Robert A. Connelly

Kate Leslie Connelly

ROBERT A. CONNELLY, Tippecanoe Township

        THOMAS CONNELLY, the father of this gentleman, was born in Charlottesville, Va. In the year 1787, and his mother, ELIZABETH H. CONNELLY, was born near the same place in 1791. In 1805, they moved from Virginia to Kentucky, remaining citizens of that State for a period of thirty years. In 1835, they came to Indiana, and located in Tippecanoe County. They were energetic farmers, and were among the earliest settlers of the township in which they resided. Both were
exemplary members of the Christian Church, and were highly esteemed by all their neighbors. THOMAS CONNELLY died in the year 1859.  His wife survived him fourteen years, when, in 1873, she, too, was called away by death.
        Their son ROBERT was born in Montgomery Co., Ky., September 29, 1819.   During his boyhood he was deprived of educational privileges, and he has been dependent, mainly, upon his studious disposition and his aptness in acquiring knowledge. He learned the trade of carpenter and joiner, and has followed that occupation successfully for thirty years.
        On the 15th day of January, 1843, he married Miss KATE LESLIE.  The marriage ceremony was performed in the city of La Fayette, by Elder JOHN O'KANE, of the Christian Church. The parents of this lady, PETER and SUSAN LESLIE, were natives of Lehigh County, Penn. They subsequently removed from that county, locating in Eaton, Preble Co., Ohio, where
their daughter, KATE was born, July 18, 1825.  Both parents are now deceased, the father having died in 1855, and the mother in 1869.
        For many years, ROBERT CONNELLY and his wife have been active members of the Christian Church, and their Christian principles are shown forth in their daily life. Generous and charitable, they have not failed to secure the esteem and confidence of all by whom they are surrounded; and the many charitable acts of their lives will ever be held in grateful remembrance by needy recipients whose wants have been supplied by them.

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