Delaware County, Indiana

Gallery of the Unknown

This is the collection place for those unidentified photographs of people, places and things, that are most likely connected to Delaware County in some way. If you have mystery photographs, clippings etc that you believe are connected to Delaware County in some way, please send them to: Gina Richardson. Maybe someone can identify them!


Shirley Pearson writes: This is a postcard with no markings of any type. I found it in my grandmother's photo album and, judging by the clothing, it probably dates to 1900-1915. Can anyone identify any of the people in this photo?

(My grandmother, Ruth Dickerson Patterson, grew up in Yorktown, had a brother and a sister. The sister that might have fallen into this group but, if so, I do not recognize her. I do know my grandmother and her brother aren't in it. They have a very distinctive appearance and would have been too old for this group. I'm trying to find other pictures of her sister as a child to compare.)

Submitted by:  Shirley Pearson


Karen Seibert writes: This picture came from my great-grandmother's Bible. Her parents, Rev. and Mrs. Isaac J. Langdon, lived in Muncie at 1431 South Walnut Street. I have been trying to identify the building, but with no luck. I contacted Ball State, thinking it might be one of their buildings, but it is not. Where might I send the picture to have it identified?

Isaac and Sarah Langdon are Karen's 3rd great grandparents.

Submitted by:  Karen Seibert


Shirley Pearson writes: The girls' names in this photo are written on the picture along with the date: Summer '43, Sue, Kay. Since my Dad took this photo and lived on Martin, I believe this was taken some place on Martin Street in Muncie. If anyone recognizes the girls, they are welcome to have the picture.

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