Eaton Cemetery
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Charity E. & Andrew Quakenbush

Charity E. Quakenbush

Andrew Quakenbush

Elwood & Susan Quakenbush

Elwood Quakenbush

Susan Quakenbush

Mary Agnes Quakenbush

Mary Agnes Quakenbush

W. S. Quakenbush

W.S. Quakenbush & Unknown

Bertina P. & Mark E. Rarick

Emory O. & Leoma Rarick

Ray Family

Jane Ray

Julia Ann Ray

Lewis S. Ray

Patrick C. Ray

Yariah S. Redpath

Zariah H. Redpath

Susie Reser

Walter S. Rhinehart

Fernand Richir

Lovey J. Riley

Winford Riley

Unknown Ritter

Unknown Ritter

Corinne Babb Robbins

Nancy J. Roderick

Nancy J. Roderick

Sabin Family

Benjamin F. Sabin

Jacob P. Sabin

Jacob P. Sabin

Arthur M. Sailors

William H. Sailors

William H. Sailors

Laura B. & Mildred Sams

Francis Scheirmann

Francis Scheirmann

Ruth A. Schmidt

Bertha A. Schoonover

Charles E. Schoonover

Samuel E. Schoonover

Samuel E. & Sarah A. Schoonover

Sarah A. Schoonover

Ella Bailey Sears

Albert H. Sharts

Alpha M. & Lucinda Sheppard

Edgar Sheppard

Catharine & Cora Shideler

Catharine Shideler

Cora Shideler

Johnnie Shideler

Johnnie Shideler

Priscilla, Sylvestor & Violet Shideler

Benjamin Dudley Smith

Benjamin F. Smith

Benjamin F. & Emily E. Smith

Benjamin F. Smith

Emily E. Smith

Emily E. Smith

Effie M. & John W. Smith

Lewis F. Smith

Homer L. & Agnes Smoot

Spence, Baisinger & Reser

Elmira Spence

John H. Spence

John H. Spence

Strong Children

Nancy J. Strong

Emma E. Strong

Infant Son Strong

Harrison & Naomi Strong

Nancy J. Strong

Samuel W. Strong

Samuel W. Strong

Nathan A. & Ailcy M. Swoveland

Martin Teaford

Rachel Ray Thornburg

Etta P. & William R. Toll

Flora V. & Marion Toll

Jefferson P. Toll

Don & Lee Townsend

J. Wesley & Nancy J. Townsend

Alpha A. Turner

Burchie M. Turner

Martin Turner

Unknown by Barker


Unknown by Foorman

Unknown by Estaline Foorman

Unknown by Holt

Unknown by Toll

Unknown by Long

Unknown May

Unknown Mother & Father


Unknown by Long

John E. Vanbuskirk

John E. Vanbuskirk

Hettie May & Infant Daughter Vanbuskirk

Helen L. Vest

Diana Wagoner

Diana Wagoner

Harry T. Wagoner

Infant Son & Walter Wagoner

Maggie M. Wagoner

Sarah M. Wagoner

William P. Wagoner

William P. & Sarah M. Wagoner

Zacky E. Wagoner

Anna E. & J.L. Walters

Anna E. Walters

J. L. Walters

Rebecca & Jacob Walters

Rebecca Walters

Jacob Walters

Oliver Ward

Edgar C. Wasson

Jonathan Wasson

Jonathan Wasson

Martha J. & L. E. Wasson

Mary Wasson

Conrad & Robert Lee Weir

Edith M. & Joseph C. Weir

William S. Weir

Herbert F. & Mabel M. Westcott

Isaac Willie White

Isaac Willie White

Mary Andrews White

Samuel, Mary, Isaac & Belle White

Samuel Simpson White

Andrew J. & Minnie M. Wilburn

Anna Wiley

Anna Wiley

Alden Lamar Winget

Mildred M. Winget

Hazel Hoffman Wolford

Bert B. & Emma C. Worster

Andrew Younce

John A. Younce

John A. Younce

John W. Younce

Theadore Young

Infant Daughter Young

Ralph Young

Infant Daughter Young

Catherine & Enoch Young

Enoch Young

Catherine Young

Flora Amanda Youngs

Gracie Youngs

Ora Ellinor Youngs

Unknown Youngs

George W. Younts

George W. Younts

Lydia J. Younts

William H. Younts

Elizabeth Betty & James M. Zehner

Photos Contributed By: Gina Richardson

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