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Wesley Pottorff was born July 1, 1814, in Franklin County, Ky. He was the son of George and Nancy ( Phillips) Pottorff. When Wesley was 6 months old his parents moved to Clark County, Indiana.

Wesley married Mahala Russell, June 21, 1832 in Clark County. Mahala was the daughter of John and Betsy (Cline) Russell. Mahala was born in Clark County, In. the fall of 1834.

Wesley moved to Bartholomew County, Indiana in Clifty township near the town of Burnsville, where he pursued the vocation of farmer. Settling in the green woods living in a house made of rails, the south side was left open, cooking on an open fire, the kettle was supported on a stick placed in the forks of two other sticks stuck in the ground. Their bed was supported by two pieces of wood stuck in the rails at one end and the other end was supported by forked sticks in the ground, the mattress was supported by split rails and covered with straw.

Their capital consisted of $1.50, one horse which was sold for $10.00. They then bought 25 bushels of corn for $5.00, they paid $5.00 for 200 pounds of pork. They bought a sow and pigs which ran off the following fall. Later that year a neighbor brought them half of a hog, knowing the mark on it belonged to Wesley after killing it, as was custom in those days to if you killed a hog belonging to someone else you share the bounty with the owner.

Wesley and Mahala had six children, Elizabeth(Betsy married Peter Pond), Nancy J., Sarah E., William C., John W., and Maria A. Mahala who died May 19, 1863. Wesley married Elizabeth Vaught, August 18, 1864. She was born in Garrett County, Ky., March 18, 1834 and was the daughter of Harrison and Elizabeth (Ramsey) Vaught. In September of 1873 Wesley and Elizabeth moved to Hartsville, Indiana. Where they lived until their death. Elizabeth died on her 85th birthday March 18, 1919.

Wesley died October 22, 1914. On his 100th birthday a celebration was held for him at the Christian Church in Hartsville. Hundreds of people turned up for to celebrate the birthday of Bartholomew Counties oldest resident. A few days before Wesley's birthday he white washed his fence. The people in the town of Hartsville were proud to have the oldest living resident living in their town, they all thought fondly of him and most called him Uncle Wesley. Wesley out lived his children, the longest living child was Sarah Hacker, she died just a few days before Wesley.

Wesley's parents George and Nancy(Phillips) Pottorff had sixteen children, with seven dying as infants. George Pottorff died July 20, 1850 in Bartholomew County. He is buried at Burnside Christian Cemetery at Burnsville, In. George was born April 14, 1778 in Washington County, Maryland .George was baptized at Salem German Reform Church at Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland. George and Nancy were married April 21,1802 in Jefferson County, Ky. Nancy was born July 10, 1786 in Virginia and she died October 28, 1873. Georges parents were Martin Bottorff and Maria Barbara Hautz. George used the last name Pottorff.