INTIPPEC-L is a mail, or discussion list, for anyone with a genealogical or historical interest in Tippecanoe Co., IN.

The list is private and only subscribers can post messages to the list. To subscribe to the Tippecanoe County discussion list,

send a  message to INTIPPEC-L-request@rootsweb.com (list form) or INTIPPEC-D-request@rootsweb.com

(digest mode) leave the subject line blank and write only one word in the body of the message:  SUBSCRIBE.

Please turn off your "signature file" or your request  will more likely  than not be bounced.  A welcome message will be sent to

you after you have been subscribed.  If you're not sure what a discussion or mail list is, see the explaination below.

To unsubscribe to the Tippecanoe County discussion list, send a message with only the  word UNSUBSCRIBE in the body

of the message to INTIPPEC-L-request@rootsweb.com  or INTIPPEC-D-request@rootsweb.com

When you have subscribed, you may post your messages to INTIPPEC-L@rootsweb.com

List Usage Guideline

The primary purpose of the Tippecanoe County discussion list is to help with genealogical and/or historical
research in Tippecanoe Co., IN. I will try to keep the rules of list usage to a minimum, however, I have put the following guidelines in place to help the list function as smoothly as possible.

Messages having to do with genealogy or history of the area are acceptable. Suitable topics include information
from your own research and requests for assistance from others; reviews, criticism, and questions about software
and hardware used in connection with genealogy; and messages about locations to find information, such as
bookstores, libraries, or the Internet.

When posting a message to the list please be courteous and to the point, and keep the message related to
genealogy or history in the TIPPECANOE COUNTY area.

The list is not moderated. Any message sent to the list is automatically sent to everyone on the list. While I in no
way want to stifle free discussion, as listowner, I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO STEP IN IF A FLAME WAR ERUPTS or a topic becomes tedious for other subscribers, or if someone becomes unseemly. Undue criticism of other individuals or organizations are NOT ALLOWED and WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, and may result in the removal of the instigators from the list.  The use of profanity will not be tolerated.

When responding to a previous message, it is not necessary to quote the entire message. Signature files and
information to which you are not responding may be cut out. It is however advisable to indicate that part of the
previous message has been deleted.

If you have a personal message for someone, please send it privately, not to the list address. Any mail sent to
INTIPPEC-L@rootsweb.com will automatically be sent to everyone on the list.

Please do not send attachments to the list.  You may announce information about an attachment on the list, and if
someone wishes to have a copy, send it by private e-mail.

Copyrighted material (which includes PRIVATE e-mail from others, articles transcribed from modern
newspapers, extracts from most CD-ROMs, etc) cannot be posted to the list.

If you have list problems or questions, feel free to contact the listowner.

About Discussion Or Mailing Lists

What is a mailing or discussion list?
A mailing list is normally a group of people who wish to receive information on any given topic. In our case, the basic subject of the list would be genealogy, and more specifically, genealogy as it relates to Tippecanoe Co., IN.

How Much Does It Cost?
Nothing. It is free. All you have to do is subscribe to the list.

Why Do We Need A Mailing List?
The purpose of the list is to help develop interaction between Tippecanoe County researchers. Another example of list use might be that someone discovers a good way to circumvent red tape getting a document of some sort. He would then post that information to the list and thus save us all time & effort.

Would Everyone Read My Messages?
Yes. A message sent to the mailing list is automatically re-sent to each list subscriber, however, you are free to continue to e-mail individuals privately, just as you do now.

What is "Mail Mode" and "Digest Mode"?
If you select "Mail mode", e-mail messages from other list members are forwarded to you as soon as they are received at the list server. In "Digest mode", instead of receiving e-mail from others immediately, it is delayed for a short time, until a few messages accumulate, and then sent as a small group of messages, all at once. Naturally, mail mode is more interactive.

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