Two Young Men Horribly Mutilated at Lafayette, Indiana -- One Fatally

Lafayette, Indiana, May 16.--Frank Alkire and Edward Foster, two well known  young farmers residing in the northern part of this county, went to the mouth of the Tippecanoe river Saturday night at 9 o'clock to kill fish with dynamite cartridges.  They had thrown one cartridge into the water which had failed to  go off, and each was holding a cartridge in the right hand.  Foster lighted his, when both exploded, tearing Foster's right hand off at the wrist, putting out his right eye, and tearing Alkire's right arm off at the elbow and putting out both his eyes.  Both men were also horribly burned about the face and body.

The nearest house was a mile away, and their cries of distress brought no response.  Finally Foster took hold of Alkire, and, groping their way in the darkness over a hill 300 feet high, leaving a blood stained path behind them, after two hours the injured men reached the home of Foster's brother, where medical assistance was rendered.  Alkire has been in an unconscious condition since, and cannot recover.  Fingers and portions of the arms blown off were found Sunday in the vicinity of the accident.

Source: The Evening Bulletin, page 1
May 16, 1888
Maysville, Kentucky

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