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The Indiana State Soldiers' Home is located on State Road 43 North in West Lafayette, Indiana.  The cemetery is located behind the home and has an entrance on Soldiers Home Road.  This transcription is just a very small fraction of the cemetery.   It has been made from photographs that I took at the cemetery, November 2002.   The names are listed by row, not alphabetically.  If you find your ancestor in this list and would like a copy of the tombstone photo, just email me and I'll send it to you.  Please state Section and Row Number.

MOFFITT, Edw’d C.     Co. M 20th U.S. Inf.
MOORE, Tom.     Co. B, 5th U.S. Inf.
FISH, Amanda  
Widow of Nathaniel Fish
GOFFAL, Elizabeth  
Widow of John H. Goffal
Sept. 2, 1871
Mar. 15, 1947
Indiana, Pvt. Hosp. Corps
PACKARD, Adelaide L.  
Jan. 29, 1909
PACKARD, Harriet S.
Mar. 29, 1832
May 18, 1905
Wife of Jasper Packard
PACKARD, Gen. Jasper 
Feb. 1, 1832
Dec. 16, 1899
163rd? Ind. Vol.
BASSETT, Pauline  
Widow of Dr. C. C. Bassett
BASSETT, Clarence C.  
Apr. 11,1939
Captain 137th Field Arty 38? Div. 
 ROW 2
ABRAMS, Wm. J.     Co. G., 79th Ind. Inf.
McCASLIN, Margaret J.  
July 29, 1908
Wife of William McCaslin
Nov. 1, 1925
Widow of Alexander Kennedy
KENNEDY, A.     Co. D, 2nd Mich. Inf.
EASTIN, Jas. F.     Sgt. Maj., 123rd Ill. Inf.
EASTIN, Jennie  
June 12, 1922
Wife of James F. Eastin
FISH, Nath’l     Co. L, 13th Ind. Cav.
JAMES, Katie  
Apr. 15, 1926
Widow of John T. James
JAMES, John T.     Co. K, 6th Ind. Cav.
May 10, 1886
Oct. 15, 1965
Widow of James M. Powers
July 11, 1937
Indiana – Pvt. 70th Reg. C.A.C.
MEGRADY, Eliza  
Jan. 2, 1918
Wife of John D. Megrady
MEGRADY, John D.     Corp., 11th Ind., L. A.
COPPESS, Geo. W.     Co. A, 151st Ind. Inf.
GRAY?, E. M.      Co. E, 19th U. S. Inf.
WATTS, John     Capt., Co. I, 72nd Ind. Inf.
WHITE, Jno.     Co. F, 4th  Del. Inf.
BAKER, E. J.      Co. I, 1st N.H. Inf.
POST, Uriah     10th Ind. L. A.
GRIDER, Aaron     Corpl., Co. E, 24 Ind. Inf.
BREEDING, Manoah     Co. D, 47th Ind. Inf.
FEHLHABER, Fred’k      Co. G, 32nd Ind. Inf.
KLEPPINGER, A. B.     Co. G, 72nd Ind. Inf.
July 18, 1920
Widow of Ancil B. Klipinger
LANDRY, J. R.     Co. D, 154th Ill. Inf.
ENOS, Robt. G.     Co. I, 11th Ind. Inf.
BERRY, Jno.     Corpl., Co. C, 40th Ohio Inf.
COCHRAN, Charles      Q. M. Sgt., Co. B, 159th Ind. Inf., Sp. Am. War
STOUT, Musn. David E.     Co. E, 11th Ind. Inf.
WAKELY, Dan’l     Co. F, 72nd Ind. Inf.
WAKELY, Hannah  
Jan. 11, 1927
Widow of Daniel Wakely
HUGHES, Catharine  
Aug. 26, 1917
Wife of James G. Hughes
BENEDICT, Mary Jane  
Aug. 2, 1908
Widow of __. R. Benedict
SALLADE, Katie  
Apr. 17, 1916
Widow of Jacob A. Sallade
HENRY, Lawrence Joseph  
Mar. 31, 1945
Kentucky – Pvt. 7th Cav.
NEWBY, Mary M.  
Oct. 15, 1919
Widow of Robert F. Newby
NEWBY, Rob’t     Co. C, 70th Ind. Inf.
FARLEY, H. C.      Co. E, 4th Ind. Cav.
LINDHOLM, E. C.     U. S. Navy
McKEE, R. G.      Co. G, 20th Ind. Inf.
HALEY, Jeremiah     Co. G, 76th Ind. Inf.
NADING, J. W. H.      Co. G, 7th U.S. Inf.
Dec. 22, 1842
Apr. 24, 1907
1st Sgt., Co. F, 20th Regt. Ind. Inf.
BEASLEY, G. W.     Co. F, 42nd Ind. Inf.
June 18, 1943
Widow of Christianus Mellinger
June 17, 1943
Widow of Andrew Archibald
HAINES, Gardner     Co. K, 138th Ind. Inf.
Aug. 28, 1889
June ? ?
Iowa – Pvt. 
SHERER, Johanna  
Oct. 28, 1930
Widow of Peter Sherer
WISEMORE, Peter     Co. I, 197 Ohio Inf.
PALMER, Effie  
Nov. 13, 1945
Wife of Marshall Palmer
BROWN, Ellis     Co. A, 7th Ind. Inf.
BELL, Cora B.  
Nov. 18, 1942
Wife of Deacon W. Bell
KROME, Indiana  
Jan. 19, 1922
Wife of Karl Krome
KROME, Karl     Co. F, 35th Mass. Inf.
SQUIRES, Jas. W.     Co. B, 87th Ind. Inf.
LUMLEY, Edgar H.  
July 23, 1937
Michigan – Pvt. 6th Cav.
BEYMER, G. D.     Co. D, 11th Ind. Inf.
BURNS, Malissa J.  
June 11, 1922
Widow of Thos. Burns
CLARK, J. H.     Co. H, 34th Ind. Inf.
FEAREY, Mary S.  
Mar. 15, 1916
Widow of Thos. Fearey
STEECE, Eva Ann  
Apr. 9, 1943
Widow of James A. Steece
FICKAS, Wm. C.     Co. L, 2nd Mo. L.A.
Dec 16, 1903
Widow of Benjamin Troutmen
NEAL, H. H.     Band, 11th U.S. Inf.
DEHONA, Adeline
Jan. 12, 1905
Wife of Clark Dehona
COOK, Clara  
Oct. 7, 1933
Wife of Willard F. Cook
SMITH, Laura  
Sept. 7, 1906
Wife of Wesley Smith
FEARRIN, Harriet  
Sept. 13, 1927
Widow of Leander Fearrin
HARRIS, Bettie  
Nov. 9, 1097
Wife of Wm. T. Harris
Dec. 14, 1908
Wife of John Jefferson
JEFFERSON, John     Co. C, 13th U.S. C. I.
STINER, Mary E.  
July 1, 1928
Widow of Thomas L. Stiner
PHARES, Jas.     Co. B, 4th N.J. Inf.
SHERER, Peter     Co. B, 150th Ind. Inf.
LONG, Nancy  
Sept. 21, 1907
Wife of John W. Long
LONG, Mary  
Aug. 24, 1947
Wife of John G. Long
WALKER, Hiram     Co. K, 151st Ind. Inf.
FAUSET, Katherine  
Oct. 2, 1928
Wife of Randolph Fauset
GARBIT, Benj.     Co. I, 160th Ind. Inf.
DAY, Annis  
Sept. 4, 1907
Wife of John Day
DAY, John     Co. D, 89th Ohio Inf.
MANSFIELD, Margaret  
June 11, 1938
Widow of Andrew J. Mansfield
MANSFIELD, A. J.     Co. D, 21st Ky. Inf.
SHEPHARD, Sarah A.  
Feb. 10, 1916
Widow of Richard Shephard
Aug. 2, 1876
Feb. 19, 1953
Indiana– Mech 37 Field Arty, World War I
HART, Eliza M.  
June 11, 1916
Wife of William Hart
July 28, 1916
Widow of Owen Thompson
TAYLOR, Elvira M.  
Aug. 2, 1916
Wife of George M. Taylor
EMERSON, Henry P.     Corpl., Co. F, 20th Wis. Inf.
ARTHUR, Rhoda  
Nov. 16, 1916
Widow of Joseph Arthur
FORD, Lydia  
June 25, 1933
Widow of George W. Ford
HALEY, Julia Ann  
Feb. 15, 1932
Widow of Thomas Haley
HALEY, Thos.     16th Ind. L.A.
McCOY, Emma  
Mar. 19, 1922
Widow of Jas. T. McCoy
McCOY, Jas. T.     Co. C, 55th Ind. Inf.
Feb. 8, 1901
Apr. 20, 1982
Widow of Wm. H. Shepherd
LOWE, Chas. F.     Co. H, 64th Ill. Inf.
BLACK, Clara  
Mar. 15, 1931
Widow of Thomas S. 
BLACK, Thos. S.     Co. F., 132nd Ind. Inf.
VINCENT, Nancy Jane  
Aug. 27, 1916
Widow of Albert G. Vincent
May 22, 1920
Wife of William H. Manwaring
MANWARING, Wm. H.     Co. H, 85th Ind. Inf.
Jan. 16, 1918
Widow of Orren Gladman
GLADMAN, Orren     Co. K, 10th Ind. Inf.
HUDSON, Josie  
May 5, 1960
Widow of Thompson H. Hudson
BIRD, John     Co. K, 80th Ind. Inf.
DEWEY, Clara Belle  
Nov. 15, 1945
Wife of Robert Dewey
DAVIS, Marion     Co. H, 57th Ind. Inf.
HAUHN, Anna  
Aug. 30, 1940
Widow of Francis J. Hauhn
HICKS, John H.     Co. K, 8th Ind. Inf.
FREEMAN, Mary F.  
Apr. 13, 1916
Wife of John H. Freeman
FREEMAN, John H.     Co. B, 43rd Ind. Inf.
VORIS, Rhoda L.  
May 8, 1916
Widow of William R. Voris
McCARTY, Hester Ann  
Nov. 29, 1933
Widow of Perry McCarty
Comsy Sgt, Co. D, 1st Regt Ore. Cav.
LUCAS, Caroline F.
Wife of A. Lucas
LUCAS, Abram     Co. D, 9th Ind. Inf.
WINTER, Harriet
Aug. 31, 1904
Wife of John G. Winter
WINTER, J. G.     Co. F, 34th Ohio Inf.
RINKER, Sarah J.  
Dec. 23, 1922
Widow of Sam. T. Rinker
PARSHALL, Christina  
Aug. 10, 1845
Wife of Nathaniel Parshall
RINKER, S. T.     Co. E, 46th Ind. Inf.
KESLER, Mary C.  
Sept. 27, 1927
Widow of Robert S. McCord
KLINE, G. W.     Co. F, 208th PA Inf.
McKENZIE, Jane O.  
Dec. 12, 1907
Widow of David McKenzie
McKENZIE, David     Co. K, 42nd Ill. Inf.
COOK, Eliza F.
July 28, 1847
Nov. 13, 1906
Wife of William T. Cook
THOMAS, Susan J.  
Oct. 10, 1927
Widow of Joseph W. Thomas
June 29, 1909
Widow of Charles Vogelbeer
SNIDER, Louis     Co. G, 152nd Ind. Inf.
BOYD, Beulah A.  
June 29, 1919
Widow of Rich’d M. Boyd
BOYD, R. M.     Co. G, 28th Ill. Inf.
KING, Martha J.
Feb. 5, 1907
Widow of Henry G. King
McGRIFF, Emma  
Mar. 3, 1939
Widow of James McGriff
Apr. 30, 1928
Widow of Robert Rutherford
COPE, John     Co. G, 6th Ind. Inf.
SMITH, Luzena  
May 4, 1939
Widow of Sanford D. Smith
TINKLE, Martha Ann  
Oct. 6, 1914
Widow of Henry Tinkle
TINKLE, Henry     Co. L, 11th Ind. Inf.
CHILDERS, Millie C.  
Feb. 6, 1926
Widow of Jesse J. Childers
ROLLS, Thos.     Co. D, 15th U.S. Inf.
Aug. 26, 1949
Widow of William Tankersley
TITZER, J. J.     Co. B, 25th Ind. Inf.
CASSITY, Mary J.  
Feb. 7, 1916
Widow of John S. Cassity
NEWSOM, Loella S.  
Apr. 4, 1943
Wife of Eli Newsom
METTEE, Sarah  
July 21, 1932
Widow of George W. Mettee
CRIDER, Jas. B.     Co. I, 135th Ind. Inf.
RYLEY, Wm.     Co. K, 2nd N.Y. Mt’d Rifles
HICE, Mattie  
Nov. 20, 1927
Widow of Samuel Hice
HUME, T. M.     Co. F, 63rd Ind. Inf.
HUME, Mary Elizabeth  
Oct. 24, 1932
Widow of Thomas M. Hume
ROUSH, Amanda  
Aug. 16, 1897
Widow of Henry C. Scott
ROBERTS, J. S.     Co. A, 12th Ind. Inf.
SHOUP, Fred     Co. G, 160th Ind. Inf., Sp. Am. War
SHOUP, Anna  
May 28, 1948
Wife of Fred Shoup
HARRINGTON, Rob’t     Co. D, 116th Ind. Inf.
Sept. 1841
Sept. 8, 1897
Wife of Robert Harrington
YOUST, Peter      ---
GRIM, Ellen  
May 12, 1942
Widow of William W. Grim
POYNTER, J. S.     Co. A, 79th Ind. Inf.
SASSOMON, Cyrus     Co. G, 72nd Ind. Inf.
Jan. 27, 1916
Widow of Cyrus Sossomon
SHOUP, Lusetta
Jan. 22, 1907
Wife of John R. Shoup
TIBBIT, Lillie A.  
Jan. 3, 1929
Widow of John Tibbit
RILEY, D. M.     22nd Ind. L.A.
TIMMONS, Mathilda   
July 14, 1921
Wife of Cyrus Timmons
HENDRICKSON, W. B.     Co. K, 15th Ind. Inf.
HENRY, John S.  
Oct. 4, 1928
Indiana – Pvt. 13 U.S. Inf.
BOYCE, J. M.     Co. B, 79th Ind. Inf.
WILSON, Geo. 1st     Co. D, 13th Ind. Inf.
TRAUTVELT, R.     Co. B, 13th Ind. Inf.
RUSCHE, Casper     Sergt., 1st Ind. L.A.
AXSON, Mary  
Sept. 25, 1908
Aged 75 years
AXSON, Hezekiah     Co. G, 31st Ind. Inf.
BURNS, Mary S.  
Mar. 7, 1909
Wife of T. J. Burns
BURNS, Thos. J.     Co. E, 74th Ind. Inf.
AMBROSE, Cynthia  
July 22, 1932
Widow of Patrick Ambrose
AMBROSE, Patrick     Corp., Co. H, 2nd N.Y. Cav.
McCOY, Thos.     Sgt., Co. H, 76 Ind. Inf.
THOMPSON, E. J.     Corp’l, Co. I, 63rd Ind. Inf.
LLOYD, Stephen     Co. I, 16th U.S. Inf.
CHEW, Phoebe  
June 13, 1941
Widow of John Chew
LEE, F. D.     Co. K, 40th Inf. Inf.
McLELLEN, Martha E. or F.  
July 5, 1941
Widow of Theodore F. McLellen
SMITH, J. G.     Co. G, 139th Ind. Inf.
BURCHAM, J. R.     Co. G, 50th Ind. Inf.
MOODY, Margaret J.  
Nov. 25, 1896
Age 54
MOODY, Jos.     Private, Co. I, 125th Ill. Inf.
VANURDEN, Henry     Co. G, 152nd Ind. Inf.
BROWN, Frances
July 23, 1895
Nov. 8, 1975
Widow of Dawson C. Brown
BARNARD, J. S.     Co. I, 8th Ind. Cav.
BLAKE, Tabitha A.  
June 2, 1897
Widow of Edward H. Blake
SEARS, Mary Louises  
Sept. 20, 1942
Wife of Charles N. Boyer
LOUCKS, Julia Ann
June 24, 1897
Wife of Horace Loucks
Jan. 1, 1929
Widow of Moses Hallgarth
ISRAEL, J. W.     Co. I, 79th Ind. Inf.
PUMEL, J. M.     Co. A, 154th Ind. Inf.
SHEWMAKER, Malinda E.  
May 30, 1905
Age 71 years, wife of James Shewmaker
Mar. 26, 1916
Widow of Geo. A. Patterson
ROGERS, J. W.     Co. B, 24th Ind. Inf.
ADAMS, Clarissa  
Nov. 24, 1911
Widow of Gavin Adams
ADAMS, Gavin     Co. D, 53rd Ind. Inf.
Oct. 5, 1941
Indiana – Pvt. 18th Inf.
HICKMAN, Jesse     1st Sgt. Co. H, 25th Ind. Inf.
WOLFE, Ellen J.  
July 28, 1922
Wife of Chas. D. Wolfe
ROW 10
MOHLAR, Sarah  
Jan. 2, 1940
Widow of William W. Mohlar
MOHLAR, Wm. W.     Co. E, 87th Ind. Inf.
GALLOWAY, Geo.     Co. B, 11th Ind. Inf.
REYNOLDS, J. H.     Co. K, 136th Ind. Inf.
KRAUSS, Jacob     Co. I, 23rd Ky. Inf.
BEST, T. S.     Co. E, 140 or 146 Ind. Inf.
SHIELDS, Jno.     Co. C, 11th Conn. Inf.
McCUE or McGUE, Jno.     Co. C or G, 1st Mich. L.A.
COOK, James Wesley
Pvt. Co. C, 26th Ind. Vols.
HARDIN, Lewis     Co. I, 27th Ohio Inf.
ELSWICK, G. G.     Co. G, 91st Ind. Inf.
KENNEDY, Owen     Fireman, U.S. Navy
WEEKS, Jacob     Co. K, 2nd Mo. Cav.
REED, Marion     Co. F, 128th Ind. Inf.
COOK, J. W.     Co. H, 66th Ind. Inf.
WOLFF, Xavier     Co. H, 104th Ill. Inf.
JONES, Mary J.
Oct. 6, 1823
Dec. 18, 1897
Widow of Oliver Jones
JOHNSON, Smith     Co. F, 73rd Ind. Inf.
CRAIL, S. C.     Co. G, 79th Ind. Inf.
May 9, 1959
Wife of George Riteman
STEWART, Jas.     Co. H, 116th Ind. Inf.
ABRAMS, William J.     Co. G, 79th Ind. Inf.
BIVINS, Lavina  
May 14, 1928
Widow of Nathan W. Bivins
ROCKHOLD, J. H.     Co. I, 94th Ill. Inf.
BRANDT, Magdalen
Mar. 5, 1843
Apr. 3, 1905
Wife of Charles Brandt
BRANDT, Chas.     Co. H, 9th Ohio Inf.
WEST, Anna
May 3, 1847
May 27, 1905
Wife of Isaac West
WEST, Isaac     Co. K, 6th Del. Inf.
WILLIAMSON, John W.     Co. K, 12th Ohio Cav.
June 4, 1908
Wife of John W. Williamson
MALONE, Henrietta  
July 8, 1930
Widow of William Malone
MALONE, Wm.     Co. D, 42nd Ill. Inf.

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