Biographical Record and Portrait Album of Tippecanoe County, Indiana, 1888, pp. 222-228




      By the provisions of an act of the General Assembly of the State of Indiana entitled "An act for the formation of a new county out of the county of Wabash, and for establishing the county seat thereof," and approved January 26, 1826, it was declared "that all that part of the county of Wabash contained within the boundaries therein specified shall form and constitute a new county, to be known and designated by the name of Tippecanoe."  Prior to that date, "all the territory embraced in that wide district of land lying north of Montgomery County as far as Lake Michigan was called Wabash County, and was attached to Montgomery County for judicial purposes."  The organizing act above referred to was passed, and approved by the Governor, on the 26th of January, 1826, and the act took effect on the ___ day of May following.  Subsequently, at a session of the Board of Justices of Tippecanoe County, the first after being chosen, the following proceedings had before them were spread at length upon the record:

       "Be it remembered, That at a session of the Tippecanoe County Board of Justices, held at the house of James Brockman place appointed for holding courts within and for said county for Tippecanoe, at the hour of 12 o'clock on Saturday, the 8th day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty-six; present, William Bush, Levi Thornton, Stephen Kennedy and John Russell, who now present their commissions from his Excellency, J. Brown Ray, Governor of the State of Indiana, and having their several oaths endorsed thereon, now take an additional oath of office not to violate the provisions of the fourteenth Section of an act establishing a County Treasurer.  Whereupon, the Board now proceed to organize themselves by electing one of their number a President of said Board; and, after counting out the tickets, it appears that William Bush received three votes, which being a majority of all the votes given, the said William Bush is duly declared elected President of the Board, and takes his seat as such.  Whereupon the Board proceeded to business.  The Board received the returns from the Commissioners appointed to locate the county seat of the county of Tippecanoe.  Said Commissioners located the seat of Justice at the town of La Fayette, and received the donations from the following persons, viz.: A bond from Reuben Kelsey for a warranty deed for ten acres of land off of the northeast corner of the east half of the northeast quarter of Section 29, Range 4 west, Township 23; a bond from Robert Alexander for a warranty deed for ten acres of land of the north end of the west half of the northeast quarter of Section 29, Range 4 west, Township 23; a bond from Samuel Sargeant for a warranty deed for ten acres of land east and adjoining the town plat of the town of La Fayette; a bond from I.C. Elston, Samuel Sargeant, John Wilson and Jonathan W. Powers for a warranty deed for all of the even numbered lots in the town of La Fayette, as laid down.

        "Ordered, That the Agent of the county is authorized to advertise the sale of lots in the town of La Fayette, to sell on the second Monday of October next.  Terms of sale, one fourth the purchase money paid in hand, the balance in two equal annual payments.

        "Be it remembered, That all that part of the county of Tippecanoe lying west of the Wabash River shall form and constitute a township to be known by the name of Wabash Township.

        "That all that part of the county of Tippecanoe lying west of Big Wea Creek shall form and constitute a township to be known by the name of Fairfield.

        "That all that part of the county of Tippecanoe lying south of the Big Wea Creek shall form and constitute a township to be known by the name of Randolph Township.  By order of the Board.

        "Be it remembered, That all election to be held in the township of Wabash shall be held at the house of Francis Sutherland, during the present year, and that Robert Alexander be Inspector of all elections in said township of Wabash for and during the present year; that all elections to be held in the township shall be held at the house of James Brockman during the present year, and that James Thornton is appointed Inspector of Elections in the township of Fairfield during the present year; and that all elections to be held in the township of Randolph shall be held at the house of William Dimmitt during the present year, and that John Provolt is appointed Inspector of Elections in the township of Randolph during the present year.

        "Be it remembered, That Reuben Kelsy is appointed Agent of the county of Tippecanoe, by order of the Board.

        "Be it remembered, That Samuel Black is appointed Treasurer in and for the county of Tippecanoe, by order of the Board.

        "Be it remembered, That James Wyman is authorized to vend foreign merchandise, after producing a certificate from the County Treasurer for the payment of two dollars, for and during the term of one year, in the county of Tippecanoe.  By order of the Board.

        "Be it remembered, That William Smith is authorized to vend foreign merchandise in the county of Tippecanoe, after procuring a certificate from the County Treasurer of the payment of two dollars, for the term of one year.  By order of the Board.

President Board of Justice."

        The house of James Brockman, where the first election was held in Fairfield Township, was in the town of La Fayette.  The house of Francis Sunderland, in Wabash Township, where the first election was held, was situated on the north bank of the Wabash River, opposite the mouth of Big Wea Creek. 

        The first election in Randolph Township was held at the house of William Dimmitt, situated at the High Gap, at the southeast portion of the Wea Plain, at a point which a traveler once declared was "the prettiest place this side of heaven."

Following is a list of the servants of Tippecanoe County to date (1888):

John R. Porter:  1826-37
Isaac Naylor:  1838-1851
William P. Bryant:  1852-1854
John Pettit and David Turpie:  1855
Andrew Ingram:  1855-56
John Pettit:  1857
Charles H. Test:  1857-1869
David P. Vinton:  1870-1888


William Jones:  1826
James Wylie:  1826-1839
John Provolt:  1826-1846
Cyrus Ball:   1840-1841
John L. Pifer: 1842-1846
Joseph D. Dennitt: 1847-1849
John Peters: 1847-1850
John L. Pifer: 1850-1851
John Connolly, Sr. - 1851-1852, when the office was
abolished by the adoption of the new Constitution.


From 1826-1829 the Associate Judges were ex officio
Judges of the Probate Court.

John T. Davidson: 1829-1831
W. M. Jenners - 1832
John Kilgore - 1832-1852, when the business of the
office was merged into that of the Common Pleas Court.


Samuel A. Huff - 1852-1853
David Turpie - 1854
Gustavus A. Wood - 1854
Mark Jones - 1855-1856
Gustavus A. Wood - 1857-1860
David P. Vinton - 1861-1866
James Park - 1867
J. M. LaRue - 1867-1873, when the business of the office
was transferred to the Circuit Court.


David P. Vinton - 1867-1869 (this court was
established by the Legislature of 1866-1867)

B. K. Higginbotham - 1870-1875, when for this was
substituted the Superior Court.


T. B. Ward - 1875-1876
J. M. LaRue - 1876-1888
F. B. Everett elected for the ensuing term.


E. M. Huntington - 1826 
John Law - 1827-1829 
E. A. Hannegan - 1830-1831 
Andrew Ingram - 1832-1833 
William P. Bryant - 1834-1837 
Joseph A. Wright - 1838-1839 
Samuel C. Wilson - 1840-1842 
Joseph E. McDonald - 1843-1846 
William F. Lane - 1847-1849 
Gustavus A. Wood - 1850 
Lewis Wallace - 1851-1852
Daniel W. Voorhees - 1853 
Samuel W. Telford - 1854 
Charles A. Naylor - 1854-1855
John L. Miller - 1856-1861
William D. Lee - 1862-1863
Frank B. Everett - 1864-1867
J. M. Justice - 1868-1869
Frank B. Everett - 1870-1871
Simon P. Thompson - 1872
William E. Uhl - 1872-1874
Isaac Parsons - 1875
Charles D. Jones - 1875-1876
James L. Caldwell - 1877-1879
C. D. Jones - 1879-1881
J. T. Davidson - 1881-1883
Walter Powell - 1883-1885
R. P. De Hart - 1885-1887
George P. Haywood - 1887

Luke Reilly - 1852-1853
John L. Miller - 1854-1855
Israel N. Stiles - 1856-1857
W.C.L. Taylor - 1858-1859
Lewis C. Pierce - 1860-1863
W. DeWitt Wallace - 1864-1867
Samuel R. Hiett - 1868-1869
Joseph M. Rabb - 1870-1872, when the office was
abolished and the business transferred to the Circuit Court.


Godlove O. Behm - 1867
James R. Carnahan - 1867-1871
Austin L. Kumler - 1872-1873

James L. Caldwell - 1874-1875, when the office was
abolished and the business transferred to the Circuit Court.

The Circuit Court terms commence the first Monday in February, fourth Monday in April, first Monday in September, and the third Monday in November.
 The Superior Court terms commence the first Monday in January, second Monday in March, third Monday in May, first Monday in September, the third
 Monday in November.  The Commissioners' Court (County Legislature, rather) meets the first Mondays in December, March, June and September.

David F. Durkee - 1826-1827             Henry C. Bryan - 1863-1864
James Thornton - 1828-1831               James Colgrove - 1865-1868
Augustus Wylie - 1832-1835               David G. Smith - 1869-1870
William Skinner - 1836-1839               James Murdock - 1871-1872
Martin L. Pierce - 1840-1843              Christian M. Nisley - 1873-1876
John B. Michaels - 1844-1845             James W. Baird - 1877-1879
Edward T. Jenks - 1846                       Stephen O. Taylor - 1879-1883
Matt. H. Winton - 1847-1850              Alfred F. Manning - 1882-1885
Edward T. Jenks - 1851-1854             John B. McCutcheon - 1885-1887
Thomas J. Chissom - 1855-1858         Thomas G. McKee - 1887
John W. Godman - 1859-1862


Samuel Hoover - 1826-1839
Elam Shaw - 1839-1840
Mark Jones - 1840-1853
Otho K. Weakly - 1853-1857
Daniel Royse - 1865-1873
James T. Chute - 1873-1882
William C. Mitchell - 1882-1886
Henry C. Tinney - 1886, term expiring in 1890.

AUDITORS (not distinct from clerks previous to 1841)

David Webb - 1841-1847
Nathan Webb - 1847-1855
Charles A. Naylor - 1855-1861
Chris. Miller - 1862-1865
A. J. Castater - 1866-1869
Smith Lee - 1870-1873
Primus P. Culver - 1874-1878
Cyrenuius Johnson - 1879-1882
Thomas J. Barnes - 1882, and re-elected for the present
term, which expires in 1890


Daniel Bugher - 1826-1830
Sandford C. Cox - 1831-1853
Joseph Yundt - 1854-1861
Z.M.P. Hand - 1862-1865
John W. Vance - 1866-1867
Darwin H. Hull - 1868
John A. Carr - 1868-1871
Abraham Koontz - 1872
James H. Jones - 1872-1875
William Wilgus - 1876-1880
N.I. Throckmorton - 1880-1884
David Bryan - 1884-1888
Joseph McCrea elected for the ensuing term.


Samuel Black - 1826-1835
Jesse Andrew  - 1836-1847
Abraham Fry - 1848-1852
John W. Martin - 1853-1856
Salem F. Fry - 1857-1860
William T. Roseberry - 1861-1864
S. C. Kirkpatrick - 1865-1866
Jacob F. Marks - 1867-1870
Martin Lucas - 1871-1872
Richard H. Godman - 1873-1876
Bennett Foresman - 1877-1879
M. L. Peck - 1879-1883
John Stair - 1883-1885
William W. Smith - 1885, second term
expiring in 1889.


Lawrence B. Stockton - 1826-1835
Ezekial Timmons - 1836-1840
John A. Slayback - 1841-1842
Ezekial Timmons - 1843-1853
William J. Snoddy - 1854-1855
John Levering - 1856-1861
Achilles J. Mawter - 1862-1865
Philemon C. Vawter - 1866- __
Samuel K. Richards; Everett B. Vawter, the present incumbent


There are no records of Coroners prior to 1834.
Robert Heath - 1834-1837
Martin L. Peirce - 1838-1839
Hugh J. Mulford - 1840-1841
Edward T. Jenks - 1842-1846
Matt. S. Scudder - 1847-1848
Joseph Goldsberry - 1849-1850
Elias Max - 1851-1852
Jonathan Lewis - 1853-1854
John E. Bate - 1855-1856
George W. Short - 1857-1858
Thomas R. Steele - 1859-1860
B. F. Ingersoll - 1861-1866
George F. Beasley - 1867-1869
John H. Punghorst - 1870-1871
William W. Vinnedge - 1872-1875
George F. Beasley - 1876-1882
Moses A. Rush - 1882-1886
William R. Moffit, 1886 to the present.


1826-J. Brockman; W. Bush; L. Thornton; S. Kennedy; T. Russell; A. Janny
1827-The same and R. Kelsey
1828-P. McCormick, W. Bush, L. Thornton, S. Kennedy, T. Russell, A. Janny, T. Bishop. 

All the foregoing were the justices of the peaces, acting ex-officio as commissioners.  After this date the commissioners were elected as such,
and in the list here given the first named for each year was the commissioner from the First District, the second  named from the Second, and
the third named from the Third.  The First District comprises LaFayette, and Fairfield, Perry and Washington township; Second District, all
that portion of the county lying on the northwest side of the Wabash River; Third District, the remainder of the county, being the southern
two tiers of townships.

1829-Richard Johnson, William P. Warwick, Henry T. Doubleday
1830-Henry Restine, William P. Warwick, Peter Weaver
1831-William P. Heath, Levi Thornton, Peter Weaver
1832-William P. Heath, William Hays, Peter Weaver
1833-William P. Heath, William Hays, John T. Jack
1834-John White, William Hays, John T. Jack
1835-John White, William Hays, John W. Odell
1836-John White, William Hays, John Sherry
1837-John White, James W. Holliday, James P. Ellis
1838-Jacob Walker, William Sims, Allen Youndt
1839-John L. Pifer, William Sims, Allen Youndt
1840-Lott Carson, James Brown, John McCutcheon
1841-Lott Carson, Samuel Gray, John McCutcheon
1842 Lott Carson, Samuel Gray, William Brady
1843-William I. Snoddy, Samuel Gray, William Brady
1844-1847-William I. Snoddy, William Kendall, William Brady
1848-William I. Snoddy, William Kendall, William T. Murdock
1849-Samuel Hoover, William Kendall, William T. Murdock
1850-'51-Samuel Hoover, Charles Marsteller, William T. Murdock
1852-'54-Robert Heath, Charles Marsteller, William T. Murdock
1855-Jacob Hilt, Charles Marsteller, William T. Murdock
1856-Jacob Hilt, Jacob Sichler, John Rawles
1857-Jacob Hilt, John Rawles, Henry Hall
1858-'59-Henry Burkhalter, John Rawles, Henry Hall
1860-'61-Henry Burkhalter, John Rawles, Eli N. Cooper
1862-Henry Burkhalter, William Thomas, Eli N. Cooper
1863-'64-Henry Burkhalter, William Thomas, O.P.C. Evans
1865-Henry Burkhalter, John D. Smith, William Thomas
1866-Henry Burkhalter, John Opp, O.P.C. Evans
1867-'69-Samuel Favorite, John Opp. O.P.C. Evans
1870-Charles Kurtz, John Opp, Edmund Fryback
1871-Charles Kurtz, Joseph S. Stockton, Edmund Fryback
1872-Charles Kurtz, Joseph S. Stockton, John K. McMillen
1873-Joseph M. Hershey, Joseph S. Stockton, John K. McMillen
1874-'75-Joseph M. Hershey, John Opp, John K. Mc McMillen
1876-George T. Kellenberger, John Opp, John P. Oglebay
1877-George T. Kellenberger, Lewis Einsel, John P. Oglebay
1880-Elias C. White, Lewis Einsel, David Pike
1881-Elias C. White, David Pike, J.W. Scott
1882-Elias C. White, F. Acheson, J.W. Scott
1883-R.M. McGrath, F. Acheson, J.W. Scott
1884-R.M. McGrath, F. Acheson, R.B. Wallace
1885-R.M. McGrath, A.M. Miller, R.B. Wallace
1886-Adam Herzog, A.M. Miller, R.B.Wallace
1887-Adam Herzog, A.M. Miller, Chancey Jones


1826-'29-James Blair, of Vermillion County,  the district comprising the counties of Tippecanoe, Vermillion, Montgomery, Putnam, Parke and Fountain

1829-'31-Joseph Orr, of Fountain County, the district comprising Tippecanoe, Fountain, Putnam, Montgomery, Clinton and Carroll counties.

1831-'36-Othniel L. Clark, of Tippecanoe County,  representing this county with Carroll and Cass.
Since this date Tippecanoe County has been of itself one complete Senatorial District.

1836-'39-Othniel L. Clark
1839-'40-Thomas Smiley
1840-'42-Samuel Hoover
1842-'43-John W. Odell
1843-'49-Godlove S. Orth
1849-'53-John W. Odell
1853-'55-Alex. W. Gordon
1855-'59-D. H. Crouse
1859-'67-Moses C. Culver
1867-'71-John A. Stein
1871-'75-Henry Taylor
1875-'79-John M. LaRue
1879-'83-B.W. Langdon
1883-'87-Francis Johnson
1887-Jasper M. Dresser


1826-'27-Henry Restine, of Montgomery County
1827-'28- John Beard of Montgomery County
1828-'29-Robert Taylor of Montgomery County
1829-'30-John Beard
1830-'31-John Beard, and A.Claypool, of Fountain County.

After this date all the Representatives have been residents of Tippecanoe County, this county forming a complete district.
1831-'32-William Heaton and Aaron Finch
1832-'33-M. Shortridge and Aaron Finch
1833-'34-Thomas B. Brown
1834-'35-James Davis and Benj. Henkle
1835-'36-James Davis and T.B. Brown
1836-'37-John W. Odell and T.B. Brown
1837-'38-Samuel A. Huff and Thomas Watson
1838-'39-John Pettit and James Earl
1839'-40-James White and W. M. Porter
1840-'41-O.L. Clark and M. Shortridge
1841-'42-Elizur Deming and James P. Ellis
1842-'43-Isaac Shelby and W.L. Leyman
1843-'44- Isaac Shelby, P. Foresman, J.W. Odell
1845-'46-W. L. Leyman, S. McCormick
1846-'47-P. McCormick, Thomas Smiley
1847-'48-P. McCormick, Thomas Smiley, John Doyle
1848-'49-John Doyle, P. Goldsberry
1849-'50-T. H. O'Neal, A. L. Patterson, Isaac Shelby
1850-'51-A. L. Patterson
1851-'52-Godlove O. Behm
1853-'54-S. McCormick, A. F. Chapin
1855-'56-Thomas H. Clark
1857-'58-John M. LaRue
1859-'60-Chris Miller, I. N. Stiles
1861-'62-William H. Bryan, J. J. Jones
1863-'64-J. M  Hershey, S.  Mustard
1865-'66-J. M. Hershey, J. L. Miller
1867-'68-John Rosser, J. L. Miller
1869-'70-Reuben Baker, R. Breckenridge
1871-'72-O. K. Weakley, sworn in but seat successfully contested by R. P. Davidson, B. Ray
1873-'74-James W. Cole, E. H. Hollingsworth
1875-'76-Samuel Shortridge, J. H. Anderson
1877-'78-B.W. Langdon, W. R. Oglebay
1879-'80-C. S. Baker, Ed. Robeson
1881-'82-Harvey Westfall, John K. O'Neal
1883-'84-Harvey Westfall, B. Wilson Smith
1885-'89-B. Wilson Smith, Job Osborn
1887-Robert Carrick, of Frankfort, Joint Representative


Albert S. White - 1836-'38; 1860-'62
John Pettit - 1843-'49
Daniel Mace - 1851-'57
Godlove S. Orth - 1862-'70; 1872-'74; 1878-'82
Thomas B.Ward - 1882-'86
Joseph B. Cheadle, of Frankfort, now represents this, the Ninth, Congressional District.


Albert S. White - 1830-'45
John Pettit - 1853-'5


Robert C. Gregory - 1864-'70
John Pettit - 1870-'76


John Pettit
Othniel L. Clark
Joel B. McFarland


Joseph J. Reynolds, Brigadier-General
Lewis Johnson, Lieutenant Colonel
Henry G. Ellsworth, Major of the Marine Corps


Israel N. Stiles and R. P. DeHart - Brigadier Generals
Colonels -
W. B. Carroll and M. B. Taylor - Tenth Infantry
Job Vanatta - Fifteenth Infantry
W. L. Taylor - Twentieth Infantry
W. C. Wilson and John Blake - Fortieth and One Hundred Thirty-Fifth Infantry
John S. Williams - Sixty-third Infantry
C. G. Thompson - Seventy-second Infantry
G. O. Behm - One Hundred and Sixteenth Infantry
James Tullis of the Seventh Iowa Volunteers

The general Government of the United  States has conferred appointments upon the following citizens of Tippecanoe County:

Godlove S. Orth, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to Austria, 1875-'76
Henry L. Ellsworth, Commissioner of Patents, 1836-'45, and Charge d' Affaires at Stockholm, Sweden, 1845-'49.
J. Park, Consul to Aix la Chapelle, Prussia, 1869-'73
G. Ulrich, Consul to Laguayra, Venezuela, 1864-'65
N. S. Wilson, Consul to Tobasco, Mexico
Frederick H. Schenck, Consul to Barcelona, Spain, 1874
Eugene J. Ball, Consul to Pesth, Austro-Hungary, 1878
R. P. DeHart was appointed Consul to Santiago de Cuba by President Grant, but declined to serve.
John Pettit, United States Districk Attorney for the District of Indiana, 1839-'43, and
Chief Justice of the Territory of Kansas, 1859-'61
James P. Luse, Collector of the Port of Louisville, 1869-'77
Albert S. White, District Judge for the Districk of Indiana, 1864, died same year.
Daniel Mace, United States Districk Attorney for the District of Indiana, 1845-'47
George B. Williams, Supervisor of Internal Revenue for Indiana, 1868-'69, and Deputy Commissioner of Internal Revenue for Indiana, 1868-'69,
                                and Deputy Commissioner of Internal Revenue, 1869-'71;
Financial Adviser to Japan, 1871-'76, and in 1877 that Government sent him to Europe as a special commissioner to negotiate a loan.
Colonel John S. Williams, Third Auditor of the United States under the administration of President Cleveland.

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