Park Cemetery

Section 2B

Northside, beginning at northeastern most section and working west a section at a time.
Carroll, Charles E.     1909-1996
Reno, Howard            1918-1979	  s/s Nettie Reno
Reno, Nettie            1916-2002         s/s Howard Reno
Worline, Cleo F.        1900-1974         s/s Ruth M. Worline           m. 5-15-1921
Worline, Ruth M.        1899-1992         s/s Cleo F. Worline           
Adams, Linley L.        1894-1969         s/s Anne M. Adams             m. 7-15-1916
Adams, Anna M.          1892-1979         s/s Linley L. Adams
Williams, Robert D.     1928-             s/s Helen B. Williams
Williams, Helen B.      1924-1988         s/s Robert D. Williams
Scott, Milton C. Sr.    1903-1976        			"dad”
Gerstorff, James W.     1893-1970         s/s Mary Gerstorff            m. 4-28-1917
Gerstorff, Mary         1900-1987         s/s James W. Gerstorff
Gerstorff, James M.     1921-1983         	      “son”
Wysong, Ralph Leroy     b. 2-14-1915  d. 5-31-1970	IN Pfc Co E 264 Inf WWII
Wysong, Ralph L.        1915-1970         s/s Ruth E. Wysong
Wysong, Ruth E.         1920-1997         s/s Ralph L. Wysong
Klum, William E.        b. 4-19-1893  d. 5-7-1978           Sgt US Army WWI
Klum, Laura Jane        b. 7-11-1914  d. 5-24-1993
Obenchain, Bernice      b. Sept. 1942 d. June 1998
Ferguson, Thomas M.     1930-1978         s/s Bonnie A. Ferguson         m. 2-27-1960
Ferguson, Bonnie A.     1939-1996         s/s Thomas M. Ferguson
Pace, Theodore E.       1896-1981         s/s Ruth E. Pace
Pace, Ruth E.           1903-1970         s/s Theodore E. Pace
Cassell, Henry B.       1899-1970         s/s Ruby F. Cassell       	“World War I”
Cassell, Ruby F.        1904-1989         s/s Henry B. Cassell
Hardwick, Mitchell C.   1925-1977         s/s Geneva Hardwick
Hardwick, Geneva        1929-             s/s Mitchell C. Hardwick
Daily, Olive E.         b. 6-11-1891  d. 6-19-1977
Wines, Edward J.        1915-             s/s Maxine H. Wines
Wines, Maxine H.        1919-1984         s/s Edward J. Wines
Gerstorff, Marion F.    b. 2-18-1938  d. 4-14-1995  s/s Mary A. Gerstorff    photo
Gerstorff, Mary A.      b. 6-1-1958   d.            s/s Marion F. Gerstorff  m. 4-14-1995
Whybrew, Roscoe L.      1900-1983                   s/s Edna E. Whybrew      m. 6-16-1923
Whybrew, Edna E.        1904-1988         s/s Roscoe L. Whybrew
Kinley, William G.      1933-2000         s/s Zula I. Kinley
Kinley, Zula I.         1895-1986         s/s William G. Kinley
Smith, Franklin E.      b. 6-26-1922  d. 2-21-1977    s/s Bette Ann Smith  
Smith, Bette Ann        b. 5-3-1920   d. 10-16-1995   s/s Franklin E. Smith
Tappan, Philip L.       b. 8-9-1923   d.              s/s Anna B. Tappan
Tappan, Anna B.         b. 8-9-1928   d. 2-23-1989  	s/s Philip L. Tappan
Vetor, James W.         1952-1973                        		     m. 2-12-1971
Vetor, Tony W.          1958-2000              funeral marker only
Vetor, Rickey C.        1953-1973                        		     m. 8-20-1970
Vetor, Gary A.          1963-1990
Morrison, Letha Gay     1926-1970
Mitchener, Grover       1884-1970         s/s Hazel R. Mitchener
Mitchener, Hazel R.     1886-1974         s/s Grover Mitchener
Mitchener, Ruth         1909-1983
Arkdull, William Max    1982                   funeral marker only
Thomas  (infant)        b. 12-25-1947  d. 12-26-1947              	“baby”
Haisley, Dorothy F.     b. 6-25-1920   d. 5-31-1988
Haisley, Kenneth A.     b. 10-15-1915  d. 10-16-1969  	IN Sgt US Army WWII BSM-PH
Haisley, Russel         1899-1985          s/s Mildred Haisley
Haisley, Mildred        1902-1988          s/s Russel Haisley
Haisley, Wilson L.      1889-19--          s/s Lela E. Haisley
Haisley, Lela E.        1890-1955          s/s Wilson L. Haisley
Richards, Lewis D.      1927-              s/s Lois D. Richards
Richards, Lois D.       1930-              s/s Lewis D. Richards
Pence, L. Mark          1907-1972          s/s Thelma Pence
Pence, Thelma           1902-1993          s/s L. Mark Pence
Knobeloch, Jesse C.     1907-1956          s/s Ellen D. Knobeloch                “daddy”
Knobeloch, Ellen D.     1913-              s/s Jesse C. Knobeloch                “mother”
Lynch, James B.         b. 12-18-1903  d. 9-29-1965          IN Pvt US Army WWII
Lynch, Herbert Newton   b. 10-12-1898  d. 4-22-1946          IN Pvt Coast Arty. Corps
Richards, Phillip J.    11-5-1951
Hunt, Wilbur D.         1915-1966          s/s Miriam D. Hunt
Hunt, Miriam D.         1917-1992          s/s Wilbur D. Hunt
Fox, Lota V.            1897-1988          s/s Paul J. Fox  
		on back of Wilbur & Miriam Hunt stone
Fox, Paul J.            1894-1970          s/s Lota V. Fox    “in memory of Mary Catherine”
Hasty, Palmer G.        1915-1991
Hasty, Phyllis J.       1923-1978
Hasty, George E.        1889-1976          s/s Ethel M. Hasty
Hasty, Ethel M.         1894-1973          s/s George E. Hasty
Hasty, Thomas W.        1917-              s/s Barbara C. Hasty
Hasty, Barbara C.       1946-              s/s Thomas W. Hasty
Payne, Frank            1899-1950          s/s Flossie Payne
Payne, Flossie          1901-1996          s/s Frank Payne
McLain, Lawrence B.     no dates           s/s Ethel C. McLain
McLain, Ethel C.        no dates           s/s Lawrence B. McLain
Addison, Earl           1881-1950          s/s Lennie Addison        		   “father”
Addison, Lennie         1885-1976          s/s Earl Addison        		   “mother”
Addison, Mary Ruth Gaddis    1916-2002
Addison, Orville W. “Addie”  1911-1993
Davis, Fern Byrnes      1908-1946                        			“mother”
Payne, Fred S.          1895-1983          s/s Rachel B. Payne    	PFC US Army WWI
Payne, Rachel B.        1900-1992          s/s Fred S. Payne
Payne, Emma J.          1872-1945                        			“mother”
Payne, Floyd            b. 10-16-1900  d. 3-22-1954           	IN PFC Co G 35 Inf WWI
Wood, Frederick E.      1913-2001          s/s Elizabeth R. Wood
Wood, Elizabeth R.      1909-1991          s/s Frederick E. Wood
Johnson, Alva           1885-1969          s/s Gertrude Johnson
Johnson, Gertrude       1885-1968          s/s Alva Johnson
Johnson, William G.     1920-              s/s Victoria & Gail Johnson
Johnson, Victoria F.    1920-              s/s William & Gail Johnson
Johnson, Gail E.        1946-              s/s William & Victoria Johnson
Pearson, Earl           1884-1966          s/s Mae Pearson
Pearson, Mae            1890-1957          s/s Earl Pearson
Love, Silas D.          1899-1951          s/s Goldie M. Love
Love, Goldie M.         1900-1979          s/s Silas D. Love
Smith, Revere           1901-1984          s/s Esther Smith
Smith, Esther           1902-1988          s/s Revere Smith
Smith, Leath            1890-1984          s/s Inez A. Smith      	m. 1-31-1920
Smith, Inez A.          1895-1968          s/s Leath Smith
Smith, Wm. Arthur       1891-1948          s/s Ethel M. Smith
Smith, Ethel M.         1897-1973          s/s Wm. Arthur Smith
Smith, Ernest L.        1903-1986          s/s Ruby G. Smith      	m. 11-18-1922
Smith, Ruby G.          1903-1985          s/s Ernest L. Smith
Hall, Roy M.            1885-1963          s/s Pauline A. Hall
Hall, Pauline A.        1892-1991          s/s Roy M. Hall
Green, William H.       1909-1971          s/s Louise Jane Green
Green, Louise Jane      1907-1965          s/s William H. Green
Green, Ronald M.        b. 11-7-1927  d. 7-11-1947      IN Pvt 3705 AAF Base Unit WWII
Vetor, Lucy B.          1913-2001                        			“mother”
Vetor, Harry H.         1908-1945                        			“father”
Vetor, Ralph Harold     b. 10-13-1932 d. 5-28-1972     	CA PFC US Marine Corps Korea
Vetor, Gary A.          1954-1979
McCombs, John F.        1925-1995          s/s Isabell M. McCombs
McCombs, Isabell M.     1926-              s/s John F. McCombs
McCombs, Carl V.        1893-1979          s/s Gladys L. McCombs
McCombs, Gladys L.      1897-1974          s/s Carl V. McCombs
McCombs, Carl Von       b. 11-4-1893  d. 4-19-1979      	PFC US Army WWI
Mitchener, Delbert W.   1908-1992          s/s Betty L. Mitchener      m. 9-29-1950
Mitchener, Betty L.     1922-              s/s Delbert W. Mitchener
Ross, Willis N.         1919-1985          s/s Carrie A. Ross          m. 5-19-1967
Ross, Carrie A.         1926-              s/s Willis N. Ross
Thompson, Carol Ann     1954-                       			“daughter”
Warner, Mary E.         1906-1976          s/s Charles R. Warner m. 6-29-1925  
		Eastern Star symbol
Warner, Charles R.      1908-1981          s/s Mary E. Warner      	Freemason symbol
Margolis, Clista M.     b. 1-31-1893  d. 11-15-1971
Miller, Glenn Elvin     1929-1949                        	“son”
Royal, John W.          1933-1979          s/s Gwen D. Royal     m. 7-2-1957
Royal, Gwen D.          1937-              s/s John W. Royal                 
Wood, Ernest W.         1912-1990     s/s Pauline H. & Richard W. Wood   freemason symbol
Wood, Pauline H.        1915-         s/s Ernest W. & Richard W. Wood    Eastern Star symbol
Wood, Richard W.        1947-1971     s/s Ernest W. & Pauline H. Wood
Wood, Richard Wayne     b. 1-3-1947  d. 8-12-1971          IN SP4 US Army Vietnam PH
Wood, Janis A.          1941-              s/s Ronald D. Wood
Wood, Ronald D.         1940-1989          s/s Janis A. Wood
Pernod, Arthur Jr.      1929-1985          s/s Katrina Ferrell Pernod
Pernod, Katrina Ferrell 1934-              s/s Arthur Pernod, Jr.
Pernod, Robert E. Sr.   1921-1981          s/s Mildred E. Pernod       Freemason symbol
Pernod, Mildred E.      1918-1987          s/s Robert E. Pernod, Sr.   Eastern Star symbol
Draper, Ephraim W.      b. 12-29-1895  d. 4-15-1971                    Freemason symbol
Draper, Mary E.         b. 10-25-1898  d. 9-29-1942                    Eastern Star symbol
Broyles, Charles M.     1884-1946                        
Broyles, Lora Fergus    1888-1980
Wood, Wm. Clifton       1885-1950          s/s Tommie M. Wood
Wood, Tommie M.         1892-1970          s/s Wm. Clifton Wood
Himelick, Earl L.       1883-1949          s/s Dora L. Himelick     	  	“father”
Himelick, Dora L.       1885-1964          s/s Earl L. Himelick     	  	“mother”
McCartney, Charles D.   b. 9-26-1917  d. 2-27-1981       	1st Lt. US Army Air Corps WWII
McCartney, James R.     1918-1977     s/s Herbert, Richard, & Etha McCartney
McCartney, Herbert E.   1882-1966     s/s James, Richard, & Etha McCartney
McCartney, Richard E.   1921-1938     s/s James, Herbert, & Etha McCartney
McCartney, Etha C.      1884-1938     s/s James, Herbert, & Richard McCartney
McCartney Donald H.     1916-1991     s/s Bernice J. McCartney  
		on back of James, Herbert, Richard & Etha
McCartney, Bernice J.   1915-         s/s Donald H. McCartney   
		on back of James, Herbert, Richard & Etha
Gosnell, Mary K.        b. 9-4-1950   d. 4-6-1994                  	US Army
Templeton, John W.      1896-1950          s/s Dora M. Templeton                “father”
Templeton, Dora M.      1897-1983          s/s John W. Templeton                “mother”
Templeton, Robert C.    1919-1991          s/s Peggy R. Templeton               “husband”
Templeton, Peggy R.     1924-1987          s/s Robert C. Templeton              “wife”
Wright, George R.       1875-1952          s/s Texanna G. Wright
Wright, Texanna G.      1878-1943          s/s George R. Wright
DeLong, Maryann W.      1917-1977                        			“mother”
Wood, Gaines P.         1859-1940                       	 		“father”
Wood, Marion F.         1915-              s/s Everett B. Wood
Wood, Everett B.        1914-1980          s/s Marion F. Wood         	freemason symbol
Wood, Paul              1919-1937                        			“son”
Wood, Lee               1891-1953          s/s Mollie Wood                   	“dad”
Wood, Mollie            1896-1963          s/s Lee Wood                      	“mom”
Chapman, Ruth Ann       1927-1997
Spence, William R.      1897-1949          s/s Lillie M. Spence
Spence, Lillie M.       1898-1991          s/s William R. Spence
Spence, Billy Joe       1925-1939
McNutt, Nellie          1915-1997
McNutt, Minnie E.       1924-1987
McNutt, Mattie E.       1886-1962          s/s Philip D. McNutt
McNutt, Philip D.       1885-1943          s/s Mattie E. McNutt
Tomlinson, Reba Joyce   b. 12-10-1898  d. 5-20-1979
Tomlinson, Kenneth W.   b. 4-21-1899   d. 7-15-1962       	IN Pvt. US Marine Corps WWI
Briles, Adelbert R.     1875-1949                        	freemason symbol
Briles, Grace C.        1888-1965                        	Eastern Star symbol
Draper, Charles E.      b. 10-3-1924   d. 1-14-2000         BKRI US Navy WWII
Curtis, Carl R.         1879-1942          s/s Elsie E. Curtis
Curtis, Elsie E.        1884-1980          s/s Carl R. Curtis
Curtis, Opal M.         1916-1989          s/s Raymond O. Curtis
Curtis, Raymond O.      1909-1996          s/s Opal M. Curtis
Nelson, Raleigh O.      1879-1971          s/s Emma Nelson
Nelson, Emma            1891-1948          s/s Raleigh O. Nelson
Clock, Nancy Ann        b. 1-4-1944    d.
Clock, Margaret         b. 1-3-1916    d. 4-3-1972   	s/s Frederick Clock
Clock, Frederick        b. 6-7-1913    d. 6-11-1966  	s/s Margaret Clock
Clock, Frederick Hayden b. 12-17-1937  d. 3-19-1939
Hollingsworth, Morton   1878-1945          s/s Alice Hollingsworth
Hollingsworth, Alice    1882-1940          s/s Morton Hollingsworth
Chapel, Glenn L.        1918-1992          s/s Evelyn M. Chapel     m. 12-19-1936   photo
Chapel, Evelyn M.       1916-              s/s Glenn L. Chapel
Clark, Raymond          1893-1938          s/s Lola O. Clark
Clark, Lola O.          1893-1963          s/s Raymond Clark
Armfield, Nathan A.     1863-1953                        
Armfield, Hattie B.     1868-1944
Armfield, Mary L.       1895-1979
Armfield, Marjorie L.   1902-1978
Armfield, J. Lowry      1909-1942
Craig, Martha Pauline   1916-1917
Craig, Rev. Jessie E.   1893-1972          s/s Virgil H. Craig
Craig, Virgil H.        1890-1974          s/s Rev. Jessie E. Craig
Beasley, Frank A.       1895-1968
Beasley, Opha M.        1906-1986
Kirkwood, Elmer L.      1877-1946                        			“dad”
Kirkwood, Cora B.       1885-1964                        			“mother”
Brown, J. Arthur        1902-1994          s/s Maybelle Brown
Brown, Maybelle         1904-1997          s/s J. Arthur Brown
Pyke, Ora E.            1880-1946          s/s C. Pearl Pyke
Pyke, C. Pearl          1883-1956          s/s Ora E. Pyke
Pyke, Loris Donald      1904-1969
Jacks, Bertha M.        1906-1983          s/s Emil A. Jacks
Jacks, Emil A.          1903-1993          s/s Bertha M. Jacks     “WWI”
Smith, W. Earnie        1885-1936          s/s E. Pearl Smith
Smith, E. Pearl         1888-1944          s/s W. Earnie Smith
Banks, Michael          1951
Maggart, Ernest         1878-19--          s/s Minnie E. & T. Delores Maggart
Maggart, Minnie E.      1880-1930          s/s Ernest & T. Delores Maggart
Maggart, T. Delores     1905-19--          s/s Ernest & Minnie E. Maggart
Allen, Mae              1901-1992
Allen, Charles F.       1888-1974
Allen, Lillian          1893-1931
Allen, Nora Marie       1941-1942
Tobin, Ida M.           1886-1979          s/s Joseph W. Tobin
Tobin, Joseph W.        1890-1962          s/s Ida M. Tobin
Parrill, Frederick Noel b. 4-26-1910  d. 2-9-1977        F2 US Navy WWII
Parrill, Mabel L.       1883-1961          s/s William H. Parrill
Parrill, William H.     1883-1978          s/s Mabel L. Parrill
Truss, Mary M.          1903-1935
Parrill, Reginald F.    1907-1930
Tigner, Mildred Meed    1909-              s/s Marvin E. Tigner
Tigner, Marvin E.       1906-1969          s/s Mildred Meed Tigner
Tigner, Eddie J.        1879-1930
Tigner, Julia E.        1857-1939
Tigner, Lewis E.        1856-1924
McCombs, Frances Nolder 1902-1979          s/s W. Parke McCombs
McCombs, W. Parke       1903-1981          s/s Frances Nolder McCombs
Nolder, Daisy Eileen    b. 6-27-1901  d. 9-8-1902
Nolder, Bessie E.       1877-1952          s/s Layton E. Nolder
Nolder, Layton E.       1876-1953          s/s Bessie E. Nolder
Ward, Anna B.           1882-1972          s/s Bert C. Ward      m. 9-4-1929
Ward, Bert C.           1888-1971          s/s Anna B. Ward                   
Menzel, Louis Sr.       1898-1987
Menzel, Frances         1904-1970
Menzel, Louis Jr.       1927-1934
Beatty, Benton A.       1890-1965        
Beatty, Juliette T.     1891-1959
Caldwell, Nettie J.     1868-1958          s/s John W. Caldwell
Caldwell, John W.       1865-1930          s/s Nettie J. Caldwell
Richards, Samantha      1866-1935          s/s LG Richards
Richards, LG            1868-1953          s/s Samantha Richards
Cooper, Harriet         1886-1970          s/s Harold Cooper
Cooper, Harold          1881-1947          s/s Harriet Cooper
Tobin, Evelyn L.        b. 9-5-1910   d. 3-29-1997  	s/s Wayne V. Tobin
Tobin, Wayne V.         b. 7-15-1912  d. 6-9-1988  	s/s Evelyn L. Tobin
Sheedy, Palmer L. “Pat” 1917-1960                        
Sheedy, Pearl           1881-1970          s/s Frank Sheedy
Sheedy, Frank           1872-1937          s/s Pearl Sheedy
Draper, James A.        1889-1958          s/s Elizabeth Draper
Draper, Elizabeth       1892-1939          s/s James A. Draper
Draper, Ada L.          b. 3-30-1924  d.   s/s Charles E. Draper    m. 11-15-1944
Draper, Charles E.      b. 10-3-1924  d. 1-14-2000            	freemason symbol
Neal, Bessie E.         1897-1973
Neal, Wilson E.         1893-1967
Neal, Verna             1892-1939                        	“mother”
Moon, Harmon            1882-1943
Moon, Bertha M.         1890-1984
Forrester, Pauline D.   b. 8-24-1911  d. 11-12-1984
Lugar, George Francis   b. 7-4-1926   d. 7-21-1962          	IN SK3 USNR WWII
Lugar, G. Francis       b. 7-4-1926   d. 7-21-1962   	s/s Phyllis C. Lugar & Riggs                		
		freemason symbol
Lugar, Phyllis C.       b. 10-13-1930 d.              s/s G. Francis Lugar & Riggs
Riggs, Homer H.         b. 8-4-1905   d. 1-25-1969    s/s E. Pauline Riggs & Lugar 
Riggs, E. Pauline       b. 7-11-1911  d. 7-11-1962    s/s Homer H. Riggs & Lugar
Riggs, Jack E.          1934-1985                        	funeral marker only
Howell, Ralph           1884-1972          s/s Alta Howell
Howell, Alta            1891-1982          s/s Ralph Howell
Worline, Beatrice E.    1907-1938
Hardesty, Elsie L.      1908-1976                  		“mother”
Glass, Emma D.          1880-1960          s/s Lowry L. Glass   Eastern Star symbol
Glass, Lowry L.         1876-1961          s/s Emma D. Glass    freemason symbol
Dean, James B.          1931-1955                        
Greene, Sarah Jane      1-3-1983
Barr, Daisy Douglas     1874-1938
Barr, Thomas Dean       1871-1938
Rogers, Donald C.       1918-              s/s Mildred M. Rogers
Rogers, Mildred M.      1925-1981          s/s Donald C. Rogers
Hildreth, George A.     1874-1960          s/s Della Hildreth
Hildreth, Della         1875-1961          s/s George A. Hildreth
Scott, Fred C.          1899-1949          s/s Ruby E. Scott
Scott, Ruby E.          1911-1974          s/s Fred C. Scott
Askren, John R.         1901-1966          s/s Flora J. Askren  freemason symbol
Askren, Flora J.        1880-1959          s/s John R. Askren
Sullivan, Archie        1906-1983
VanDiver, Nora E.       1902-1985          s/s Jesse VanDiver           m. 4-30-1920
VanDiver, Jesse         1893-1983          s/s Nora E. VanDiver
Hart, Donald E.         b. 8-13-1939  d. 9-11-1998          	“Volunteer Fireman”
Nelson, Helen D.        1922-              s/s Robert J. Nelson        	m. 9-12-1942
Nelson, Robert J.       1922-1999          s/s Helen D. Nelson 
Wyatt, Oscar            b. 9-12-1881  d. 10-19-1963   	s/s Chloe Wyatt
Wyatt, Chloe            b. 8-20-1892  d. 12-17-1971         s/s Oscar Wyatt
Wyatt, Dorman B.        1912-1982                        	TEC 4 US Army WWII
Vetor, Virginia M.      1919-1999          s/s Charles & Linda Vetor
Vetor, Charles L.       1923-1989          s/s Virginia & Linda Vetor
Vetor, Linda L.         1947               s/s Virginia & Charles Vetor
Marquell, Ralph L.      b. 4-5-1909   d. 8-14-1945
Marquell, Marie Cleo    1908-1996                        	funeral marker only
Watson, Orest L.        b. 5-5-1925   d. 7-17-1944       IN Pvt. 23 Inf 2 Inf Div WWII
Wood, George R.         1887-1949          s/s Fannie M. Wood
Wood, Fannie M.         1886-1988          s/s George R. Wood
Payne, Doxey B.         1890-1975          s/s Esther B. Payne  	freemason symbol
Payne, Esther B.        1892-1981          s/s Doxey B. Payne     Eastern Star symbol
Payne, Theodore C.      1909-1993          s/s Ruth M. Payne
Payne, Ruth M.          1911-1999          s/s Theodore C. Payne
Edgington, Noel N.      b. 11-21-1946  d. 1-5-1948              “our darling son”
Ackerman, Charles J.    1876-1951          s/s Celestine V. Ackerman
Ackerman, Celestine V.  1878-1950          s/s Charles J. Ackerman
John, Frank             1878-1958          s/s Gertrude John
John, Gertrude          1881-1949          s/s Frank John
John, Roy M.            1903-1965          s/s Ruth A. John
John, Ruth A.           1905-1996          s/s Roy M. John
Moon, Olive R.          1914-1953
Riggs, Naomi F.         1911-1986          s/s Doyte A. Riggs
Riggs, Doyte A.         1911-1996          s/s Naomi F. Riggs
Vetor, Charles H.       1894-1948          s/s Nettie L. Vetor
Vetor, Nettie L.        1898-1968          s/s Charles H. Vetor
Welch, Flossie          1916-1956
Reeder, Bette L.        1924-1990          s/s Arthur D. Reeder
Reeder, Arthur D.       1923-              s/s Bette L. Reeder
Owen, Edith M.          1898-1980          s/s Ray J. Owen
Owen, Ray J.            1898-1946          s/s Edith M. Owen
Lees, Perry S.          1876-1951          s/s Mattie L. Lees
Lees, Mattie L.         1878-1967          s/s Perry S. Lees
Pierce, Elsie L.        1899-1956          s/s Rev. Lester M. Pierce
Pierce, Rev, Lester M.  1896-              s/s Elsie L. Pierce
Thompson, Gladys L.     1912-1983          s/s E. Blake Thompson
Thompson, E. Blake      1911-1993          s/s Gladys L. Thompson
Davis, Chas. H.         1915-1970          s/s Hazel B. Davis
Davis, Hazel B.         1914-1953          s/s Chas. H. Davis
Hodson, Hazel M.        1915-1981          s/s Metta M. Hodson       Eastern Star symbol
Hodson, Metta M.        1902-1981          s/s Hazel M. Hodson
Hodson, Millie M.       1895-1964          s/s Ervin A. Hodson
Hodson, Ervin A.        1891-1960          s/s Millie A. Hodson
Dunn, Edna I.           1928-1970          s/s Myrtle & Harley Dunn  “daughter”
Dunn, Myrtle M.         1894-1976          s/s Edna & Harley Dunn    “mother”
Dunn, Harley E.         1894-1973          s/s Edna & Myrtle Dunn    “father”
Payne, Barbra Jo “Barbi”    b. 2-8-1962  d. 9-18-1968         	“our special angel”
Siegel, Inez M.         1892-1975          s/s John A. Siegel        m. 6-24-1914
Siegel, John A.         1893-1980          s/s Inez M. Siegel
Siegel, Maxine          b. 5-16-1920	 d. 5-26-2002			s/s George E. Siegel                   	
Siegel, George E.	b. 8-13-1920	 d.		m. 5-3-1940	s/s Maxine Siegel
Knobeloch, J. Kenneth   1905-1987
Mitchell, Katie Parks   1892-1985
VanDeWater, Thomas H.   1953-1994         “We love you, Dad.   –Allison, Casey, & Bridget”
Wood, Lena M.           b. 4-7-1903   d. 8-20-1987      	s/s Barney G. Wood
Wood, Barney G.         b. 8-21-1899  d. 12-3-1981          s/s Lena M. Wood
Vetor, Donna M.         1935-1988
Vetor, A. Gene          1932-1975
Borders, Eric M.        1951-1996
Borders, Dorothy M.     1926-1974     s/s Forrest E. Borders   shield with a T symbol
Borders, Forrest E.     1920-1996     s/s Dorothy M. Borders  m. 1-10-1946 freemason symbol
Myers, John W.          1917-197-     s/s Zina O. Myers       m. 2-19-1938 freemason symbol
Myers, Zina O.          1921-1984     s/s John W. Myers        Eastern Star symbol
Harrison, Samantha      1960-1979                        photo
Thomas, Wendall B.      b. 6-12-1921  d. 12-1-1974                	SKI US Navy
Thurston, Paul V.       1934-1994          s/s Judith A. Thurston       	m. 11-30-1957
Thurston, Judith A.     1937-              s/s Paul V. Thurston
Bangle, Charles W.      1914-1997          s/s Mildred E. Bangle        	m. 4-18-1940
Bangle, Mildred E.      1922-              s/s Charles W. Bangle
Lewis, D. Webster       1904-1988          s/s Mary R. Lewis
Lewis, Mary R.          1904-1975          s/s D. Webster Lewis
Hartman, Raymond        b. 5-17-1918  d. 3-16-1985  	s/s Thelma Hartman
Hartman, Thelma         b. 3-17-1921  d.              s/s Raymond Hartman
Hartman, Raymond G.     b. 5-17-1918  d. 3-16-1985            	TEC 5 US Army WWII
Williams, Luther H.     1915-1992          s/s Dorothy L. Williams  m. 5-17-1945 "father”
Williams, Dorothy L.    1921-1974          s/s Luther H. Williams                “mother”
Honeycutt, Betty Sue    1940-1978                        			 "daughter”
Honeycutt, Franklin G.  1920-1971          s/s Devoina Honeycutt
Honeycutt, Devoina      1924-              s/s Franklin G. Honeycutt
Mart, Harold J.         b. 2-6-1931   d.       		s/s Marcella G. Mart    m. 6-6-1959
Mart, Marcella G.       b. 8-8-1935   d.           	s/s Harold J. Mart
Justus, Robert C.       1928-1988        “father”     s/s Deborah & Margaret Justus
Justus, Deborah C.      1953-1971        “daughter”   s/s Robert & Margaret Justus    photo
Justus, Margaret G.     1927-            “mother”     s/s Robert & Deborah Justus
Butcher, Ralph          1895-1971
Flaherty, Dustin Lee Wallace    b. 5-18-1988   d. 7-22-1988
Street, Larry D.        b. 12-25-1950 d. 11-12-1986               PV1 US Army Vietnam
Mart, Clista Fay        b. 9-4-1901   d. 4-16-1988   s/s Clarence J. Mart  m. 11-6-1919
Mart, Clarence J.       b. 1-8-1900   d. 12-26-197-                s/s Clista Fay Mart
Wallace, Richard L.     1947-1986     		                  SP 4 US Army
Wallace, Richard Lee    b. 3-28-1947  d. 7-3-1986    s/s Debbie Rae Wallace m. 3-31-1986
Wallace, Debbie Rae     b. 4-22-1957  d.             s/s Richard Lee Wallace
Rollins, J.A.           b. 10-27-1931 d.             s/s Janice M. Rollins  m. 10-30-1953
Rollins, Janice M.      b. 10-4-1935  d.             s/s J.A. Rollins
James, Lyle G.          1906-1987          s/s Veda Hazzard & Lutitia James     “father”
James, Veda Hazzard     1905-1978          s/s Lyle & Lutitia James             “mother”
James, Lutitia L.       1936-              s/s Lyle & Veda Hazzard James        "daughter”
Ruggles, Lerabelle      1919-              s/s Otis Watson               	“mom”
Watson, Otis            1916-1990          s/s Lerabelle Ruggles                “dad”
Lewis, Iliff W.         b. 1-31-1903  d. 9-26-1987   s/s Sarah L. Lewis  m. 12-25-1925
Lewis, Sarah L.         b. 3-29-1905  d.             s/s Iliff W. Lewis                  
Laycock, Wray D.        1912-1972          s/s Madge E. Laycock
Laycock, Madge E.       1924-1993          s/s Wray D. Laycock
Carter, Homer D.  D.V.M.  b. 8-18-1916  d. 3-26-2002                        
Carter, Geraldine M.    b.10-27-1911  d. 6-26-1974
Meek, Betty J.          no dates
Redman, Nancy L.        1940-1987
Pogue, Paavo E.         1932-              s/s Chouquette & Daniel S. Pogue
Pogue, Chouquette       1937-              s/s Paavo & Daniel S. Pogue
Pogue, Daniel S. “Danny”  1955-1973        s/s Paavo & Chouquette Pogue        	photo                		
		“Danny died of injury at Madison-Grant High School”
Burgan, Claude K.       1917-1974
Burgan, Claude K.       b. 2-2-1917   d. 4-13-1974         		IN PFC US Army WWII
Richards, Martin E.     b. 5-31-1960  d. 12-19-1975                        	photo
Dohner, Coetta E.       b. 5-16-1921  d. 3-5-1986
Dohner, John V.         1933-1984
McDaniel, Grace E.      1894-1978          s/s Oscar W. McDaniel        	m. 12-22-1933
McDaniel, Oscar W.      1904-              s/s Grace E. McDaniel 	freemason symbol
Luttrell, Luria F.      1927-2002          s/s Paul M. Luttrell  	m. 8-31-1961  “mom”
Luttrell, Paul M.       1910-1980          s/s Luria F. Luttrell 	              “dad”
Gluff, Herman           1909-1978
Ratliff, Fredric R. Sr. b. 9-29-1937  d. 2-17-1993                        	      “father”
James, Leonard C.       1944-1987                 		“beloved husband & dad”
Thurston, Donald F.     1918-              s/s Freda M. Thurston  	m. 9-3-1940
Thurston, Freda M.      1921-              s/s Donald F. Thurston
James, Milford          1924-              s/s Elizabeth James & Arlie Wilkerson
James, Elizabeth        1926-1990          s/s Milford James & Arlie Wilkerson
Wilkerson, Arlie        1902-1990          s/s Milford & Elizabeth James
Eby, Eugene L.          1910-2000          s/s Anna Mae Eby
Eby, Anna Mae           1902-1978          s/s Eugene L. Eby
Bradford, Glen G.       1911-1976          s/s Delores Bradford
Bradford, Delores       1914-2002          s/s Glen G. Bradford
Meyer, Martha J.        1932-              s/s F. Marion “Mike” Meyer   Eastern Star symbol
Meyer, F. Marion “Mike” 1932-              s/s Martha J. Meyer          Freemason symbol
Baird, Ruth B.          1922-              s/s James A. Baird
Baird, James A.         1906-1992          s/s Ruth B. Baird
Gaither, Myrtle N.      1898-1974          s/s Everitt E. Gaither
Gaither, Everitt E.     1891-1969          s/s Myrtle N. Gaither
Mast, N. Pauline        1922-              s/s Mast, Doyte L.
Mast, Doyte L.          1920-1999          s/s N. Pauline Mast
Davis, Mary E.          1925-1991
McCormick, Edna E.      1903-1988          s/s Wyatt A, McCormick      m. 10-9-1920   photo
McCormick, Wyatt A.     1892-1972          s/s Edna E. McCormick
Favors, Naomi M. “Bobbie”  1906-1986       s/s Wilbur M. “Dutch” Favors
Favors, Wilbur M. “Dutch”  1907-1973       s/s Naomi M. “Bobbie” Favors
Dickerson, Charles W.   1917-1970          s/s Frances J. Dickerson         freemason symbol
Dickerson, Frances J.   1930-              s/s Charles W. Dickerson
Dickerson, James A.     b. 5-29-1963  d. 2-25-1983                        “our Jim”
Thomas, Norma J.        1929-              s/s Wendell B. Thomas
Thomas, Wendell B.      1921-1974          s/s Norma J. Thomas
Clock, Clifford E.      1918-1987                        TEC 4 US Army WWII
Clock, Clifford E.      1918-1987          s/s Donna J. Clock
Clock, Donna J.         1922-              s/s Clifford E. Clock
Clock, Michael Lee      1958-1981
Brown, Benjamin R.      1944-1978               Marine Sgt. 1962-1966     photo
Leckron, Paul           1902-1978          s/s Blanche Leckron
Leckron, Blanche        1910-1970          s/s Paul Leckron
Hawkins, Paula L.       b. 7-14-1963  d. 11-13-1999
Hawkins, Richard “Hank” b. 8-1-1935   d. 12-9-1991
Hawkins, Howard C.      1910-1972          s/s Esther E. Hawkins               	“dad”
Hawkins, Esther E.      1917-1991          s/s Howard C. Hawkins                “mom”
Bennett, Shirley Ann    1936-1977
Gosnell, Delia          1907-1972          s/s Lee Gosnell
Gosnell, Lee            1909-1969          s/s Delia Gosnell
Piper, Norman D.        1919-1985          s/s Minnie P. Piper        freemason symbol
Piper, Minnie P.        1919-              s/s Norman D. Piper        Eastern Star symbol
Lane, Mary C.           1919-1991
Barker, Ray H.          1897-1980          s/s Ruth E. Barker
Barker, Ruth E.         1902-1989          s/s Ray H. Barker
Sellers, Phillip Rama   b. 8-14-1922  d. 1-11-1999                        	“father”
Sellers, Marguerite E.  1918-1997
Sellers, Rama E.        1895-1976                        		PVT US Army WWI
Barker, Ray R.          b. 2-1-1926   d. 4-7-1975            	PFC US Army WWII
Thurston, Bessie M.     1894-1970                        			“mother”
Siegel, Mary E.         1918-1987          s/s Claude E. Siegel
Siegel, Claude E.       1902-1981          s/s Mary E. Siegel
Leckron, Dale Lee       1929-1980
Hawkins, Fletcher       1961-2002                        funeral marker only
Griffith, John M.       b. 10-7-1927  d.               s/s Edith Griffith    	“father”
Griffith, Edith         b. 3-30-1929  d.               s/s John M. Griffith  	“mother”
Griffith, Gloria J.     b. 11-2-1956  d. 11-28-1976                “daughter & sister”
Nelson, Charles W. S.   b. 11-1-1919  d.               s/s Catherine E. Nelson
Nelson, Catherine E.    b. 1-27-1920  d. 2-18-1995     s/s Charles W.S. Nelson
Roberts, William J.     b. 5-29-1929  d.               s/s Willadean Roberts
Roberts, Willadean      b. 7-16-1928  d. 3-3-1991      s/s William J. Roberts
Titus, Arthur L.        b. 6-19-1917  d. 9-7-1970
Eiber, Della            1892-1990          s/s Pearl Eiber
Eiber, Pearl            1887-1969          s/s Della Eiber
Butler, Betty J.        1926-1994          s/s William C. Butler
Butler, William C.      1925-1996          s/s Betty J. Butler   
Williams, Samuel J.     1908-1970          s/s Julia R. Williams   m. 7-23-1927   “dad”
Williams, Julia R.      1910-1970          s/s Samuel J. Williams                 “mom”
Roberts, Donnie Lynn    b. 12-4-1961  d. 3-17-1981          s/s Marty L. Roberts 
Roberts, Marty L.       b. 1-23-1957  d. 4-20-1979          s/s Donnie Lynn Roberts
Webb, Elsie L.          1920-2001          s/s Jess A. Webb                      “mother”
Webb, Jess A.           1894-1978          s/s Elsie L. Webb                   	 “father”
Jenkins, Velma          1910-1984          s/s Donald Jenkins
Jenkins, Donald         1910-              s/s Velma Jenkins
Bowers, Hazel N.        1909-              s/s David W. Bowers
Bowers, David W.        1897-1978          s/s Hazel N. Bowers
Titus, William V.       b. 11-26-1921 d. 8-5-1968      	IN COX USNR WWII
McCoy, Mary E.          1905-1969
Abraham, Mary Katherine b. 7-19-1914  d.        s/s Frederick C. Abraham  m. 10-11-1941
Abraham, Frederick C.   b. 11-25-1906 d. 12-23-1998      s/s Mary Katherine Abraham
Curry, Esther C.        1911-1996          s/s John W. Curry
Curry, John W.          1911-1965          s/s Esther C. Curry
Curry, John R.          b. 12-4-1946  d. 10-7-1998       	SP4 US Army Vietnam
Warr, Harry J.          b. 2-25-1917  d. 2-9-2000     	Sgt. US Army Air Forces WWII
Warr, Harry J.          1917-2000          s/s V. Ann Warr  m. 11-24-1938  freemason symbol
Warr, V. Ann            1920-              s/s Harry J. Warr          	Eastern Star symbol
Brookshire, Minnie Ann  1896-1974          s/s Lucius G. Brookshire          m. 8-31-1917
Brookshire, Lucius G.   1899-1976          s/s Minnie Ann Brookshire
Garner, Martha Brookshire  1923-1951
Garner, William Russell    b. 11-14-194-  d. 1-31-2000
Wright, Toderick V. “Tod”  1942-           s/s R. Vaughn & Jean E. Wright
Wright, R. Vaughn       1916-1991          s/s Toderick & Jean E. Wright
Wright, Jean E.         1923-              s/s R. Vaughn & Toderick Wright
Campbell, H. Glen       1891-1964          s/s Hester M. Campbell
Campbell, Hester M.     1896-1978          s/s H. Glen Campbell
Glass, Lizzie M.        1884-1969          s/s John F. Glass
Glass, John F.          1888-1960          s/s Lizzie M. Glass
Long, Wilbur Dale       b. 1-7-1889   d. 2-16-1960   		IN PFC 28 Inf WWI
Overman, Alwilda A.     1901-1988
Overman, Miriam R.      1908-1985
Overman, Margaret Lindley  1873-1947       s/s Paul & Edward Overman            “mother”
Overman, Paul           1903-1927     	 s/s Margaret & Edward Overman          "son"
		“buried at Whittier, Calif”     
Overman, Edward         1868-1957          s/s Margaret & Paul Overman  	“father”                   
Brock, Infant Girl      8-17-1958
Brock, Paul Burton      b. 6-13-1930    d.     s/s Barbara & Paul Andrew Brock      “father”
Brock, Barbara Lee      b. 12-26-1932   d.     s/s Paul Burton & Paul Andrew Brock  “mother”
Brock, Paul Andrew      b. 12-16-1965   d. 2-21-1981  	s/s Paul Burton & Margaret Brock       		
		“son Andy”
Miley, Annabelle        1910-2000          s/s Arthur R. Miley
Miley, Arthur R.        1906-1974          s/s Annabelle Miley
Miley, Roscoe R.        1877-1955          s/s Henrietta M. Miley
Miley, Henrietta M.     1880-1973          s/s Roscoe R. Miley
Shanks, Jessie L.       1930-1990          s/s Charles A. Shanks        m. 9-19-1946
Shanks, Charles A.      1922-1982          s/s Jessie L. Shanks
Shanks, Charles Steven “Steve”  1948-1976
Peach, William Austin   1893-1978                        “Uncle Bill”
Peach, Birdia           1910-1990          s/s Cordia Peach      	m. 2-3-1929
Peach, Cordia           1907-1978          s/s Birdia Peach
Ferguson, David         1973-1979     s/s Jennifer, Clinton, & Claude Ferguson      “son”
Ferguson, Jennifer      1974-1979     s/s David, Clinton, & Claude Ferguson         “daughter”
Ferguson, Clinton       1977-1979     s/s David, Jennifer, & Claude Ferguson        “son”
Ferguson, Claude        1948-1979     s/s David, Jennifer, & Clinton Ferguson       “father”
Painter, Ruth E.        b. 6-15-1928  d. 3-29-1996   	s/s John A. Painter  	m. 10-26-1946
Painter, John A.        b. 11-21-1924 d. 1-11-1997    s/s Ruth E. Painter
Poole, Flossie T.       1893-1986
Poole, Faye M.          1917-1949          s/s Kenneth C. Poole                 “mother”
Poole, Kenneth C.       1914-1968          s/s Faye M. Poole                  	“father”
Harshbarger, W. Leslie  1905-1937
Harshbarger, Helen K.   1905-1968
Harshbarger, James E.   1929-1970
Little, Hettie R.       1881-1957          s/s Ralph B. Little
Little, Ralph B.        1879-1960          s/s Hettie R. Little
Stephens, Kevin W.      1966-1982       “BMX Nationals #5; State #2; World #7”
Winslow, Ortense        1901-1991          s/s Marcus Winslow
Winslow, Marcus         1900-1976          s/s Ortense Winslow
Dean, Ethel M.          1914-1988          s/s Winton A. Dean
Dean, Winton A.         1907-1995          s/s Ethel A. Dean
Stephens, Russell       1899-1937                        
Stephens, Burr          b. 3-18-1897  d. 1-30-1949    	IN Cpl. Btry C 139 Field Arty WWI
Stephens, Charles H.    1872-1940
Stephens, Irene         1872-1940
Bush, Charles Wesley    1912-1938                        “son of Charles O. & Mattie L.”
Jones, Martha E.        b. 8-24-1879  d. 1-14-1965
Porter, Mable           1901-1966
Kind, Mary Elizabeth    b. 10-27-1908 d.                  “Choir singer”
Kind, Madonna Jean      b. 10-21-1919 d. 12-1-1995
Kind, Zella M.          1888-1951          s/s Emanuel W. Kind
Kind, Emanuel W.        1883-1950          s/s Zella M. Kind
Hayes, Worl N.          1882-1945          s/s Hazel L. Hayes
Hayes, Hazel L.         1889-1954          s/s Worl N. Hayes
Lindley, Geneva E.      1904-1975          s/s Grant Lindley
Lindley, Grant          1900-1974          s/s Geneva E. Lindley
Bennett, Leona A.       1882-1970          s/s Lawrence M. Bennett
Bennett, Lawrence M.    1876-1937          s/s Leona A. Bennett
Minton, Marie Smith     1906-1988          s/s Roy E. Minton
Minton, Roy E.          1902-1971          s/s Marie Smith Minton
Spence, Gertrude R.     1899-1996          s/s Tony Spence
Spence, Tony R.         1899-1972          s/s Gertrude Spence
Spence, Vincent Lee     b. 4-19-1961  d. 4-29-1961   		“our darling”
Spence, Jennie C.       1879-1945          s/s Henry H. Spence
Spence, Henry H.        1872-1938          s/s Jennie C. Spence
Spence, Kathryn L.      1929-1937
Fleener, William H.     1859-1936
Fleener, Clara F.       1869-1936
Struble, John E.        1857-1936
Struble, Bertha         1868-1939
Sheedy, Garnet          1902-1992          s/s Glen Sheedy
Sheedy, Glen            1903-1966          s/s Garnet Sheedy
Brown, Rev. Raymond R.  1924-        s/s Pauline Brown    marine symbol  “WWII Americal div”
Brown, Pauline F. E.    1922-2001          s/s Rev. Raymond R. Brown
Brown, Paul H.          b. 4-25-1907  d. 12-25-1964
Brown, Mary M.          b. 10-21-1910 d. 11-8-1999
Brown, Philip H.        b. 8-20-1940  d. 8-21-1947
Haun, Mary J.           1888-1958          s/s Charles E. Haun
Haun, Charles E.        1889-1930          s/s Mary J. Haun
Hackney, Margaret K.    1917-1986          s/s Harold C. & Brent Hackney    m. 6-30-1943
Hackney, Harold C.      1914-1970          s/s Margaret & Brent Hackney
Hackney, Brent          1954               s/s Margaret & Harold C. Hackney
Hackney, Margaret A.    1885-1931
Hackney, Charles C.     1882-1963
Hackney. S. Cameron     1905-1980                        	US Army
Hyatt, L. Beatrice      b. 9-1-1918   d. 1-3-1981
Baker, Norman L.        1941-              	   s/s Sunday Lee & Beatrice E. Baker
Baker, Sunday Lee       b. 8-24-1976  d. 9-7-1976  s/s Norman L & Beatrice E. Baker “daughter”
Baker, Beatrice E.      1939-                      s/s Norman L. & Sunday Lee Baker

Updating to May 25, 2003
Hartley, Dale Benjamin	1956-2003			funeral marker only
Hunt, Judith F.		b. 2-6-1943   d. 7-8-2002	s/s Jay D. Hunt
Hunt, Jay D.		b. 8-2-1940   d. 		s/s Judith F. Hunt
Stephens, James Michael	b. 6-16-1958  d. 12-6-2002
Draper, Helen M.	b. 6-7-1928   d. 12-30-2002	Eastern Star symbol
Wood, Robert L. 	b. 8-27-1939  d. 9-18-2002
Nelson, Clarence W.	1917-2003			funeral marker only
Kind, Margaret A.	1914-2002			funeral marker only

...Original pages by Sheila D. Watson from readings by Julie Ward

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