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1807 Indian Territory Census

The Indiana Territory was established from the Old Northwest Territory in 1800. Originally it included a vast area from which the Michigan Territory was separated in 1805 and  the Illinois Territory in 1809. Only three Indiana Counties were formed before 1808, Knox in 1790, Clark in 1801 and Dearborn in 1803.

In 1806 the General Assembly of the Indiana Territory passes a resolution: to enable the Governor of this territory, for equal  representation to the general assembly. The sheriffs of the counties of Dearborn, Clark, Knox and Randolph (Illinois). Take a list of all the free males 21 years and older, and return to list to the secretary of the state on or before the June 1st 1807. There are no known copy of the Clark County census taken in 1806, there  are copies of the voters list for this county for the same year.
Dearborn County included an area from Ft. Recovery, Ohio south west to Madison, Indiana. Currently  includes all or part of Wayne, Franklin, Union, Fayette, Dearborn, Ohio, Rush and Switzerland  Counties.
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