Giving Names, Locations, and Explicit Description of the Business of Our Patrons
From the 1878 Combination Atlas Map of Tippecanoe County, Indiana
Compiled and Published in 1878 by Kingman Brothers


DATE of 
Andrews and Wood Bankers and Brokers Organized 1867             ---       --- 
Andress, E. H. Firm of Andress and Wood 143 South St. 1865 Penn.
Allen, John Architect and Builder 86 Elizabeth St., Res. 
96 N. Eighth St.
1859 Penn.
Allen, Samuel Contractor on Streets Cor. 12th and 
1849 Ohio
Alexander, Jas. F. Architect and Builder 41 N. Sixth St. 1844 Indiana
Brockenbrough, B. Banker 191 Columbia St. 1857 Illinois
Brockenbrough, J.C. Cashier, Ind. Nat. Bank, 
Insurance and Loan Agent
Cor. 6th & Main St. 1856 N.H.
Baird, Jas. W. Sheriff of Tippecanoe Co. Cor.. 3rd & South St. 1848 Indiana
Brunson, H. C. Dealer in Sewing Machines 117 Main St. 1875 Ohio
Ball, John Land Office, Loans on Real Estate 3 Fifth St. 1844 Ireland
Burke, A. Physician and Surgeon 
Aurist and Oculist
161 Main St. 1876  France
Brownell, J.C. Prop. Restaurant and Dealer 
in Cigars and Teas
111 Main St. 1875 W. Va.
Beebee,- - Dentist 81 1/2 Main St. 1874 N. Y.
Burroughs, Geo. W. Ice Dealer Office 14 N. 4th St. 
Res. 135 N. 4th St.
1844 Ohio
Ball, Joseph T. Dealer in Saddles, Harness, 
Whips &c.
6 N. Third St. 1836 Ohio
Barton, L. F. On Wabash Railway Perrin Ave. 1872 N. Y.
Brown, Wesley G. Proprietor of People's Grocery 128 Main St. 1835 Virginia
Beasley, Geo. F. Physician and Surgeon 51 Ferry St. 1854 Indiana
Beardsley & Sears Wholesale & Retail Dealers in  Agri. Implements, Shelf Hardware and Seeds 34 Main St.          ---       ---
Belum, Godlove O. Attorney at Law Cor. 10th & Salem 1845 Penn.
Barnet, John Engaged at Union Machine Works Elizabeth St. 1864 Scotland
Byers, Parker A. Prop. Billiard Hall and Sample 
Room-Five New Tables
4th St. Near P.O.          ---       ---
Bell, James A. Confectioner 18 Oakland Ave. 1868 Indiana
Baker, Henry Asessor Fairfield Tp. and Deputy County Treas. Sec. 22 1865 England
Baker, Lewis In Treasurer's Office   1833 Kentu'ky
Ball, Cyrus Retired Banker 100 Ninth St. 1828 Ohio
Bryan & McMillen Attorneys 12 Fourth St. 1876 Penn.
Culver, P. P. Auditor of Tippecanoe Co. 182 Columbia St. 1851 Indiana
Chute, James T. Clerk of Tippecanoe Co. 253 Main St. 1836 Indiana
Chase & Chase 
Chase, H. W. and 
Fred S. Chase
Attorneys at Law Over 1st Nat. Bank 1844 N. Y.
Caulkins, W. H. Supt. of Schools, Tippecanoe Co. Chauncey 1845 Indiana
Comstock, H. W. Druggist and Manufacturing 
78 Main St. 1861 N. Y.
Clark, W. R. Dealer in Groceries 102 Main St. 1835 Indiana
Clemons, Ira Contractor, Carpenter & Joiner 124 North St. 1843 N. Y.
Clark, C. B. Druggist 4 Oakland Ave. 1852 Indiana
Coombs, F. W. Attorney at Law Cor. 4th & Columbia 1867 Indiana
Campion, Rev. M. E. Pastor of St. Mary's Church Columbia St. 1864 Ireland
Cosner & Henderson Dealers in Groceries, Provisions &c. Cor. 9th & Union    
Cosner, B. Firm of Cosner and Henderson Cor. 9th & Union 1839 Virginia
Cunningham, W. R. Carpenter and Builder Elizabeth St. 1843 Virginia
Coffreth, John R. Attorney              --- 1870 Penn.
Coleman, Thos. Banker and Famer Cor. Main & Perrin Ave. 1845 Ohio
Cobb, A. S. General Agent 91 S. Sixth St. 1861 Ohio
Doblebower, John E. Editor & Proprietor, 
Lafayette Dispatch
Cor. Main & Fifth 1868 Penn.
Deichmiller, Christoph Mfr. of and Dealer in Boots and  Shoes 196 Main St. 1852 Germany
Doll, James A. Mfr. of Custom Shirts S. Side of Pub. Sq. 1875 Indiana
Davis, Chas. A. House and Sign Painter, Grainer, Paper Hanger & Decorator 80 Ferry St. 1864 Virginia
Drake, P. W. Prop. of Drake's Thermal Baths for the Cure of Chronic Rhuematism, Neuralgia, Scrofula, &c., for Ladies and Gentlemen 27 & 29 Main St. 1877 Conn.
Dansiger, A. Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Cigars and Tobacco 18 Fourth St. 1849 Germany
Davidson, R. F. &   J. C. Attorneys at Law Cor. 4th and Main 1863 Kentu'ky
Dresser, J. M. Attorney, Loan and Insurance Agent 91 N. Ninth St. 1858 Michigan
Ewry, W. H.  City Treasurer Sixth St. 1839 Indiana
Ellsworth, J. T. Physician and Surgeon 35 Ferry St. 1857 Ohio
Ewry, Joe S. Prop. Bakery and Confectionery, Dealer in all kinds of Fruits in Season East Side Square 1840 Indiana
Ewry, Geo. H. Prop. Restaurant, Bakery and Confectionery, Warm Meals at all Hours. 51 Columbia St. 1849 Indiana
Ewry, J. & Co. Dealers in Dry goods and Props.  Woolen Fc'ry Columbia St. 1828 Maryland
Ellis, Chas. H.  Farmer and Toll Gate Keeper, at Elston, Ind.            ---         --- N. J.
First National Bank                           --- Main St. Organized 
Foresman, Bennett Treasurer of Tippecanoe Co.   1840 Indiana
Fraser, Wm. City Clerk 56 State St. 1868 Canada
Fahnestock, J. W. Dentist           ---          ---       ---
Foresman, Geo. H. Deputy Treasurer, Tippecanoe Co. 65 N. Fourth St. 1862 Indiana
Fluck, J. D. Cigar Mft. and Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Cigars and Tobacco Cor. 9th & Brown 1874 Penn.
Frey, Wm. Dealer in Staple and Fancy Groceries 56 Spencer St. 1860 Penn.
Foresman, R. A., Sr. Retired Farmer Sec. 36, Fairfield 
1833 Penn.
Fowler, M. Banker 169 South  1839 Ohio
Grofiendyke Bros. General Insurance Agents Ov. Wilson & H's Bk 1866 Indiana
German Savings Bank Deposits Received and Loans Negotiated SW cor. 4th & Columbia 1872       ---
Goldsmith, O. C.  Railroad Contractor 225 E. Columbia 1870 Conn.
Gavan, Frank Merchant Tailor 61 S. side Pub. Sq. 1858 Ireland
Glick, E. B. Physician and Surgeon 73 7 75 S. Third St. 1855 Ohio
Gallagher, M. H. Trustee of Fairfield Township 26 Columbia St. 1863 Ireland
Gribling, Nic Prop. St. Nicholas Hotel Main St.          ---      ---
Greenlee, E. A. Attorney at Law Cor. 5th & Columbia 1850 Virginia
Gregory, R. C. Attorney at Law 68 S. Seventh St. 1843 Kentu'ky
Hilt, D. Dealer in Drugs, Paints, Oils, Toilet Articles &c. 84 Main St. 1868 Germany
Hanna, Hugh Banker Cor. Main & Third 1848 Indiana
Henderson, David B. Firm of Cosner & Henderson Cor. 9th & Union  1854 Indiana
Harreson, James G. Dealer in Groceries and Provisions Main, near Tenth 1849 England
Herbert, Conrad Deputy Sheriff, Tippecanoe Co. Cor. 8th & North 1853 Indiana
Howe, Ira G. Merchant 120 South St. 1843 N. H.
Heath, Robert Retired Merchant E. Greenbush 1828 Ohio
Ingersoll, B. F. Physician and Surgeon 51 Fourth St. 1853 Ohio
Jones & Yount Attorneys at Law West Side Pub. Sq.          ---       ---
Jones, Mark Attorney at Law 85 N. Eighth St. 1824 Virginia
Julian, M. R. Dentist 95 1/2 Main St. 1876 Ohio
James, D. A. Supt. City Water Works 156 S. Ninth St. 1852 Ohio
Johnson, G. W. Civil Engineer, L.M. & B.  R.R. Cor. 6th & Columbia 1869 Mass.
Jefferson, Jas. W. Attorney at Law 69 Columbia St 1874 Delaware
Jones, E. C. Mfr. of Carriages and Buggies Cor. 6th & South 1861 Conn.
Johnson, C. Mfr. Wagons and Carriages.  Horse Shoeing a Specialty            --- 1869 Sweden
Kreis, Geo. M. Prop. Concordia Hall, and Dealer in Choice Liquors and Cigars Cor. 8th & Main 1857 Germany
Kimmel, Louis Mayor of the City of La Fayette 113 Alabama St. 1854 Germany
Kimmel, John Bookseller and Stationer, Prop. of News Stand and Circulating Library, and Dealer in Picture Frames 70 Main St.  1854 Germany
Kirchof, Frank Merchant Tailor and Gents' Furnisher 130 E. Main St. 1867 Germany
King, W. B. Dealer in Sewing Machines and Musical Instruments Cor. 5th & Columbia 1872 Ohio
Kennedy, P. W. Prop. Business College 260 Fifth St. 1858 Ireland
Kerper, J. M. Secretary C. L. &  C. R. R. 126 North St. 1856 Penn.
Levering, John Real Estate and Loan Agent 15 S. Third St. 1850 Philadel'a
La Fayette Nat. Bk.                          --- Cor. Main and Third          ---       ---
Langdon, B. D.                          ---             ---          ---       --- 
Lucas, Martin Dealer in Hardware, Stoves and Implements 106 Tippecanoe St. 1839 Indiana
Leonard, E. S. & Son Dealer in Family Groceries 6 Oakland Ave. 1859 Mass.
Lewis, Brandon Dealer in Boots and Shoes 49 Columbia St. 1865 England
Lingle, W. S. & Son Editors, Daily and Weekly Courier 42 & 44 S. Third St.          --- Indiana
Lingle, W. S. Edior 42 & 44 S. Third St. 1853 Indiana
Motter, T. S. Physician and Surgeon 33 N. Fifth St.              --- Indiana
Moore, A. M. Dentist No. 5 Orth's Block 1856 Ohio
Mayer & Ullman Wholesale Clothiers and Jobbers of Gents's Furnishing Goods, Rubber Clothing, Trunks and Valises of all kinds 20 South Fourth St. 1856 Germany
McClure & Brouilette Dealers in Drugs, Medicines, Toilet Articles, &c., Wholesale Dealers in Cigars 81 Columbia St. 1875 Indiana
Mayo, Chas. T. Cashier Second National Bank Cor. Fourth & Main 1864 Ohio
Melton, J. N. Carpenter and Builder Cor. Tenth & Union 1861 Indiana
Mug & Zinn Dealers in Millinery, Gancy and Domestic Dry Goods Cor. Third & Columbia          ---       ---
Martin, Thos. S. House and Sign Painter, Grainer, Paper Hanger and Decorator 126 S. Fifteenth St. 1853 Ohio
Marks, Geo. A. Blacksmith and Wagon Maker 1 Oakland Ave. 1847 Kentu'ky
McHugh, John F. Attorney at Law 65 & 67 Columbia 1861 Ohio
McGrath, R. M. Prop. of Foundry and Mfr. of Corn Shellers South Third 1862 Penn.
Maderia & O'Connor Props. of Co-operative Pool and Billiard Hall 88 & 90 Columbia 1852 Ireland
McCrea, B. H. Dealer in Groceries and Provisions, and Prop. of Restaurant            --- 1831 Ohio
McCarthy, J. R. Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Hats, Caps, Gloves and Straw Goods 88 Main  1863 Ireland
Merrill, J. T. Supt. of City Schools  116 Columbia 1863 Ohio
McGinley, F.E.D. & S'n Editors and Props. of Sunday Leader Cor. Fifth & Main 1857 Penn.
McCauley, Philip                           --- 58 S. Fourth St. 1867 Ireland
Miller, John L. Attorney Columbia 1844 Ohio
McCauley, Philip Breeder Of "Cleveland Bay" Horses, and Prop. "Senate" Billard Saloon 58 S. Fourth St. 1867 Ireland
Nisley, C. M. Ex-Sheriff, Tippecanoe Co. 68 S. Fifth St. 1849 Penn.
O'Ferrall, R. M. & F. Physicians and Surgeons 72 South St.         ---    ---
Oppenheimer, D. S. Prop. of Baltimore Clothing House 76 Main 1865 Ohio
Owen, Ephraim Street Contractor 2 Grant St. 1859 Cal.
Orth, Godlove S. Attorney Union St. 1839 Penn.
Pierce, Mrs. A. M. Physician 90 North St. 1870 N. Y.
Pifer, Wm. H. Dentist            --- 1830 Indiana
Phillips, S. D. Pictures Finished in India Ink 65 Columbia 1870 Indiana
Parsons, Isaac Attorney at Law West Side Pub. Sq.           ---       ---
Parsons, Alba Attorney at Law Cor. Fourth & Main 1867 Ohio
Peret, A. S. Dealer in Latest Improved Lightning Rods of all kinds 15 E. Twenty-First St. 1866 Indiana
Pyke & Ford Dealers in Boots and Shoes 80 Main 1835 Indiana
Ruby, D. H. Chief of Police 36 N. Fifth St. 1837 Indiana
Ruger, John B. Prop. of Bakery and Confectionery S.E. cor. 7th & Brown 1842 Germany
Reynolds, Sing Prop. of "Crystal Palace" Saloon and Restaraunt  53 Columbia 1856 Ohio
Roush, A. J. Attorney at law Cor. 14th & Kossuth 1861  Indiana
Richards, S. K. Engineer L.M. & B. and L.B. & M. Rys. 127 Union St.  1837 N. Y.
Reynolds, C. A. Job Printer, All kinds of Work Neatly Executed Main bet. 4th and 5th 1865 Ohio
Reuter, Chas.  Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Fine Cigars and Tobacco 208 Main St. 1871 Germany
Rising, Francis Attorney at Law            --- 1875 Conn.
Rose, N. J. Dealer in Groceries and Provisions, Mill Feed, &c. Cor. Howell and 14th 1857 Tenn.
Rice, Alex A.. Firm of Wallace & Rice             --- 1871        ---
Rock, W. Carpenter and Builder 92 Twenty-second St. 1846 Penn.
Rock, Mrs. W.                         ---               --- 1824 Ohio
Reed, H. D. Prop. Boston 99 cent Store 113 Main St. 1875 Mass.
Stockton, L. B. Retired 254 Main St. 1824 Virginia
Stockton, G. N. & Co. Dealers in China and Queensware, Silver Plated Ware, Glass Ware, Cutlery, Lamps, House Furnishing Goods, &c 71 Columbia and 45 S. Fourth St. 1836 Indiana
Simpson & Stinespring Insurance Agents 108 Main St. 1838 Penn.
Spitznagle, Barney Dealer in Hardware, Leather and Saddlery 123 Main St. 1853 Germany
Sattler, John Merchant Tailor and Gents' Furnisher 86 Main St. 1851 Germany
Straubinger, E. W. Jobbers of Hardware and Iron 132 Main and 9 N. Sixth 1856 Indiana
Spangler & Miller Dealers in Dry Goods 85 Main (I.O.O.F. Block) 1860 Penn.
Sample, Robt. W. Pork Packer 106 South Ninth 1833 Indiana
Snow, Wm. D. Physician and Surgeon 150 Brown St. 1877 Conn.
Schilling, Wm. & Co. Dealers in Family Groceries 122 Main St. 1853 Germany
Spitznagle, Oswald Saddler 58 S. Ninth          ---  Germany
Stein, John A. Attorney at Law 63 Columbia 1851 Penn.
Seeger, George Prop. of Livery, Feed and Sale Stable Cor. Fourth & South 1860 Germany
Schultz, P. Dealer in Groceries, &c. Cor. 14th & Salem Sts.  1852 Holland
Spenser, I. Pres. La Fayette Savings Bank Cor. 15th & Howell 1829 Ohio
Shockey, Robt. C. Dealer in Groceries, Provisions, Mill Feed, &c. 339 Kossuth St. 1848 Virginia
Seybold, Geo. W. Dealer in Dry Goods and Notions 135 & 137 Main St. 1877 Ohio
Stallard, S. T. Attorney  at Law Office 95 Third St. Res. Chauncey 1843 Indiana
Tilt, Wm. E. Mfr. of Boots and Shoes 110 1/2 Main St. 1876 Cal.
Taylor, Joseph H. Dealer in Cigars and Tobacco, and Foreign and Domestic Fruits 98 Main St. 1845 Indiana
Taylor, S. O.  Prop. of Livery, Feed and Sale Stable 63 & 65 S. Third  1837 Indiana
Talbert, Wm. Retired Farmer 136 Grove St. 1835 Indiana
Thompson & Hoover Editors, Home Journal Main St.          ---       ---
Underwood, T. & Son Real Estate and Insurance Agents 36 Ferry St. 185? D. C.
Vater, S. Editor and Prop. of Daily and Weekly Journal Cor. Third & Ferry 1864 Ohio
Vinton, D. P. Physician and Surgeon Cor. 19th & Greenbush 1841 Ohio
Wilgus, Wm. Recorder of Tippecanoe Co.                ---  1849 Indiana
Wilstach, J. A. Attorney at Law 87 Cincinnati St. 1839 D. C.
Wright, C. C. Photographer. Copying and Finishing in India Ink a Specialty 90 1/2 Main St. 1870 Maine
Warner, Chas. S. Sec. and Treas. La Fayette Savings Bank 6 Elizabeth St. 1856 Conn.
White, E. C. Dealer in Family Groceries 87 Main St. (I.O.O.F. Block) 1843 N. Y.
Wallace, Chas. H. Deputy County Clerk Chauncey 1842 Indiana
Welch, F. Prop. Junction House La Fayette Junction 1874 Ohio
Washburn, S. S. Physician and Surgeon 38 Oakland Ave. 1867 Indiana
Wolever, P. W. Photographer 84 Columbia 1865 Penn.
Wallace & Rice Attorneys at Law 89 1/2 Columbia         ---       ---
Wallace, W. DeWitt. With Wallace and Rice First St. 1838 La Fay.
Walker, Wm. S.. Physician and surgeon 84 Columbia 1869 E. Tenn.
Wood, Nat. S. Firm of Andress & Wood 83 Sixth St. 1848 Indiana
Williams, John S. Banker 34 Columbia Bank organized 1873 Indiana
Wade, I. S. Teacher Linnwood 1861 Ohio
Wilson, James P. Architect and Builder 121 Union St. 1846 Indiana
Wheeler, John Street Paver 83 Twenty-second St. 1873 N. Y.
Winder, James A. Merchant Tailor 93 Columbia St. 1845 Ohio
Weaver, E. M. Justice of the Peace 164 Columbia St. 1837 Virginia
Wilson, W. C. Attorney 145 Main St. 1850 Indiana
Yount, S. T. Physician and Surgeon 93 1/2 main St. 1876 Indiana

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