Giving Names, Locations, and Explicit Description of the Business of Our Patrons
From the 1878 Combination Atlas Map of Tippecanoe County, Indiana
Compiled and Published in 1878 by Kingman Brothers

DATE of 
Anderson, G. W. Section 2 1835 West Va. Stockwell Retired Farmer
Blackmor, H. J. Clark's Hill 1833 Ohio Clark's Hill Dlr. in Groceries, Provisions, Choice Liquors & Cigars
Bryant, William D. Section 28 & 33 1835 Indiana Clark's Hill Farmer
Bartholomew, A. Section 17 1845 Indiana Stockwell Farmer
Blickenstaff, John Section 5 1837 Indiana Stockwell Farmer 
Braiser, J. M. Section 11 1838 Indiana Stockwell  Farmer and Stock Raiser
Bartholomew, Thos. Section 19 1859 England Stockwell Farmer and Stock Raiser
Clark, Daniel D. Clark's Hill 1839 Conn. Clark's Hill Farmer
Chenoweth, Chas. S. Section 25 1830 Ohio Clark's Hill Famer and Stock Raiser
Cole, James W. Stockwell 1829 Ohio Stockwell Grain and Commission Merchant, ex-Representative
Cole, R. Stockwell 1829 Indiana Stockwell Dry Goods, Groceries, Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Notions
Cooper, Eli N. Stockwell 1837 Ohio Stockwell Farmer
Dunkle, Joshua Section 10 1863 Penn. Romney Farmer
Dougherty, Israel Section 28 1847 Ohio Stockwell Farmer and Stock Raiser
Ellis, J. D. Clark's Hill 1852 Indiana Clark's Hill Physician and Surgeon
Ewing, H. C. Clark's Hill 1873 Indiana Clark's Hill Dlr. in Groceries, Drugs & Gen'l Merchandise
Hoffman, Absalom Section 28 1836 Ohio Clark's Hill Farmer
Hoffman, William W. Section 20 1844 Indiana Stockwell Farmer
Hawkins, Milton Section 29 1844 Indiana Clark's Hill Farmer
Hanger, M. M. Section 13 1833 West Va.  Stockwell Farmer
Hollady, Albert Section 12 1849 Indiana Stockwell Farmer
Kirkpatrick, Frank Section 27 1853 Indiana Clark's Hill Farmer and Stock Raiser
Kesler, John Section 21 & 28 1832 Ohio Clark's Hill Farmer
Killgore, D. H. Section 3 1829 Indiana Stockwell Mfr. Wagons and Farm Implements
Labaree, William Clark's Hill 1857 N. C. Clark's Hill Physician and Surgeon
Loveless, John E., Jr. Section 24 1846 Indiana Clark's Hill Farmer
Loveless, E. V. Clark's Hill 1852 Indiana Clark's Hill Dealer in Drugs, Patent Medicines, Hardware, etc.
Loveless, Benjamin Section 33 1838 Indiana Clark's Hill Farmer
Lyandecker, Peter Section 20 1862 Germany Stockwell Farmer
Lake, J. M. Section 2 1834 Indiana Stockwell Farmer
McCombs, William Section 11 1837 Indiana Stockwell Farmer
Milligan, J. W. Clark's Hill 1852 Indiana Clark's Hill Dealer in Hardware, Drugs, Patent Medicines, etc.
Moore, James H. Section 29 1837 Ohio Stockwell Farmer
McKamy, William Section 23 1855  West Va. Stockwell Farmer
Newlander, E. G. Section 17 1852 Sweden Stockwell Teacher
Peterson, Martin B. Section 27 & 34 1844 Indiana Clark's Hill Farmer
Peak, Morris Section 13 & 14 1853 Indiana Stockwell  Farmer
Rash, Geroge B. Clark's Hill 1835 Delaware Clark's Hill Dealer in Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots and Shoes, Hardware, Queensware, Ready-made Clothing and General Merchandise
Ross, James H. Section 29 1845 Ohio Clark's Hill Farmer and Thresher
Smith, E. J. Section 29 1867 Ohio Stockwell Farmer
Stalmaker, L. E. Section 20 1874 West Va. Stockwell Farmer
Stingley, A. Section 7 1828 West Va. Stockwell Farmer
Summers, Michael Section 10 1830 Ohio Romney Farmer
Shoemaker, Daniel Section 32 1842 Indiana Clark's Hill Farmer
Taylor, William R.  Section 33 1845 Indiana Clark's Hill Farmer and Stock Dealer
Wall, John F. Clark's Hill 1843 Indiana Clark's Hill Physician and Surgeon
Woodruff, E. Clark's Hill 1865 Ohio Clark's Hill Manufacturer of Wagons and Carriages.  All custom work promptly attended to.  Work solicited. 
Wall, W. P. Clark's Hill 1849 Indiana Clark's Hill Firm of Wall & Dunn, Mfrs. of Tile and Brick
Washburn, Benj. F. Section 22 1842 Indiana Clark's Hill Farmer
Watt, James W. Section 23 1834 Indiana Clark's Hill Farmer
Wall, Simon C. Section 27 & 34 1833 Indiana Clark's Hill Farmer
Wright, Charles Section 23 1840 England Clark's Hill Farmer
Williams, Cass A. Clark's Hill 1870 Indiana Clark's Hill Proprietor of Clark's Hill Blacksmith Shop
Young, William B. Section 36 1830 Ohio Clark's Hill Farmer and Stock Raiser
Yeaman, James H. Section 17 1850 Indiana Stockwell Farmer and Teacher
Young, George W. Section 3 1846 Ohio Stockwell Farmer and Plasterer

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