Lafayette Daily Journal

April 4, 1877
Lafayette, Indiana


The call issued for a meeting of soldiers at the office of Colonel R.P. DeHart at 11 o'clock yesterday morning, called out a good attendance.

The meeting was organized by calling Colonel James Tullis to the chair and F. W. Coombs was selected Secretary.

The following resolution was presented and adopted:
Resolved, That we will meet at the Courthouse tomorrow at half-past 1 P.M., to attend the funeral of the late John Doffin; and that we earnestly
request all soldiers to meet with us at such place and hour for the purpose of joining with us in the tribute of respect to the memory of the "soldier's friend."

James Tullis R. P. DeHart Wm. M. Orth
Edward Marvin
Samuel Wait Henry Mandler John Adams John Warner
S. M. Aiken John Youngmeyer Henry Preiss John Fletemeyer
J. W. Jefferson
Dennis Riley F. W. Coombs

On motion Captain Mandler was appointed Marshall for soldiers.

Colonel DeHart, Capt. A.O. Behm, Captain John A. Stein, Doctor William M. Orth and F.W. Coombs, were appointed
a committee to prepare appropriate resolutions.

Captain Mandler was appointed a committee to advise with the immediate personal friends of deceased, as to the part the
soldiers shall take in the procession and burial exercises.

John Warner, Henry Preiss and John Adams were appointed a committee to secure a band and procure funds to defray the
expenses therefor, and attend the funeral.

E. M. Weaver, Dr. William Orth, John Helmcamp, A.E. Greenlee, Robert Gregory and A.O. Behm were appointed pall bearers.

Captain James W. Jefferson was appointed a committee to request the "Lafayette Guards" to furnish an escort for remains
of deceased.

The Lafayette daily papers were requested to publish the minutes of this meeting, and join in the efforts to secure a proper
expression of respect for memory of deceased.  Adjourned.

James Tullis, President
F.W. Coombs, Secretary

Lafayette Daily Journal, pg. 3
April 5, 1877
Lafayette, Indiana


The remains of Father Doffin laid in the office of his hotel yesterday to enable his many friends to take a farewell look at the soldier's friend.  The room was draped in mourning.  At the head of the coffin was a beautiful cross while a profusion of evergreens were placed around the coffin.  The respect in which the deceased was held called out a very large attendance at his funeral.  The escorts were formed in the courthouse yard and marched to the Market space.  The procession was headed by the police, followed by the Guards.  Next came old soldiers, numbering about half a hundred or more.  Among them were noticed General Reynolds, Henry T. Sample, Colonel Tullis, Colonel Ed. Robinson, Colonel DeHart, O.S. Musser, Captain Welschbellig, Captain Samuel Waite and many others.  Then came the hearse and the pall bearers, Messrs. Weaver, A.O. Behm, Gregory, Greenlee, Kumler and Dr. Orth, and last the carriages, numbering over fifty.  The remains were interred in Greenbush Cemetery.  Rev. C. Keller preached a discourse from the test, "If a man shall die he shall live again."

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