Giving Names, Locations, and Explicit Description of the Business of Our Patrons
From the1878 Combination Atlas Map of Tippecanoe County, Indiana
Compiled and Published in 1878 by Kingman Brothers

DATE of 
Allen, James G. Chauncey 1855 Penn. La Fayette Blacksmith and Horseshoer
Andrew, J.          --- 1828 Penn. La Fayette Proprietor of Andrew's Nursery
Adams, T. C.          --- 1856 Ohio La Fayette Dealer in Groceries and Notions
Caster, Samuel B.          --- 1827 Indiana La Fayette Proprietor of Blacksmith and Repair Shop
Carr, P. H.          --- 1874 Ohio La Fayette Dealer in Pressed Hay & Straw 
Campbell, Isaiah Section 2 1835 Ohio La Fayette Farmer
Dienhart, Peter Chauncey 1848 Germany La Fayette Proprietor of Dienhart's Vineyard
Davis, E. E. Section 11 & 13 1864        --- La Fayette Farmer and Cutter in Boot and Shoe Factory
Emerson, John Section 25 & 36 1828 Ohio La Fayette Farmer and Stock Raiser
Ellis, W. R. Chauncey 1850 Ohio La Fayette                   ---
Eiusel?, M. D. Section 6 1862 Ohio La Fayette Farmer
Einsel, A. D. Section 6 1865 Ohio La Fayette Farmer
Einsel, Lewis Section 5 1862 Ohio La Fayette Minister of Evangelical Associated Commission
Frazer, Darius Section 26 & 27 1852 Indiana La Fayette Farmer
Harvey, A. C. Section 34 1838 Vriginia La Fayette Proprietor of Nursery and Seed Farm
Huston, Wm. H. Section 27 1838 Indiana La Fayette Farmer
Hanimon, Wm. Section 1 1852 Kentucky La Fayette Farmer
Hawkins, Wm. Chauncey 1825 Ohio La Fayette Farmer
Littleton, Nelson Section 18 1837 Virginia La Fayette Farmer and Cooper
Marsteller, N. Chauncey 1829 Ohio La Fayette Retired Farmer
McCormick, James Section 24 1826 Ohio La Fayette Farmer and Stock Raiser
McClure, James L. Section 12 1837 Ohio La Fayette Farmer and Stock Raiser
McKee, Robert Section 24 1853 Ohio La Fayette Farmer
Norrish, John T. Section 20 1850 England Chauncey Farmer and Stock Raiser
Opp, John Section 19 1844 Penn. La Fayette Farmer and Ex-Commissioner of Tippecanoe County
Oilar, W. D. Section 14 &18 1829 Ohio La Fayette Farmer
Pierce, J. F. Section 36 1838 Indiana La Fayette Farmer and Stock Dealer
Rising, S.          --- 1844 Conn. La Fayette Prop. of Green-house and dealer in all kinds of Small Fruits
Rosa, J. E. Chauncey 1863 New York La Fayette Farmer
Severson, James Section 31 1829 Delaware La Fayette Farmer
Smith, Alfred          --- 1843 Indiana La Fayette Dealer in Groceries, Provisions, Cigars, Tobacco and Notions
Sheets, John          --- 1828 Virginia La Fayette Retired Farmer
Starkhouse, Nathan Section 25 1829 Indiana La Fayette Farmer
Stingle, Levi Section 24 1853 Penn. La Fayette Farmer
Terry, Chas. M. Chauncey 1848 Conn. La Fayette Farmer
Tull, Isaac M. Section 3 1849 Indiana Newton's Retreat Farmer
Widmer, Fred Section 23 1859 Switzerland La Fayette Farmer
Weaver, Franklin R. Section 3 1857 New York Newton's Retreat Contractor and Builder
Yeager, Enoch G. Section 1 1835 Virginia La Fayette Farmer, Carpenter and Joiner

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