The  Cline Dillman Family

 Battle Ground, Indiana

Cline Dillman (1834-1903) and his wife Emily Burgett (1839-1903).  They had a farm just north of Battle Ground.  He is the son of Joseph Dillmanand Harriet Shryock.  She is the daughter of John Burgett and Catharine Henderson.

Guy Dillman 1872-1936), his wife Harriett Kelley (1879-1913) and son
Norwood Arthur Dillman (1906-1960).  Battle Ground circa 1912. 
Guy is the son of Cline Dillman and Emily Burgett.  Harriett is the
daughter of George W. Kelley and Mary Jane Jacks.

"Harriett Dillman and Stella Laired by the cabin in campground used when Blaine was running for president, two years after."

Note:  James Gillespie Blaine was the Republican candidate for president in 1884.  That would date this photo to 1886.  However, Harriett Kelley, who married Guy Dillman in 1903, was born in 1879, and she looks to be at least 14 years of age in this photo.  That would date the photo to at least 1894.  The "campground" must be the Methodist Campground in Battle Ground.


Submitted by: Madeline Dillman Bechtold, Clifton, VA

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