Riley High School, Junior Class 1940

Submitted by Cathy Slater

Front row left to right -
Norman “Pete” Burdette, Bob Hartley, Jim Shepard, Alfred Bevis, Roland Davis

Second row left to right -
Virginia Shepard, Maxine Lee, Ruth Rice, Delores Shepard, Helen Brown, Annalee Elwell, Wilma Haas, Faye Weddle, Gladys Talley

Third row left to right -
Miss Hoskins, Betty Clark, Mary Lankey, Betty Amers, Geneva Whallon, Charlotte Allison, Mary Starbuck, Lorna Stewart

Fourth row left to right -
Richard Hads, Harry Hedley, Ross Sankey, Billie Stephens, Loren Jones, Joe Crock, Norman Lusk, Bill Tingley, George Gess