The superintendent of the Tippecanoe County Infirmary, AARON WALLACE, is one of those capable and genial men that it is a pleasure to know.  His disposition is uniformly sunny and according to those who know him best no more competent man could be found for the place he fills.

MR. WALLACE first saw light of day in Jackson Township, Tippecanoe County, Indiana, on February 13, 1852.  He is the son of HUGH and JANE (BROOKS) WALLACE, both natives of the Emerald Isle, the country that has sent such a vast army of active and intelligent citizens to America who have played a very conspicuous part in the development of the same from a very early day.  The date of HUGH WALLACE's birth was 1819.  He married JANE BROOKS in their native country and a few years afterward, hearing of the larger advantages in the New World, they decided to bring their two children here.  But being limited in means they did not have sufficient money to pay their passage; however, they bound themselves to pay the required sum.  The father immediately sought work upon his arrival in this country, his principal thought being to pay for his passage.  He found employment for the small sum of fifty cents per day, and by economy saved enough out of this sum to pay for the passage of himself and family.  He later began life as a farmer, and, through frugality and perseverance, he in time became prosperous.  Believing that the West offered greater opportunities, he came to Tippecanoe County, Indiana, purchasing land in Jackson Township, becoming the owner of three hundred acres of as fine land as could be found in the township, and he spent the latter years of his life in comfort and affluence.  He is remembered as a very devout man, a great reader of the Bible and an active member of the Methodist Church.  In politics, he was a Republican.  As the father of eleven children, he realized that it was his duty to rear them in the fear and admonition of the Lord, and their subsequent upright lives stand as a monument to this realization of duty.  The names of his children who survive are as follows: JAMES F., a farmer of Jackson Township; ELIZABETH F., wife of WILLIAM FRANCIS, of Ambia, Indiana; BELLE, wife of CHARLES WILLIAMSON, of Texas; and AARON, of this review.

AARON WALLACE, as already intimated, was reared on a farm in Jackson Township and early in life began assisting his father with the work about the place, attending the neighboring schools during the winter months, but the greater par of his time was taken up with farm work.  He remained under the parental roof until he reached his majority, then rented a part of the home farm, and he has since devoted his life principally to agricultural pursuits.  He is the owner of two hundred acres of excellent land in Jackson Township where he had had a marked degree of success, not only as a general farmer but also as a stock raiser.

In 1873 MR. WALLACE married the lady of his choice, BESSIE MONTGOMERY, who was born in Brown County, Ohio, December 11, 1855.  When sixteen years of age she came to Indiana, but her parents never left Ohio.  MR. and MRS. WALLACE remained on their home farm in Jackson Township until 1904 when MR. WALLACE was the unanimous choice of the county commissioners for superintendent of the county infirmary, a position which he seems to be qualified by nature to serve, but his success in the management of the institution is due in no small measure to the assistance of MRS. WALLACE.  Since they took charge of the infirmary many valuable and needed improvements have been made.  The building is well supplied with artificial water power, which can be brought into play in case of fire.  It was through the earnestness of MR. WALLACE that the county council was prevailed upon to make the appropriation.  The county is greatly indebted to MR. WALLACE for his action in this matter, as in many other things pertaining to the infirmary.  He has the good will of all the inmates on the farm.

MR. and MRS. WALLACE are the parents of three children, namely: ARTHUR, born December 25, 1874, married DAISY STOVER, and they now reside in Waynetown, Indiana; JAMES A., born April 22, 1876, married CRETIE SNYDER; one daughter of the subject and wife died in infancy.

Both MR. WALLACE and his son, JAMES, are members of Shawnee Lodge, No. 129, Masonic fraternity, being members of the Scottish rite, thirty-third degree.  AARON WALLACE is also a member of the blue lodge, the grand lodge, Perfection Council of Princes of Jerusalem; the chapter of Rose Croix; also the consistory of Sublime Princes of the Royal Secret and the Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine.  He also belongs to the New Richmond Lodge, No. 288, Knights of Pythias.

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