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To the devoted church member there is perhaps no more interesting data, then that connected with the life and history of the church with which he is identified and in view of the auspicious occasion of the laying of the corner stone of the new Christian church, now in course of erection, it was deemed advisable to collect and print such data, in a concise yet complete form as could be gathered from various sources.



On May 31st 1900, ground was broken for the new church on the lot situated at the corner of Pearl and Union streets, in the town of Clarks Hill, IN. Youart, one of the active workers, threw the first shovelful of earth. Prompt and ready assistance from membership and non-membership was given and the people went to work with a will to make the dream of years an accomplished fact.

The plans for the building were drawn by W.A. Staples, an Indianapolis architect. The building is now in course of erection under the supervision of J.C. Yeaman, of this place. The general style of the building is a combination of the leading types of architecture, and in it are happily blended the useful, the convenient and the beautiful. Upon the massive foundation of Greensburg rockfaced lime stone, in which there is 200 cubic yards of stone, arises a 13 inch brick wall to the height of 18 feet. The foundation itself, rises 3 feet above the grade line to the height of 3 feet and this with the altitude of the brick wall, makes an elevation of 21 feet to the eaves. The main building is 46 feet by 50 feet; the annex 24 feet by 54 feet; the tower, vestibule and porch, 24 by 54 feet; this including the gallery, 14 by 34 feet, makes a total floor area of 4,694 square feet. The seating capacity is 700 or if standing room is included, 1,000 people can be housed within the building. The entire structure is to be modern in every particular. The foundation, the piers between the windows, all the arches and the belt, two feet in width, on the north and west fronts, are to be finished in red mortar. There will be stone facings throughout. The roof is of the finest of cedar shingles obtainable. The tower is a composite structure of stone, brick and wood, its total height being 55 feet. The front wall has an elevation of 22 feet. Beneath the floor of the auditorium is a large, roomy, well lighted and well ventilated basement; and under the floor of the annex is the furnace room and a coal room, sufficiently large to hold a carload of fuel. 200 cubic yards of stone, 145,000 brick, with thousands of feet of the best, double sized, Texarkana pine lumber, enter into the structure. The main auditorium floor has an elevation of two feet in 36 feet. Between this room and the annex, are two sliding doors, 8 feet by 12 feet and when thrown open the seating capacity is largely increased. The height of the ceiling in the auditorium is 26 feet; in the annex 15 feet and the gallery is 14 feet. The porch and steps are to be cemented and the latter will have an easy rise of 6 inches to 12 inches and will be twelve feet long. The corner stone was a gift of the Cann-Harshman Monument Co. of Frankfort. The building when completed will present an imposing appearance and will be a monument to the faithful, untiring efforts of the congregation and a credit to the community in which it is located.


The congregation was first organized in the year 1866 by Brother Samuel Otterman and was kept together by his preaching until 1869, when Rev. Covey took charge and by his efforts so increased the membership, that it was deemed best to build a place of worship. This was done in 1873. A lack of sufficient funds to complete the building, created a debt and the inability to pay this debt caused the congregation to disband in the winter of 1875. There was but little preaching after this there was but little preaching for thirteen years but through the efforts and faithfulness of a few members the debt was finally paid and the building saved. In 1888 Brother Joe Davis undertook to reorganize the congregation and succeeded in getting a small membership recorded to whom he preached for two years. He died in 1890.

Brother J.A. Jackman was then called and was the pastor for five years. He was successful in getting many converts into the fold and in giving church spirit of push and progressiveness to which it still clings.

In 1895 Brother Jackman resigned his charge and Brother A.L. Ward was then called. Brother Ward was pastor for three years, doing much good in building up the church in spirituality and right living. During the latter part of his last year here he urged upon his congregation the neccessity of a modern church building and after several talks upon the subject the members met with him, appointed a building committee and made some effort in the direction of the building. Owing, however, to the pastor's resignation and the failure of crops, work on the new building was never begun. Brother Ward resigned in 1898, and the Brothers Conner were called, who remained one year, and Brother J.L. Sharitt, the present pastor was called. Brother Sharitt has been a successful worker while here. He has many accessions to the church and through his push and talk work on the new church building was begun.

The church now has a membership of 168 living members, with an active industrious society of Christian Endeavorers, and nice little band of Junior Endeavorers.

The Sunday school was organized in 1887 and has continued to meet regularly at nine o'clock each Sunday morning since. There are now enrolled as members 176 names, with an average attendance of 112 during the last year.


Richard Sliger, John Bailey, Smith Parks, J.D. Murphy ………... Elders
William Clark, G.D. Lichlyter …………………………….….... Deacons
Mrs. Kate Otterman .……………………………………….… Deaconess
Harry Hall ……………………………………………………. Treasurer
William Welch ……………………………………………….. Clerk
W.H. Hall, Richard Sliger and Harry Shaffer ………………..... Trustees


Frank Anderson Maggie Anderson Allie Anderson Maggie Arbegust
George Arbegust Jr. George Arbegust S. Mrs. George Arbegust Willie Arbegust
Jessie Anderson Wm. Bryant Ella Bailey Dennis Berry
Bertha Bowles Tiffany Bowles Rena Bowles Hazel Bailey
John Bailey Minnie Bowman Oscar Bowles Floyd Bailey
Allie Bowles Bonnie Bowles Dora Bates Jessie Bates
Bessie Blackmore Anna Clark Ray Cooley  Katie Coyner
Chauncey Clark Emma Clark Lucinda Cox Wm. Clark
Hattie Campbell Daniel Cox Glenn Coe Ray Campbell
Earl Cartmill Harry Cresswell Milo Cooley Sedate Cooley
John Clark Sarah Davis Kate Thompson Mary Driscoll
Mattie Driscoll Myrtle Dunbar Jerry Davis Samuel Eberhart
Mrs. S. Eberhart Lyda Funk Wm. Finch Mary Finch
W.H. Hall Mollie Hall A.J. Horlacher Nettie Horlacher
Mollie Horlacher Sylvia Horlacher Frank Hammel AlbaHorlacher
Belle Jenkins Vautie Johnson Malissa Johnson NellieJohnson
Frank Kirkpatrick Maria Kirkpatrick Cosey Kessler Charles Keplinger
Ida Kinneman David Lafady Lucinda Lafady Kate Loveless
G.J. Lichlyter Lena Loveless Sarah Linedecker Chas.Loveless
J.D. Murphy Ollie Bartholomew Blanch Milligan JamesMoore
Daisy Moore Bessie Milligan Julia Milligan Mamie Montgomery
Mrs. H.E. Marcum Mae Marcum Bertha Miller Lucinda Mitchell
Delia Marcum Charles Marcum Ira Moore Anna Moore
R.S. Northrup Sarah Northrup Robert Northrup Scot Northrup
Kate Otterman Frank Otterman Libbie Pierce Sallie Pierce
A.S. Parks Sarah Parks Jacob Parker Prudence Parker
Albert Parvis Nettie Parvis Hattie Parker Janie Roberts
Vecie Rakestraw Richard Sliger Celia Sliger Elizabeth Stuckey
Clara Stuckey Mary Sliger Ora Seeger Emma Stuckey
Harry S. Shaffer Elizabeth Seeger Mary Seeger Tressie Seeger
Ola Stuckey W.R. Slauter Lizzie Slauter Lottie Shaffer
Charles Shaffer Ura Seeger Ran Thompson Malissa Thompson
W.R. Taylor Mary Taylor Myrtle Thompson Lee Taylor
Francis Thompson Rye Virgin Hattie Washburn Stella Wright
Mary Worth Frank Washburn Fred Wright Charles Wright
Robert Welch Sarah Welch William Welch Nettie Welch
Icy Worth Cora Wilson Frank Wilson Zella Wright
James A. Youart Clark Young Olivia Youart I.N. Youart
Jessie Youart Clara Youart Blanch Young Bessie Zahn
P.A. Wright

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