of said County Switzerland deceased, and filed in said office the Last Will and Testament of the said Smith Turner and moved to have said Will probated and admitted to record and it being proved to the satisfaction of said Clerk by the oath of Joseph Dow that fifteen days had fully Passed Since the death of Said Smith Turner, maker of the Said last Will and testament was thereupon [illegible] above Said, and this said Last Will and Testament [illegible] icated at proof thereof is noew here Recorded [illegible] words and figures following to wit—

In the name of God Amen

Whereas I Smith Turner of the County of Switzerland and State of Indiana considering the uncertainty of this life and being of sound and perfect mind and Memory [illegible] for the Same do make and publish this my [illegible] Testament in the name and form to wit)-

First I commit my Spirit into the hand of God who gave it in the full assurance of a glorious Resurection [sic] at the last day.

Second at my death I bequeath unto my son William Turner one dollar to be paid out of my property. 

I do also constitute and appoint my Wife Abigal Turner my Sole Executor to this my last Will and Testament and do hereby bequeth unto her my Wife all of my Estate and property Real and personal In Testimony Whereunto I set my hand and Seal this 26th day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty in presence of these witnesses.

Joseph Dow | Smith {his mark} Turner
James Malcomson | Witnesses to testament
James Stewart

Estate of Smith Turner Deceased Abigail Turner Executrix. The Said Executrix having heretofore filed her appraisement of the Personal property belonging to said Estate, and Shee [sic] being the Sole Executrix, and only legatee mentioned in the last will & testament of Said Testator Except one Dollar to Wm. Turner It is ordered by the court that said Execx pay Wm. Turner one Dollar this estate be now finalized and that a Complete Except for one Dollar to Wm. Turner record thereof be made & that Said administratrix pay the Costs herein to be taxed by the Clerk.

Transcribed by Phil Turner