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Early Union County Churches

Four Mile Church of the Brethren

Was organized in 1809 . Original site of the church was on the Isaac Hart Farm. Early members included the Witter, Miller and Huston Families.

Bath Presbyterian Church

Organized in 1808 . Early Elders of the Church were William Rose, Jedidiah and Neri Ogden. Bath Presbyterian Church had over 400 members and was a strong church for many years. The church  was built in 1823, and was sold and razed in or about 1950. The Church was six miles south of Liberty. The cemetery still remains.  

Bethel Methodist Church

The church was built 1833 and stood until 1857. The first meetings were held as early as 1807. Early members of the church included Jacob McIntosh, Thomas Willis, David Stanton, along with the Prichard and Sullivan families. The church stood near the Nutter Cemetery on the Charles Nutter Farm.

Early Circuit Ministers

Samuel Baldridge, Presbyterian 1813
David Monfort, Presbyterian  1818
Lorenzo Dow,  Methodist  1830
Harlan Robbins, Methodist  1840
Joab Stout
Daniel Robinson
Valentine Robinson
John P. Brady
William Tyner
Elihu Moore
Samuel Billings
George Harlan
John Sparks
David Taylor
Moses Hornaday
Mahlon Morris