Been banging your head up against the proverbial "brick wall" in your search
for your ancestors?   Running out of ideas and don't know where else to look?
If you need help finding your
post them here and perhaps someone will find it and be able to help,
and save you from some real headaches!


I am looking for information about John Abendschon (Obenchain, Obenshine, Obenshane) (b. 26 MAY 1789) who was granted 40 acres and 120 acres in Tippecanoe County in 1810 for his service as a Lt. in Capt. Rowland's Company, 5th Regiment, Virginia Militia in the War of 1812.

John married Elizabeth Stair 06 MAR 1810 and they had 13 children: Demaris, Mary, Lucinda, Margaret, Sarah, Savannah, Martha, Henry S. Matthew W., Allen S., John, Simon L. and Edward S.

My great-grandfather was James William Obenchain who may have been a grandson of John.

 James was born 20 DEC 1832 in Indiana and died in 1900.  On 29 JAN 1856 he married Mary A. Shipp (b. 17 NOV 1835, d. 1932).    In 1863 he resided in Larimer County, Colorado and operated a sawmill to provide lumber to the US Army for the building of Fort Collins.   My grandmother, Alice Jane Obenchain, was born in Kansas on 23 MAY 1863.  Don't know if James resided there or if she may have been born in a wagon train.  Alice's sister, Nettie, was born in Larimer County, Colorado 25 OCT 1873.    From Colorado James moved to Oregon then moved to Idaho.  I was born in Boise.
Barbara in Colorado

I am still looking for information on Benjamin S. Akins or Akens  and Julia Mackessey  married  about 1886 and their children born in Lafayette: Alice F. about 1894, Josephine about 1900 and Mary born about1906.   Thanks for any help, I am STUCK.    Cathi Denton Jones

Looking for any information on, and/or male descendants (my 2nd cousins) of my great grandfather:

WILLIAM H ANDREW(S) 1852-1928 Lafayette Tippecanoe Indiana

  • Born Abt 1852, Indiana
  • Father (supposedly) surnamed ADAIR was a Pinkerton guard from Philadelphia Pennsylvania
  • Mother surnamed HALLORY from Ireland.
  • Adopted by ANDREW.
  • Attended college (?Purdue) w/ Eugene Ashton LONGLEY.
  • Married Artie (nee Sawyer) Andrew(s) Abt 1878 Tippecanoe Indiana
  • Listed in 1880 Census National Archives Film T9-0314, Pg 399A (FHL Film 1254314)
  • Listed in St Louis City Directory 1892-1896
  • Dau Eleanore Elizabeth Died 1yo 1896 Buried Lafayette Indiana
  • Died 24 Feb 1928 Age 75, Bur Greenbsh Cemetery, Lafayette Indiana, Sec 4-223.
Clifford G Andrew  -

Looking for info on my ancestor--Prisilla 'Parisetta' Ellen Walker Austin. She is supposed to have died in Tippecanoe County @1950. She was born in 1869 TN. Her mother --Sintha Jane (?) Walker was born in 1854 and died in Orange County IN. Her husband--Moses Austin died in Lawerence county IN. Why would she be up North?? Or is she really up North?? Any help is so much appreciated. She was supposed to be Indian. Cheryl in Jackson County

'm looking for a picture or information on Hazzard Perry Baker who fought for thr Confedercy Woodward;s 2nd KY Cav Co D. Any information would be a help.

I'm looking for and information on William G. Baker born in Ohio 1820's  and Harriet Vermillion born in Ky?, marriage was 21 Jul 1853 in Tippecanoe Co, Indiana. They had 8 or 10 children Mary Ann?, Hannah, Harriet, William Henry, Alamanda or Alexander?, Charles, Margaret, Flora, Flory J.   He lived in Tippecanoe Co from 1850 to some time in the 1870 when he passed away.   Belinda

I would be so grateful for any information on my grandfather's parents: Joseph A.Bamberger was born on February 15, 1887 in Lafayette to Joseph B. Bamberger who immigrated from Germany about 1870 and Catherine Langknecht, born in Lafayette in 1865...parents?, siblings?, occupations?...buried?   Was there a sibling or cousin in one of these families named Barbara Hemmerling?Thank you in advance for helping me break into this brick wall.
Marcia Bamberger Morine

John Homar Bates was b in Lafayette, Indiana on October 25, 1874. He was taken by James Guntrip or Deward Smith to Oklahoma and Kansas at a young age, he remembers he had brothers and sisters, but didn't remember their names. We think there must have been some sort of a tragic event, that caused the children to be separated. There is a John Bates that appears on the 1880 Census with father Hiram Bates and mother Julia both born in Vermont. Hiram was born 1844. They had Lucy b 1866, Cornelia b 1868, William b 1870, Katie b 1873, John b 1874-74, Josie b 1877, and Hiram b 1879.  All children were b in Indiana except Cornelia who was b in Iowa. This James Guntrip and Deward Smith knew what happened to the family but wouldn't tell it. Does anyone know anything about this family or if anyone knows of a John Homar Bates that was b in that area at that time would love to hear from you. The family would have had to be separated around 1880, as he thought he was three years old at the time, but that could be off a year or two.
Marjorie Bates Gracy

I am looking for the parents of Rebecca Birt who married Lewis Pattison in Tippecanoe Co. in Feb/Mar 1843.  I was in Lafayette in 2000 and visited the Historical/Geneology Society at the Library and found a marriage license for Lewis Pattison and Rebecca Birt.  It states that she was given permission by her father, but he is not named.  I believe his name is Thomas and that he is a widower at that time.  His wife may be named Margaret.  Rebecca was born in Ohio as her parents may have been as I found in the 1850, 1860 censuses.  She is buried in the Burton Cemetary but I don't know where Lewis is buried.   I surely would appreciated anything you can find.   Thank you Lynne Eisenstaedt

I would be very grateful for any help in finding the parents of Rebecca Birt Pattison.  She married Lewis Pattison in 1843 in Tippecanoe Co. Her father may be Thomas Birt found in Tippecanoe Co. in 1850 , Shelby Twp. He was in the census as having no wife but several children still living with him.  I believe a Thomas Birt(Burt) Jr, who married Louisa Parrish in 1850 in Tippecanoe twp. may be her brother.  The Birts, Thomas Sr and Jr, and Rebecca all were born inOhio.  Any information would be grately appreciated.  Thank you,    Lynne Eisenstaedt

Harry S. Boyd & wife Agnes Colson Boyd.  Farmed in the Lafayette area in the early 1900's.  Harry was born about 1878 in Indiana and was the son of James Monroe Boyd, a physician in the Annapolis area.   Harry and Agnes were married in 1899 and lived in the Annapolis area before moving to Lafayette to farm.   Agnes died 12/29/1920 in Lafayette, but was buried with her family in West Union, IN.  Have been unable to locate Harry thru later Census, although we are fairly certain he died between 1945-1955 in Indiana.  Harry & Alice had 3 children, Maurice, Bonnie & Frank.   Also, Harry later remarried, but very little is known about that.  Joanne Boyd

Looking for parents or sibling info on Lydia Ellen Briley. Born 1845 and died 1865 in Tippicanoe Co. Married John Swartz 1857 in Tippecanoe Co.   Looking for  burial place also. Had three children: Lewis, Henry and Mary Ellen Swartz.  In the 1860 Tippecanoe co. census in West Point.   Her cousin, Nancy Ann Graham, married John Swartz when she passed.  Linda Mankowski

I am the ggg grandson of Thomas Buck and Sarah Ann Shelby. They were married June 14, 1835 in Tippecanoe County. I have hit the brick wall on information regarding their parents. Any help is appreciated.    Jim Buck

I am stuck looking for the parents of Barbara Ellen (Smithers) Buck.  She was (allegedly) born in Carroll Co, IN, married Samuel Buck of Perry Twp, later of Lafayette, on July 28, 1867.  She died on  February 01, 1870 and is buried at the Isley Cemetery.   He then remarried to Elizabeth (Palmer) Belcoma.  A second brick wall is Samuel Buck's mother, Catherine (Weidner) Buck.  Catherine was born in Butler Co, Ohio, and married Joseph Buck of Pa - later Tippecanoe Co - on October 11, 1829 in Oh.  They are both buried at the Isley Cemetery.  I cannot find any info about Catherine (Weidner) Buck's parents.  Thanks.   David Van Brunt

I'm looking for information on Nathan Cain, wife Corrella.  He was 72 yrs on the 1930 census.  Nathan had a son named Roy and I believe this to be my husbands grandfather.   I have no information for sure, its just guess work at this point. Donna Cain

Need parents of Rebecca CAIN who married Henry G. GATES, 1851, in Tippecanoe County.  Rebecca was born about 1824 in Virginia, and I have not been able to find her in the 1850 census with her parents.   She is buried in Burton Cemetery and there is also a James C. Kane (1836-1904) buried in the same cemetery, not far from where Rebecca and Henry Gates are buried.  Could this James C. Kane be some relation to my Rebecca?  Any help appreciated. Adina Watkins Dyer

My g-grandfather, John William Campbell, born in Ohio in 1833, married Rachel VanScoy in White County, IN, in 1855, entered the Civil War in Tippecanoe County, IN, 1861, was in the 1860 Census, Wea Township, Tippecanoe County, IN.  Two residences from John and Rachel in the census were Abraham and Mary Campbell, with son Charles.  My assumption is that they were brothers, two years different in age, living close together.  I am trying to find their parents.  If you have a Campbell family that they can be connected with, please let me know.   I'm about to give up.  Gene

Looking for data on Jacob Carney and wife Sally Stagg- Carney moved to Indiana from Kentucky in about 1860, youngest son John Elmore Carney was born June 22, 1863 in Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co., Ind. I am at a loss as far as Jacob Carney's background. I am told he died in 1865 in Montgomery Co., Ind, maybe Crawfordville.   Any input would be appreciated.    Cynthia Carney Ginger

CARPENTER, Wellington ; 1839-1931 (?).  I am told that Wellington served in the Union Army for Indiana and that he was a drummer or bugle boy.  He is supposed to be buried in Lafayette, IN.  Can you give me any info as to where to start searching to verify this info and to find out more about him.  Thank you, J. Scherer

I am looking for any information on Ephraim Chamberlain.  He is the father of my great great grandfather, the father of Louisa Chamberlain, who married Charles Kelley in Shippingport (Louisville), Jefferson County, KY in 1833.  In 1830, Ephraim Chamberlain was in Harrison County, IN.  I don’t know if he is related to Robert Chamberlain of Harrison County, or to Pierce Chamberlain, Robert’s son, who fought at the Battle of Tippecanoe in Captain Spier Spencer’s company.  In 1834, Ephraim entered for some “Canal Land” located near Pleasant Run, northwest of Delphi, Carroll County.  In 1837, Ephraim Chamberlain was “of White County” when he entered for some land on the White-Carroll County Line, just east of Monticello.  White County researchers have not been able to determine how that land was sold or otherwise disposed of.  He appeared in the 1840 census for Carroll County, along with the Kelley family and a younger Ephraim Chamberlain, presumed to be a son.  Both Ephraim Senior and Ephraim Junior are listed on the Tippecanoe County Delinquent Tax List for Fairfield Township in 1842.  They were “not found.”  I have searched the Tippecanoe County deed indices, but find nothing for Ephraim Chamberlain.  Sometime in the 1840s, Ephraim’s daughter, Louisa Kelley, and her family moved to Wabash Township, Tippecanoe County.  I think they lived near present-day West Lafayette.  I know that Louisa’s husband, Charles Kelley, worked in the boat yards of the Ohio River.  Perhaps Ephraim also worked in the canal or canal-traffic trades.  Although Louisa’s husband died in the Mexican War, the Kelley family stayed in Tippecanoe County.   Madeline Bechtold

I am looking for additional information for any descendants of Herman Christopher and John Erickson.

Herman Christopher was born on December 3, 1858 and died on July 15, 1932.  He married Susan Kalsbeek. She was born June 5, 1866 and died July 27, 1932.

John Erickson was born onFeb. 2, 1836 in Sweden and died August 23, 1921. He married Charlotte Frreburg/Freiburg.  She is the daughter of Gustara nad John Freeburg/Freiburg.  Born August 1839 in Sweden and died July 17, 1912.

All are from the Tippecaone Co. area.  I am 5th generation!  Any information from newspapers, other distant relatives, and just about anything that would be of use.  Thanks Christa Hickman

Have been stuck on finding the birthplace and parents of my ancestor Edmund Clark.  He was born in Connecticut, exact place unknown, June 22, 1813; he married Margaret Campbell July 16, 1843 in Tippecanoe County.  They had 3 known children: Lora  Ann, b. May 3, 1844, married Edgar C. Davis  April 19, 1865; James Dexter, b. 1845, died in infancy, and Lester, b. Oct. 15, 1851, married Annie Farmion Dec. 23, 1868.     Adina Watkins Dyer

Seeking any info on William A. Cook (b. Abt. 1879) probably in Bicknell IN.  He was listed in my grandfather's 1950 obit as still living in Lafayette and that is all I can find on him and I have other Cook info to share.   Brenda Cook-Ochodnicky

Seek data & proof that ELENOR COX d.19 Jan 1885 in Tippecanoe, IN. Is this same ELEANOR wf of LEVIN COX & dau of ISAAC ESSEX of Ross Co, OH?   Peggy Carey

Looking for John H. Daugherty born 1828 or so in Hardin Co Kentucky son of William Daugherty born 1781 or so in Pennsylvania or Monogohelia Virginia (spelling?) and Sarah or Sally.  Sometimes it is Dougherty.  John H. married 1st Eliza Jane Mcmillen in Hardin Co Kentucky around 1852 and they had two daughters Laura 1853 and Isabell or Belle 1854 or 1855.  Eliza died and he married Sarah Daugherty in Bartholomew County Indiana in the fall of 1860. Both John H. and William fathered lots of children and the they both named their children (in no particular order) William, John, Nancy, Elizabeth, Zelmon, Cornelius, James, Indiana, Miles etc.  They tended to repeat the names. Looking for anything that might help me find William (1781) parents.   Bethia Owens

WILLIAM ANDREW DAVIS - William A. Davis purchased Lot #77 in the addition to the town of Lafayette on June 2, 1841 (Deed Book Q, page 289).  This was land laid out and recorded by Stockwell, Hanna, Hunter?, and Taylor. The previous owner was listed as "Indian Works."

In October 1841, William married Rebecca DeFord in Frankfort, Clinton, Indiana.

On March 20, 1843 (recorded Deed Book R, Page 508, May 22, 1843) they transferred Lot 77 to John McCormick.

In 1850, William and Rebecca were living in Lauramie Twp, Tippecanoe County, Indiana.  Shortly after that, they moved to Wells County, Indiana, but were in Illinois by 1860 and then on to Lyon County, Kansas, by 1870.

From all censuses, William A. Davis appears to have been born about 1821 to 1823 (in Virginia).  I'm trying to figure out where the money came from for him to purchase the lot initially in 1841, most likely under 20 years of age.  I'm assuming it must have been an inheritance.

In the White and Pulaski, Indiana, Historical and Biographical, pubished in 1883, there is a write-up regarding I.M. Davis, the son of John and Isabel Davis living in White County.  It mentions that his grandfather was stolen when a child by some sailors and brought to America.

There is a story in my family of a grandfather who was kidnapped when he was about 11 years old and brought to America.  My mother had no idea what line it was.  My g-aunt says it was our Patton line, but the Patton line says it was our Davis line.

I've not been able to locate a connection to this Davis line in White County, "yet."

I have not been able to determine who his parents or any family members are and thinking the key may be in where the money came from.  I can certainly use some help/suggestions!
Linda Steinke


Nathaniel DAVIS, born abt. 1810 in KY married Delila Jane BISHOP, Aug. 28, 1834 in Franklin County, IN.  Delila was possibly the daughter of George BISHOP.  In 1840 they might have been in Rush County.

In 1850 they were in Boone County, IN with children: Quartus (?) age 15;  Marion age 14;
Georganna age 3; and Alford age 1.

No one in the family seemed to age much, except Nathaniel and Georganna between census years. By 1860 the family was in Lauramie Twp., Tippecanoe County, and the children are listed as Corton age 21; Willshire age 20, Georgeana age 14.  The Corton was my grandfather, Edgar C. Davis, and I believe that the full name of the second son was Wilshire Marion.  Alford appears to have died between 1850 and 1860.   Delilah remarries to a Daniel CRADLEBAUGH in 1865 in Tippecanoe County.   There must have been a divorce between them because they were married a second time on November 19, 1877 in Seneca County, OH.  The record shows that a Mrs. Delilah Cradlebaugh m. Daniel Cradlebaugh.  Daniel died in 1891 in Ohio and was brought back to Tippecanoe County and buried in Battle Ground Cemetery (according to estate file).  Delilah was mentioned in his estate as widow, but I have no clue where she lived after that or when or where she died.  I also would like to find her parents - my hunch is that her father was George Bishop, mainly because she named her daughter Georganna; also there was a George Bishop in Franklin County at the time of her marriage to Nathaniel Davis.   I have not found a divorce for Delilah and Nathaniel, so for now I am assuming that he died before 1865.  I also need his his parents, place of birth, death date and place.
Adina Watkins Dyer

The 1880 Federal Census for La Fayette, Tippecanoe Co., IN., shows :
Egan, John  age 52 - born Ireland, tailor
Egan, Mary, age 47, born in Ireland, housekeeping
Egan, James, age 22 born in Indiana, printer
Egan, Thomas, age 17, born in Indiana, apprentice printer
Egan, Robert, age 10 , born in Indiana, in school
Egan, George, age 6, born in Indiana, at home.

George Egan married Mary E. Thompson on 9 Apr. 1902 in Danville, Vermilion Co., IL.  The couple lived in Tipton, IN. where George worked for the Erie Railroad and Mary ran a dress shop.   George died 17 July 1926 in Tipton.  Any information on the family of John Egan would be appreciated.    Mary Rhodes

Sarah Jane Fisher, born June 4, 1838, elders in my family say she was born in Tippecanoe Co.  I have not found her family there, as yet.   Her first son was named Cephus (Sephus ) so I'm wondering if that could also possibly be her father's name?     She married in Boone Co. IN ,in 1855, (where her husband resided.)   Sarah died young, (35) in Boone County, IN.    Suspected siblings are Minerva FISHER (Married Orville SINCLAIR and Thomas FISHER ).
Beth  (great-granddaughter of Sarah Jane )

I have not been able to find any information on Johnston Ford's Father.  He is last seen in the census in Wayne TWP in 1850.  On each of the census he stated he was born in NJ.  Where do I go from here? Any help appreciated and shared.
 Dorothy Mote

Seeking information on grandfather Carl (Parl?) Friend.  The only thing I know about him is that he was born in May of 1883.  He was one of thirteen (13) children and I do not know his parents' names.  Three of his sisters were named May, Mabel and Georgia.  I know of one brother who went by the nickname of "Dutch" (do not know his given name).  I know that this "Dutch" lived in Lafayette and probably died there in the late 1980's or the early 1990s.  I am guessing that, given those dates, he was considerably younger than Carl.  Carl Friend married Ethel Claire Noakes in 1901 or thereabouts and I am not sure where.  Thank you for any information that you may be able to pass along.
Jackie Weiler

I have ran into a brick wall, tring to find our what happened to these families. Who did they marry? Did they remain in Tippecanoe County?  Children of JOSIAH FUGATE and JANE SMITHERS are:

i. NANCY FUGATE, b. 1812, Kentucky; d. October 19, 1847; m. PARRIS MENDENHALL, December 19, 1831.

ii. ELIZABETH FUGATE, b. March 06, 1814, Kentucky; d. January 28, 1891, Tippecanoe County, Indiana.

iii. HENDERSON FUGATE, b. August 27, 1815, Floyd County, Kentucky; d. November 27, 1875, Concord, Tippecanoe County, Indiana.

iv. RANDOLPH FUGATE, b. 1819, Kentucky; d. Abt. September 1855.

v. WILLIAM FUGATE, b. March 26, 1821, Richmond, Wayne County, Indiana; d. August 22, 1884, Fairbury, Livingston County, Illinois.

vi. ELIJAH FUGATE, b. 1824, Indiana; d. March 18, 1852.

Any help in this query, is greatly appreciated.  Send emails to

I am looking for John Wesley Gregory, born in 1862, married to Charlotte Hammond and son of Sarah Nethercut.  He was living in Lafayette, Tippecanoe County in 1893, at the time of my grandfather's birth.  His name was Harry Edwin Gregory.  The family moved to Greencastle, Putnam County sometime between 1893 and 1907.  John died in an accident while working for the Monan Railroad in 1907.  Any information about him would be most appreciated.   Susan

Seeking info JOHN H. HAMRICK (married lst: Eileen Sams 1908), later married BLANCHE.  He died 15 June 1919 in Lafayette.   Jeanne Jesmore

Am looking for info for Richard Hardesty born, 12 Sep 1824  in Lafayette, Tippecanoe, In., my ggf. any info appreciated.

Seems have been searching forever for siblings/parents of RILEY LEVI HARVEY b 1817/21? Ohio(NY) m 7 Nov 1844, d  MO Feb 1895, buried Preston MO - my gg grandfather TALITHA CUMI ERWIN b 1823 VA, d MO 06 Jan 1995, buried Preston MO - my gg grandmother.   Their son, my g grandfather, WILLIAM RILEY HARVEY, was born in Tippecanoe County IN in 1849.   Any info will be much appreciated. Carole Harvey Quinley

Elizabeth Ann (Unknown) born 24 April 1806 in Ohio. married first Unknown HOOVER, and had son Milton Hoover (1834-1860)    Elizabeth then married 22 Dec 1839 George B Liptrap.  The minister was Joseph M Hershey of Zion United Bretheren Church, Perry Township, Tippecanoe County.    Elizabeth died September 1849 in Benton County, Indiana.    Jim Liptrap

Searching for parents of Violet (Huff, Haff) Morgan.  Married Richard Murrell Morgan in Tippecanoe Co., 1831. She was born 1808 in Kentucky according to census records.

Searching for info on my great grandmother, Martha Ann KELLY, b. 1841-1842 in Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co. IN.  Don't know the name of her parents but her father was born in Ireland & mother born in Ohio.  Martha Ann married Edward BORDEAUX in 1862 in Alton, IL, moved to Shipman IL & then to Montgomery Co. MO.   Died Montgomery Co. MO  2/19/1928.  Any info would be appreciated. Louise Disano

KELLY (also spelled KELLEY)
James Kelly or Kelley emigrated from Ireland (possibly County Clare) to this country, and ended up in Lafayette, Tippecanoe County, sometime around 1850, but possibly after the census was taken. He is buried in Greenbush Cemetery under name Kelley, d Sept 1, 1853, aged 60.  Also in the same family plot is a Mary Kelley, with no dates on the record, whom I presume would be his wife. His married daughter is also buried there, listed as Catherin K.
Stephens, d May 3, 1858, aged 28 yrs. Another unidentified person buried there is listed as Mable Stephens, died Sept. 21, 1870, age 11 months, 21 days old. Other than Catherine Stevens, I have no additional info on these other people, and would like to find out more, esp. about James Kelly/Kelley.    Jacqi Stevens

I have been researching Kennedy family and have a number of brick walls - probably because of the common name.
The info I have is that Wm. A. Kennedy (son of James and Susanna Burch Kennedy) was born 2-7-1817 Warfren County, Ohio.  Wm. A. married Sarah M. (Foster) whose father was Greer Foster of PA 7-16-1840 in Boone County, IN.  They have one son (James Greer Kennedy) who was killed at the battle of Nashville 4-3-1865.  His enlistment papers show residence as Galveston, IN.

The info I have is that they were in Tippecanoe County prior to relocating to Cherokee County, Kansas.  Cherokee County Kansas was opened up to settlers after civil war in 1866 and I have of record that they were in KS Nov. 1866.

Father of Wm. A. Kennedy was James Kennedy.  I have of record that he fought in war of 1812 and had lived in NY coming from Ireland.

Do not know anything else - any help you can give me would be appreciated.

Sue Kennedy    e-mail:  Sue Simpson

Patrick Kennedy was born about 1810 in Ireland,  He was married to Anna Rosa (married name?) and lived in Zanesville, Ohio, They are shown in 1850 Ohio census (Muskingum County). They had a son, Bernard (born approx, 1842), who married Kate McGovern in Zanesville, Ohio.  They had a son, Edward, who married Elizabeth Carberry of Pittsburgh, _PA.

I have not been able to go back any farther than Bernard...I would appreciate any help finding more about him.  I know that Bernard was a blacksmith.  I wonder if his father (Patrick) was as well..I have been told that our Kennedy's came from Kinsale, Cork, Ireland. Thanks!     Mary Hacker

I am seeking info on the parents of William Henry Harrison Kerns (b. around 1820 in PA).  He was married to Lydia (Best) Kerns.  She was also b. around 1820 in PA.  I am not sure when/if they moved to Indiana, but their son, Harrison Kerns, was b. in Indiana on March 10, 1840, lived in Tippecanoe Co, and died in Battle Ground on August 17, 1910.  He was married to Elizabeth Patterson.  Any info on her side is also sought.   David Van Brunt

I'm looking for information on my great grand parents:  John David Knaur or David John Knaur born abt 1832 in Wurtermburg, Germany died 1895 in Indiana; and Barbara Katherine Knaur or Katherine Barbara Knaur born between 1821 - 1832 died in 1925 in Indiana. My Aunt told me that she was 104 years old when she die.    Thanks for any help.   Nancy in Mass

Mary Ellen Sumpter married James F. LAYTON, in 1866 in Parke Co. The 1870 census shows them in Clarks Hill  Tippecanoe Co with son Logan S.  By 1880, Mary Ellen is a widow. I'm looking for a birth cert for Logan Layton and a death cert for James F. Layton.   Any help appreciated.   Suzanne

Seeking information on both David Lemon and Elizabeth Burns who married in Tipp Co 5 January 1837. They moved to Crawford Co, IL by 1840 and then VANISH. They were the parents of at least one daughter, Abigail, but I believe that she may have been an only child and that they both died between 1840 and 1850.

Have the information from the Original Land Patents with names of Alexander and John Lemon and James and John Burns. However, a personal search of the records a few years ago reveal no probate records for any of these persons.  Can anyone shed any light on any of these people???    Marilee in IL

John Linderman and spouse Minerva Mayfield.  The couple had the following children between 1855-65 probably in LaPorte, Ind.:  Landon, John, Charles, Henry and Lucy (wed Charles Freeman).  John may have been killded in the Civil War.  Minerva remarried 1) Schuyler Terwilliger, and 2: Oris Bentley.  She passed away in 1905 att he Soldiers Hom; per her obituary. Her father was Henry Mayfield per  her death certificate.  Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Dana Hardesty

I am searching for Alfred H. LONEY and family.  Alfred was b 05 Jun 1814 in Ross Co., OH.  They are listed on 1850 Sheffield Twp., Tippecanoe Co., IN census with surname of Long.

Alfred - age 35, blacksmith, b OH
Elizabeth - age 36, b OH
Joanna - age 17, b OH
Richard - age 14, b OH
John - age 12, b OH
James - age 06, b ?
Joseph - age 05, b ?
Richard Williams - age 55?, b OH [Elizabeth's father]

I have searched every place I can think of and cannot find any family member.  Thanks for any assistance.
Shirley Houk
Wooster, OH

LOWE, John C.F. (Chandler) - I am looking for the parents of my Great Grandfather John C. F.(Chandler) Lowe. The C. might stand for Chandler.  John Chambers F.Lowe was b.15 December 1842 in Dayton, IN.    He married Mary Elizabeth Canfield in Patch Grove, Grant Co, WI in 1864.  He then went in 1875 to Lompoc, Santa Barbara Co., CA.   Was one of the pioneers the that city.   John died 21 February 1915 in Los Olivos, Santa Cruz Co, CA.   John and Mary had three children, William Henry Lowe (my grandfather) B.23 December 1865;  Rosa Bell Lowe B.21 April 1870 and  Agnes Pearl Lowe B.16 February 1877 all in Boscable, Grant Co, WI.   John was married a 2nd time to Martha Elizabeth Madison and had the following children. Minnie Mae, John Chambers, Amer, Ada and Viola Cecelia Lowe.   His siblings are Joseph P. Lowe, David Lowe, and Sarah Lowe.    He shows up in the 1870 Wisconsin Census and the 1880 and the 1900 California Census. The 1870 and the 1900 Census have him from Indiana and his father from Indiana and his mother from NJ.    Can anyone help me with information on this family?   
Marian Edith Lowe Jordan


Surprised to find my great grandfather, Jonas Elias MAGRUDER, in the 1880 census in Fairfield, Tippecanoe Co IN with his wife, Columbia, and 6 children, 5 of whom were born in IN. He was born in Frederick Co MD and had moved to IN where in Jul 1860 he enlisted in Co. D, 20th Reg, IN Inf at Attica IN and served with that unit as it was sent back to where he had lived in Frederick Co MD.  He was discharged  in Feb. 1862 in VA and returned to his home area in Frederick Co MD where in Nov 1862 he married Columbia Ann MILLER and their first child was born in MD in Jan 1864. By 1866 he was back in IN where next and subsequent children born.  Have not yet found him in the 1870 census but believe he in IN and by 1880, if not before, he was in Tippecanoe Co. By 1885 he had moved on to Jasper Co MO. Appreciate any leads on whereabouts in IN 1866-1884 or any other information on Magruders in the area.  Rob Roy Ratliff

Douglas Manley s/o John F Manley and Gertrude Horrocks b 1909 MO d in Tippecanoe? CO 1914-19120.  Can anyone locate him?  Email me at or   Thanking you in advance. Myra M. Watkins

My ancestor, Orin Martin, supposedly born 1823/25 in Indiana. An Orin Martin married Elizabeth Harvey in 1840 Tippecanoe County, IN in 1840. What happened to these people? Did they have children? My Orin Martin came from IN to Oregon and married Maranda Lee in abt. 1853. No marriage record has been found for this marriage.   Are these the same Orin Martins?    Any help appreciated. Mary Wood

Looking for Maria Martling age 30 in 1880 and son Perry age 9 in Lafayette.  May have moved to Chicago area.    Also looking for her two sisters born in Lafayette. Laura J. Martling born Aug 25, 1853 in Lafayette and Melinda E. Martling born June 7, 1855.  Probably died before 1893. Betty Gilbert

My brick wall is George W. Marsh and Eliza Moreland. They were married in Tippecanoe County January 11, 1838. I have no information on parents or siblings of either family. I can't find where they lived in Tippecanoe County or when they moved there. Any information regarding this family prior to 1838 would be much appreciated. Thanks for any help!   Anna Weaver

My Great grandfather was Jasper Mason and born in Layfette, Tippecanoe, Indiana on 22 Nov 1853.   I haven't been able to verify anything beond that. His parents most likely were James and Lucinda, but haven't found any verification.  Ed Luttrell

In search of information on the ancestors and descendants of Tippecanoe area doctor, William W. Massey (born in PA) and wife, Melinda Puckett Massey.  They were residents of Wayne Township in Tippecanoe County by 1841, maybe much earlier.  Children were all born in Tippecanoe County and include:  Anna Maria Massey, John Deming Massey, Mary A. Massey, Charles Massey.
Heather Timmons Binder

My ggreat-grandfather was Washington Freemont McCormick.  I know his first wife was Laura J Hill,  She is my brick wall.  I know that she had a brother by the name of James A Hill.  Also she might have had a sister, or relative by the name of Catherine Hill, who married a Willard T Orr of whom my grandfather was named after, my second brick wall.  Also I know that a Hill married a Erwin who are the parents of a Raymond Erwin, for who my Uncle was named after, my third brick wall. If anyone has information it would be greatly appreciated.   Kristie Leyhane (

Looking for information about my husband's gg grandfather Oliver Hazzard Perry McCormick.  Would like to find out who his parents were and where they were from.  He was married to Marie Louise DeVault  daughter of Lemuel DeVault.  All of these people are on the 1850 census living in Tippecanoe.  A son of Oliver Hazzard Perry McCormick was Ernest O. McCormick who married Mary Ewry.  Oliver Hazzard Perry also went by O.H.P.McCormick. Linda Lord

MCGUIRE, John - I am searching for John MCGUIRE (b. September 13, 1888 in Lafayette, IN d. 1951 LaPorte Co., IN).  He married Edith JOHNSON (b.1902, d.1930) between 1920 and 1922 probably in Monon, White Co., IN.  Please e-mail me if you think we may have a connection or would like to share information.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks so much!!   Meghan Cassady

McQUEEN, Arthur D.  and Mary Ann (Brooks) McQueen married 12/1/1890 Jeffersonville, Clark Co, IN. Both died in the early 1900's leaving 3 orphaned children. Trying to find information on their parents and origins.   Christina Powers

On July 5, 1880 Permelia Florence Miller, married George E. Miller in Tippecanoe Co, IN.  The George Washington Miller family was in the 1870 and 1880 Tippecanoe Co, Census.   What became of Permelia Florence Miller and her husband, George W. Baker.  I have found nothing after they were married. Mike in Wichita, KS

Abraham Miller -   We are looking for the mother and father of Abraham he was born June 01 1808 in Virginia. Moved to Buck Creek About 1837.  He married Elizabeth Bennett b Feb 17 1821 in Ohio they were married on Dec 12 1839 Tippecanoe co.   Elizabeth died April 1891 and Abraham died Feb 19 1892. Dick  -  UASFFLYER@aol com

Esther Montgomery, 17 Jul 1785 to 22 Nov 1853, mother of Allen Walker, grandmother of 'Monty' (Montgomery) Walker, all buried in Romney Cemetery, all lived in West Liberty, (W) Virginia in 1850.   Husband was Alexander W Walker.  Father was William Montgomery of Philadelphia.  I would like to know what brought them to Indiana and how they all died.  Alexander and her daughter-in-law, Mary Ann Mounts Walker, moved back to (W) Virginia by 1860.   Jan Speare

Murphy, Sarah Catherine - I have been trying to find the parents of Sarah Catherine who was born 17 Jun 1832 in Tippacanoe County, Indiana.  She married Joseph Speer, (?).  Both Sarah and Joseph are buried in the Princeton Cemetery, Princeton, Missouri.  If anyone has information on Sarah's parents and where she and Joseph were married, I would love to hear from you. Thanks for your time. Louese

We have been doing family research and have hit a brick wall on the Murphy side of our family.  We know William Murphy came to America in 1853 from Ireland via Liverpool, aboard the Ship Constellation.  He married Adeline Graves in 1860. We have him in the 1860 and 1870 census living in Tippecanoe County.  Adeline and the Children are alone in the 1880 census.   We know he died sometime in this ten year period but have not been able to find out when or where he is buried.  we live in Michigan but have made three trips to Lafayette to do genealogy research.  Hoped someone might be researching along this line or the Graves line that might have additional info.  Any info would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks, Pam Dietz

I am searching for information about David Osborn, d. 1873 at the age of 67 and is buried at Salem Cemetery south of Lafayette, near Stockwell.   He  is my gr gr grandfather, and he migrated to Tippecanoe Co Indiana with his four children in the mid 1800's.  His children were Lewis, Eli, Elizabeth (m.  Zufall), and Matilda (m.  Storms).  He came from Hamilton Co OH, and all the children were born there.  He came alone as his wife, Cynthia McKee, had either died or they were divorced.  I have much information on his descendants to share.     Barbara Head Ward

The Surname that I am looking for is (Parent, Parrent) it has been spelled both ways.  The information I have is that my ggg grandparent is William H H Parrent.  According to his obit he was born in Tippecanoe County Indiana on May 21, 1836 and lived there the first four years of his life.  His parent's were listed as David Parent and Emily (Parker) Parent.  I have found some informtion about Emily's family, but nothing on David Parent or his family all I know about the Parent's of William
is that David was supose to be born in Kentucky and Emily in Ohio.  If anyone has information on the (Parent Parrent) family rather it is directly about William or David I would appreciate any informtion that you can give me.   If this helps after they left Tippecanoe County Indiana they went to Jasper Co. Illinois.  David died about 1850 and William died in 1900.    Peggy Harris

My great grandfather, Jacob Thompson Pierce, came with his parents, James Pierce Jr.,from Coshocton, Ohio and settled in Tippecanoe County. Some time after the 1840 Election, Jacob left the area. I know he had a son in 1847 named Thomas M. Pierce, but I can't find who his mother was. The next location I have for Jacob is in Buchanan County, Missouri, where he married Elizabeth Tracey in 1856. That same year, a child, Georgia Ann Pierce was born. They moved on to Kansas where 4 other children were born, including my grandfather. My question is, where did Jacob Pierce go after he left Tippecanoe, did he marry and did he settle any place prior to Buchanan Co., MO? Would really appreciate any help you can give...this is my "brick wall"!
Anne Pierce Magierski

Looking for father and/or mother of Phelix Randles - Randel who married Elizabeth French 6-4-1846.

I AM LOOKING FOR:  THOMAS S. REDMAN, b. ca. 1800; M. 11-22-1822  Shelby Co. KY NANCY GASSAWAY, b. ca 1804 KY d. Tippecanoe Co., Shelby Twp, Indiana ???

       m. 11-10-1870 Tippecanoe Co., Indiana
       to:  JOHN W. RATLIFF

             b. ca. 1830-50 KY
             m. 11-10-1870 Tippecanoe Co., Indiana
             to: GEORGE (EDWARD ?) KERSEY
                    b. 10-15-1834 ?  KY
                   d. 4-6-1922 ???  Pollard KY ?????
                           Possible Children:
                           George / James / Betty / Rose
                           HARRY KERSEY
                           b. ca. 1845-1875
                           m. FRANCES HARVEY
                                  b. 11-29-1889 ?
                                  d. Feb. 1978 ?
                                  SS# 308-34-1209

Possible Parents of George Kersey  (Keirsey)
ABSOLEM KERSEY  and/or also a brother to George Kersey
       b. ca. 1804-1807
       m. ca. 5-22-1827 ??? KY

Possible father of ABSOLEM KERSEY is JOHN KERSEY b. ca. 1784


Blood Line Genealogy Service

I am seeking information on Aaron Richardson who was born abt 1786 somewhere in Virginia.  Aaron was in Brookville, Indiana by 1813 when he married Elizabeth Herndon born 1794 in Virginia.  Aaron spent the rest of his life in Tippecanoe county and was last found on the census of 1860 in Randolph, Romney Indiana Tippecanoe County.  I know Aaron was the recipient of parcels of land in 1822 and I suspect he may have gotten the land because he served in the War of 1812.  He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church.  According to the census records Aaron had a brother Abija born 1793 who served in the War of 1812.  I believe he also had a brother Isaac born in 1793.  He had a sister Rachel born in 1790 who married George Barkhurst in Dearborn Indiana after George's first wife Tamzen died a year earlier.  I believe that George and Rachel had a son George Barkhurst born in 1830.  The Richardsons were closely involved with the Barkhurst family of Ohio, the Herndons, the Ganos and others who all were early settlers in Tippecanoe and members of the Methodist Episcopal church.  There was a lot of intermarriage between these families who usually lived near each other.  Aaron and Elizabeth had children Elliot, who married Tamzen Gano, Marie, Ann, Rachel, Albert, Clarissa and Charlotte.  Two of their sons died young.  If you know anything about Aaron Richardson please let me know.
Nancy Richardson

Have been hitting a brick wall trying to find info on my great grandfather & grandmother, Wallace Robeson & Effie E. Miller. I know that Effie died September 19, 1932 and was burried in Tippecanoe County. Also know that Wallace died before her. I know they were from Tippecanoe County, as my grandfather (Curtis M.) & his siblings were born near Monitor. Any help would be appreciated.
Lynn Hein

I am trying to find the details of my great-grandparents Bert A. Rohler and Minnie Felix.  Bert was born 5 Jan 1877 and Minnie was born abt. 1887.  They were married 18 Jun 1908.  Both lived in the Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co, IN area and were married in Lafayette.  Their children (including Elizabeth M. Rohler Harden, my grandmother) were born in Lafayette.

Also, I am trying to find the parents of Alva Kenneth Harden, Elizabeth M.'s husband.  Alva Kenneth was born 18 Sep 1910 in Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co, IN and died May 1963 in Hertel, Burnett Co, WI.  He was married to Elizabeth M. Rohler 22 Sep 1932 in Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co, IN.  Parents MAY have been Elmer and Bertha Harden, but no definite link is proven.  Alva Kenneth may have also gone by the name Kenneth or Kenny.    Any help that anyone can give would be greatly appreciated!    Elizabeth Benes

Am looking for Francis Rose, born in Indiana in about 1841.  The 1860 census has him in TIPPECANOE  WASHINGTON TWP  1860.  Have NO information about parents or siblings.Thank you.  Helen Morehouse

My grandfather, James Garland Roudebush, is as far back as I can trace.  My dad, an only child and an alcoholic died before I could get his ancestors names from him.  I live on the west coast, and I am curious about my ancestry.  Any suggestions? Susan Roudebush, MS

I found John Russell who died 26-Apr-1930 (Tippecanoe Co.) and also found his name listed on the 1930 census (says dead). I can't seem to find any information on his wife Frances M. Russell. I have tried looking for a death record, but can't find her anywhere.   I have no idea where John is buried, and maybe Frances is next to him.  If I could find Frances, I would be so HAPPY!
Submitter name not given

Sseeking info on SAMS, Eileen who married HAMRICK, John H. 1908.  Jeanne  Jesmore

I am looking for Levi D. Sayre  Born Oct 13 1848 in White County Indiana. He first married Mary Ann Mansfield and they had 3 children. His Second wife was Nancy High , in the 1920 Census him and Nancy lived in Tippecanoe County, Nancy died in 1923 and is buried in White County.  In the 1930 Census Levi is still living at the age of 81 or 82 in White County. I have wrote looking for a death certificate in White County and there isnt one for him. They suggested I check Tippecanoe County and since that was where the hospitals and coroner are. So far no luck. I would really like to find out his date of death and why hes not buried with one of his wives.  He had family in both Tippecanoe and White countys so I cant see at the age of 81 or 82 him haveing moved from the area.   Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Wendy Morrison

For the past 25 years<> I have been searching for my great grandmother, Emma Louise Kilborn/Kilburn Shipp. I have found a Catherine Kilborn listed as a widow in Chilli, Monroe Co, NY. with the following children Charles Kilborn, Born E.C, Hiram born E,C, Benjamin born E/C died at 17 years old (where) Laura born E/C, EMMA LOUISE born in Derby Vermont,   Lawson S. Kilborn born 28, December, 1835 Kingston Ontario Canada  I have a death date for William Kilborn, Dec 22, 1844, Chilli Monroe.  I think these people we Methodist  Could any one please find a William and Catherine (Possible Powell) Kilborn.  (Oh in one history of Lawson Kilborn it states that the family moved to Monroe Co, New York when he was six weeks old. so that would be 1836.   A history of Piatt Co, Illinois states the Lawson and Emma attended Riga Academy in Chili, Monroe, New York in 1853.  Then moved with Mother, Emma, Laura and Hiram to Indiana to join four older brothers (??? Charles maybe)  I find Emma teaching in Lafayette, Tippacanoe Co, Indiana 1854.  Emma Married JAMES MADISON SHIPP,  Sept 14, 1856 in Tippacanoe Co, Indiana.  I have a copy of their marriage license   I hope and pray you can help me.  Ramona S. Shuldberg

I have a very old picture that was taken in Lafayette, IN .  The handwritten under the picture it says “Simmons Laundry” showing several men and women in about late 1800’s or early 1900’s clothing working in a laundry with a press.  Can anyone tell me about this family.  It may be the opening to my brick wall on my Simmons family.    Thank you,  Brenda

I am interested in finding any family of Rosella Jane (Snyder) and Rolland L. Young and Sarah A (Snyder) and George M Smith.  They were sisters of my great grandfather Martin Luther Snyder.   All were children of James and Eleanor (Blaine) Snider/Snyder.   Thank You.   Anna McGill

Looking for information onWilliam S. Stake/Stoke and Cynthia J. Fleming.  I believe this particular Stake family appears on the Tipp. Co., Shelby Twp 1840 census under "Mrs. Stake". On 1850 census I believe the name was misspelled as "Stoke" where there is found a William, 35 and Hester, 70.  Cynthia Fleming first appears on the Lafayette 3rd Ward, Tipp Co., 1850 census living with the Mulford family at age 17. William Stake married Cynthia Fleming 31 Oct 1852 in Tipp. Co. On the 1860 Tipp. Co., Shelby Twp. census William and Cynthia Stake appear with children. William lists his age as 50 and Cynthia as 25. They again appear in the 1870 Tipp. Co., Tipp. Twp census and again William lists his age as 50, Cynthia as 30. On 20 Oct 1873 Cynthia Stake is found to have married a Edwin R. Douglas in Montgomery County and all the children from her marriage to William Stake have been dispersed to different families around Crawfordsville. I can find no trace of Cynthia and Edwin Douglas after 1873. I'm trying to determine Cynthia Flemings parents, confirm William Stake's parents, when William Stake died and when Cynthia died. Any help much appreciated.    Ronald Miller

I am searching the STAPE family.  My great-grandfather was William Stape, he married Amanda Timmons July 1, 1911 in Tippecanoe County.  On a 1930 census from Clinton Co. Frankfort City he is listed with Amanda and that is the last I have found on him.  Would like to know where and when he died.  His father and mother are listed in 1910 State Solders Home, they are Samuel and Mary Stape.  Would like to know what happened to them too.    Susan Jones

John Stevens arrived in the port of New Orleans in Dec 1850, where he came from County Mayo, Ireland, via Liverpool. He filed his dec Aug 4, 1851 in Lafayette, Tippecanoe County. Shortly after that, a Hugh Stevens also followed the same travel route and filed his papers in Lafayette Oct 10, 1854. I'm presuming the two are related, but can't seem to find anything about their family, other siblings or parents' names, etc.  Actually, Hugh Stevens seems to disappear from Tippecanoe records shortly after that point, although there are ample Tippecanoe County records from abt 1860 onward
until his death in 1893 for John Stevens, who first married Catherine Kelly in the early 1850s, and after her death, married Eliza Murdock in 1860. It  is the record of his family before these points that I'm having trouble.   Jacqi Stevens

I am looking for any information I can find on the family of Jonathan Stretch.  He married Delila Knight and the moved to Tippecanoe County, Tippecanoe Township.  I find him listed in Tippecanoe township in 1850 and the 1880 census and in the Tippecanoe Township in Carroll county in the 1870 census.  The problem is I cannot find him at all in the 1860 census.  He should have at least 3 children listed with him. Their names are Frances, Flora and Jessie. Any information would be a great help. Please e-mail me at  Thanks for the help.  Chris Thomson

I am researching the family of Benjamin Longstreth Tea (1805-1867) who probably lived in Washington Township. His wife was Elizabeth Culp Walters (1833-1914).   Also researching the family of John Rosser (1818-1903) and his wife Alice Ann Casad (1826-1897).  They resided in the Battle Ground area. Dan Judd, New Brighton, MN

Searching for information on members of the Timmons family in Tippecanoe County.  Names include the children of Lorenzo Dow Timmons (1811-1861)and wife Elizabeth Breedlove, both natives of Ross COunty, OH.  Their children:  Andrew H. Timmons, Cromwell Timmons, David Timmons and Henry A. Timmons.  Heather Timmons Binder

(Andrew) Allen Walker,  30 Sep 1812 to 19 Jul 1856, and Esther Montgomery, 17 Jul 1785 to 22 Nov 1853, mother of Allen Walker, grandmother of 'Monty' (Montgomery) Walker, all buried in Romney Cemetery, all lived in West Liberty, (W) Virginia in 1850.   Wife was Mary Ann Mounts, daughter of Providence Mounts.   I would like to know what brought them to Indiana and how they all died.    Mary Ann Mounts Walker and Allen's father moved back to (W) Virginia by 1860 with the rest of her children.    Jan Speare

I am looking for my GGGrandparents.  All I know is that their last name is Wendell and they had the following children: Emily M. (ggrandmother) b. 1873 d. 1922; Edna; George; Sarah; Ruth; MIrwood; Alyce b. 7-29-1898.  Emily married Fredrick Trieschman 5/5/1900.  Fred b. 3/31/1873 d. 8/3/1955 and he was buried in the Springvale Cemetery in Lafayette.  His wife Emily and their daughter Sarah are also buried there.  Supposedly on the same lot.  Can anyone help me find out who Emily’s parents were?  Thanks to all. Judy A. Koenig

John Whelan born 9-19-1848 in Tippecanoe Co. Ind.  Found him and wife Josephine in 1880 Ohio census. They were married in 1871 in Chicago, Ill. Then they vanished. Michael Whalen

I am trying to find the parents of my second great grandmother - Mary Ann White born about 1823, Tippecanoe, Indiana. (Or possibly Pennsylvania?)

  • Sister Louisa White born 1833, Tippecanoe, Indiana.
  • Father shows as born in Delaware in the 1880 census
  • Mother shows as born in Penn in the 1880 census
  • Mary Ann shows herself born in Indiana in the 1880 census
  • Mary Ann shows her children's mother (her presumably unless she adopted a siblings children) born in Virginia. (Children Simeon G., Emery, and Emma).
  • Mary Ann's husband Enoch George Yeager died 22 June 1879 and is not listed in the 1880 census. He was born in Norfolk County, Virginia.

Mary Ann reports herself to be 56 on the day of the 1880 census for Wabash, Tippecanoe, Indiana on 2 June 1880 The 1900 census shows Mary Ann (White) Yeager living with her son Simeon G. And shows her birth as August 1823. Her sister Louisa White lives with them and shows as being born July 1833 and as being Simeon's aunt. Simeon lists his father as born in Virginia, and his mother Mary Ann as born in Indiana. Mary Ann and Louisa list their father as born in Delaware, their mother in Ohio and themselves born in Indiana. The 1860 census lists George Yeager born in Virginia and Mary Ann born in Indiana along with all of their children, Florence, Simeon, Sarah, Minnie, and Addisonetta. * Where was Mary Ann born? Presumably Indiana. * Who were her parents? * Where were her parents born? Presumably father in Delaware and mother in Ohio, but where? * Who were her children? Presumably Florence Iogene, Simeon George, Sarah, Minnie, Addisonetta, and twins Emery James and Emma Jane. * Who were her siblings? Laura White clearly. Any others? * When did she die? * Where are she, her sister and her parents buried? * George Yeager was likely buried in or near the Wabash township, Tippecanoe, Indiana Thanks in advance for any help or hints.


I am looking for information (birth certificate especially) on William (Henry) Wilson born May 1, 1887 in Lafayette Indiana.    This is what is listed on his Draft registration for WWI.  His mother's name was Marsella.  Marsella was born in Indiana or Ohio in December 1848.   She is listed with William her son in the 1900 Census living in Arapahoe County (Denver) Colorado.  Her place of birth is listed as Ohio.   In the 1910 Census her place of birth is listed as Indiana.In the 1920 census it is listed as Ohio.   Marsella also had a daughter Luella born in Indiana.  She also moved with them to Colorado.

Can anyone tell me where they lived in Lafayette Indiana.  I cannot find any birth records for this place or marriage records.  I am not sure of William's dad's name.

Any information would be appreciatiated.   Thanks.   Theresa Wilson

WOLSIEFFER, John - 1880 Census he is married to Elizabeth with daughter Anna-and I have also found Louise Lesley Wolsieffer could be his wife.  If anything on any of these people, please let me know.  Jo Scherer


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