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WILLIAM GUTHRIE was born in Hamilton, Ohio, January 20, 1852. Dr. William Guthrie, his father, was a regular graduate of the Ohio Medical College, and was twice married, his last wife, Elizabeth Traber, being the mother of the subject of this sketch. Mrs. Guthrie died in 1854, and Dr. Guthrie, with the remainder of the family, moved to Indiana in 1860, and settled at Rockfield, Carroll County. He next removed to what is now Idaville, White County, on the 10th of January, 1861, and was the first physician of that place. He remained there in active practice until he came to Monticello on the 7th of April, 1870 ; but September 16, 1872. he returned to Idaville. In 1882, he went to Indianapolis, where be now resides, retired from active business. William Guthrie lived with his father Until he attained his majority, attending the district schools in his earlier years, subsequently entering the high school at Idaville, where he paid his tuition by his services as janitor. After this, he attended school one year at Monticello and one year at Logansport. The winter of 1870, he began his career as a school teacher, and altogether has taught a total of eleven terms, two years of his time serving as Principal of the Idaville Schools. He commenced the study of medicine at one time, but after reading a year and a half with his father, his dislike for the profession induced him to substitute law in its stead, and, in 1870, he entered the law office of Judge J. H. Matlock. He steadily pursued his studies a year and a half, subsequently at intervals until August, 1880, when he formed a partnership with W. S. Bushnell, a graduate of Asbury University, under the firm name of Guthrie & Bushnell, and this has continued to the present. Mr. Guthrie is among the wide-awake men of L4onticello, is liberal in his views on all subjects,-and, in June, 1881, he was elected Superintendent of the schools of White County, in which capacity he is now serving.

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