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Counties of White and Pulaski, Indiana. Historical and Biographical, Written by M.T. Matthews, Published: 1883, Chicago, F.A. Battey & Co. Chapter 10 .Pages: 188-196.

Crystal D. W. Scott and Scott Family Chapter 10. Liberty Township, White County. As early as 1834-35, Crystal D.W. Scott began settlement in the township on Section 11, and about the same time came Greeup Scott, and began an improvement on the same section. These men werer among the very first in the township to make improvement. The squatter's shelter and the Indian's wigwam were the only buildings known in the history of the township until 1834. Tax payers of 1843. -- The following is a list of persons who paid taxes upon land in Liberty Township in 1843: ... C.D.W. Scott,... Greenup Scott,... First Entries of Land.-- The names of the persons and the dates of the first entered land in Liberty Township, are as follows: Crystal D.W. Scott, 13th of August, 1836, William Fisher, 18th August, 1836,... Creation of Township. -- At the September term of Commissioners' Court in 1837, it was ordered that [part of White & Pulaski Counties] be designated as Liberty Township... The house of Crystal D.W. Scott was designated as the place for holding elections. First Elections. -- The first election held in Liberty Township was at the house of Crystal D.W. Scott, on the first Monday in April, 1838, and at it the following men voted: ... Greenup Scott, ... Crystal D.W. Scott... At this election, twelve votes were cast, and James W. Hall received the whole number of votes for Justice of the Peace; Crystal D.W. Scott, for Inspector of Elections; ... and Andrew Beechum and Greenup Scott, for Fence Viewers. At an election held at the same place on the first Monday in August, 1838, men voted as follows: ... C.D.W. Scott.... At an election held in the township on the first Monday in April, 1839, twelve votes were cast and John McNary receieved the whole number of votes for Constable; C.D.W. Scott, for inspector; John Morris and Greeup Scott, for Fence Viewers; C.D.W. Scott, Thomas Lausing and John McNary, Judges. Preachers and Churches.-- Rev. John Scott was the first circuit-rider that ever journeyed through the township. The first denomination to organize a class in the township was the New Light. The organization was created at the cabin-house of Crystal D.W. Scott, in 1837. Here services were held for two years. In 1839, a church was built in the new Scott settlement. The structure was twenty-five feet square, and built of round black oak logs. Crystal D.W. Scott and wife, Greenup Scott and wife,... were some of the first members. For a time, the church here was well attended, but at the close of the first decade, the work of saving souls at this old rustic sanctuary was abandoned. The Christian Church, located about one mile northwest of Stika, is the third church that was built in the township. The year 1874 dates the erection of this well-constructed frame edifice, which is 34x50 feet and cost about $2000. Dr. Scott and wife,... constituted some of the most prominent first members. Miscellaneous.-- Dr. Bandal and Scott have been the township physicians. Jonathan W. Sluyter, Crystal D.W. Scott, Greenup Scott and Abram Sneathen were the noted early-day hunters.

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