Giving Names, Locations, and Explicit Description of the Business of Our Patrons
From the1878 Combination Atlas Map of Tippecanoe County, Indiana
Compiled and Published in 1878 by Kingman Brothers

App, Daniel Section 13 1846 Indiana Dayton Farmer
Antrim, Harrison Section 25 1867 Penn Dayton Miller, Magnolia Mill
Allen, Henry          --- 1862 Indiana Dayton Farmer
Burkhalter, E. Section 5 1831 Penn. Dayton Retired Farmer
Browning, J. Section 4 1836 Indiana Dayton Prop'r Dayton Mill
Burton, V. S. Walnut Street 1839 Ohio Dayton Dealer in General Merchandise
Boyles, B. A. Section 3 1847 Indiana Dayton Farmer and Printer 
Boyles, J. R. Section 3 1845 Indiana Dayton Farmer
Burkhalter, Wm. S. Section 2 1842 Indiana Dayton Farmer
Bayless, Cyrus Section 12 1833 Ohio Dayton Farmer
Brindle, L. H. Section 11 1863 Penn. Dayton Teacher
Brugh, John  Section 23 1839 Indiana Dayton Farmer
Booher, Apheus Section 25 1841 Indiana Dayton Farmer
Brand, Michael Section 24 1833 Ohio Dayton Farmer
Crouse, D. H. Cor. Walnut and Junction 1840 Penn. Dayton Physician and Surgeon
Clapper, G. W. Section 13 1850 Penn. Mulberrry, Clinton Co. Farmer
Cullom, Wm. Section 26 1843 Indiana Stockwell Farmer
Colter, John L. Section 24 1853 New York Dayton Farmer
Culver, M. C. Section 29 1838 Ohio Culver's Stat'n Farmer
Davis, Samuel Section 5 1855 Ohio Dayton Farmer, Breeder of Poland-China Hogs and Jersey Cattle
Dryer, D. A. Section 5 1832 Ohio Dayton Farmer
Dryer, Lewis Walnut St. 1833 Indiana Dayton Dealer in Groceries and Provisions
Davis, Albert W. Section 14 1843 Indiana Dayton Farmer
Elliott, David Section 19 1844 Indiana Culver's Stat'n Farmer
Edris, Henry Section 8 1852 Penn. Dayton Farmer
Gregory, D. H. Section 4 1827 Ohio Dayton Retired Farmer
Gladden, John R. Section 1 1850 Indiana County Line Postmaster and Dealer in General Merchandise
Good, H. S. Cor. Main and Walnut 1875 Penn. Dayton Prop'r of Lentz House
Graft, Moses C. Secton 11 1838 Ohio Dayton Farmer and Stock Raiser
House, B. T. Section 12 1835 Ohio Dayton Farmer
Ilgenfrietz, Geo. Section 19 1850 Penn. Culver's Stat'n Farmer
Killenberger, G.I.  Walnut St. 1841 Ohio Dayton Miller and Com'r of Tippecanoe Co.
Kennedy, James            --- 1852 Indiana Dayton Farmer
Lowman, David Section 4 1851 Virginia Dayton Retired Farmer and Justice of Peace
Lupton, A. Richardville Res. 1840 Indiana Dayton Farmer and Township Trustee
Moyer, Levi Section 2 1852 Penn. Dayton Farmer
Moyer, Ervin Section 2 1855 Indiana Dayton Farmer
McDowell, James Section 14 1865 Penn. Dayton Farmer, Carpenter and Builder
McCormick, Thos.            --- 1876 Indiana Dayton Farmer
Paden, Wm. Section 9 1831 Ohio Dayton Farmer
Paden, Susannah            --- 1831 Virginia Dayton Retired
Roth, F. M. South St. 1865 Penn. Dayton  All kinds of pictures made to order
Rutan, Squire Section 25 1858 Ohio Dayton Farmer and Brick Maker
Reser, D. M. Section 30 1836 Ohio Culver's Stat'n Farmer and Stock Raiser
Reser, Benjamin B. Section 30 1850 Indiana Culver's Stat'n Farmer
Reser, Lizzie Section 33          ---        --- Stockwell Farmer
Slayback, Levi Section 7 1832 Ohio Dayton Farmer and Stock Raiser
Steele, Burton Section27 1846 Ohio Dayton Farmer, Breeder of Poultry and Poland-China Hogs
Slayback, W. T. Section 7 1832 Ohio Dayton Farmer
Siegfried --- Section 1 1838 Penn. County Line Farmer
Snider, J. C. Section 24 1854 Germany Mulberry, Clinton  Co. Farmer
Smith, G. H. Section 25  1876 Tenn. Dayton Prop'r of the Grosh Reaper and Knife Sharpener
Spitznagle, Oswald 58 South Ninth St. 1859 Germany La Fayette Saddler and ex-Assessor
Switzer, J. F.            --- 1865 Virginia Dayton Farmer and Carpenter
Vore, Isaac Section 7 1835 Penn. Dayton Farmer
Wilgus, Albert Walnut St. 1847 Indiana Dayton Physician
Wallace, B. F. Section 4 1867 Ohio Dayton Farmer

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