altm allowed letter to marry - when a couple would announce at monthly meeting their intention of marriage, a committee was appointed to investigate "their clearness" and report back to the next monthly meeting, after which time the couple were "left at liberty to marry."
appt appointed
att attend(ed)(ing)
b born
bur  buried
cert certificate - a statement issued by a montly meeting to a person (or persons) 
transferring their membership to another monthly meeting.  Also a marriage 
ch children
chm condemned his or her misconduct
comm committee
compl complained of - a person could be complained of for an act which was contrary to the rules and advices as outlined in the Discipline
con condemned - see chm
d died
dec deceased
dis disowned
dp deviation from plainess of dress and address
dr drinking spiritous liqour to excess
drpd dropped - as dropped from membership.  A practice employed for the past seventy-five years in revising the membership list.  This action would be taken if the member had ceased to attend meetings for a long period of time.
dt daughter(s)
end endorsed - as a certificate which was addressed to one monthly meeting 
would be endorsed and forwarded to another
fam family
form  formerly
gct granted a certificate to
glt given a letter to - after about 1875 letters of membership were granted to 
and received from most other Protestant bodies
grdt granddaughter
grs grandson
h husband
inf informed (see rpt)
j joined
jas joined another society, that is, another religious group
jASF joined Anti-Slavery Friends
jC joined Conservative Friends
jH joined Hicksite Friends
jMeth joined Methodists
m marry(ied)
mbr member
mbrp membership
mcd married contrary to discipline - both parties were members of the Society 
of Friends and were married by a civil ceremony
MH meetinghouse
MM monthly meeting
mou married out of unity - one of the parties was not a member of the 
Society of Friends
mtg meeting
na neglected attendance of meeting
PM preparative meeting
prc produced certificate
QM quarterly meeting
rec receive(d)
rec recorded - as the gift of the ministry was recorded
rel released
rem removed
req request
res residence
ret retained
rocf received on certificate from - a certificate of membership was received from 
another monthly meeting.  Usually, but not always, where no state follows 
the name of the monthly meeting, it is to be assumed that the meeting 
is located in Indiana.
rolf received on letter from
rpt report(ed) - when a member was found to have acted contrary to the rules and advices 
as outlined in the Discipline, he was reported to (or complained of for) the monthly 
meeting.  The meeting then appointed a committee to treat with him and report their 
findings.  Usually they reported "treated with satisfaction," and he condemned his 
misconduct.  If not it was reported "treated without satisfaction" and he was disowned. 
Anyone disowned had the right of appeal to the Quarterly Meeting and the Yearly Meeting.
rst re-instated in membership
tr treated - when a complaint was made against a member, he was treated or dealt with for the offence by a committee to endeavor to have him acknowledge his error.
s son(s)
us under care of
unm unmarried
upl using profane language
w wife
w/c with consent of
wid widow

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