Made: 19 October 1842
Recorded: 08 December 1846
Warren County, Indiana
Submitted by Amber Moore

Adam Shepherd
(of Lafayette, Tippecanoe, Indiana. Will made in Warren County, Indiana. Land in Warren County, Indiana and lots in Lafayette, Indiana East Addition).
Wife: Nancy                                   

Sons: Westley                                 
          James A                               
Children by 1st wife Elizabeth:
-- Nancy Shepherd, wife of Jacob Pearce
-- Thomas Shepherd
-- Betsy Shepherd, wife of James Gibson
-- Melinda Shepherd, wife of William Bodkins
-- Maria Shepherd, wife of Thomas Wise
-- Jane Shepherd, wife of John Bringham
-- Jonathan Shepherd
-- Mary Ann Shepherd, wife of Enos Manear
-- Adam A Shepherd

Witnesses: John E Heald
                Morgan Carpenter
                A. Ingraim

Executor: Wife, she is also guardian of two sons, Westley and James A.

pages 111-115 Warren County, Indiana Will Abstracts 1830 - 1858 by Mrs. Wilbur T Leath

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