Park Cemetery

Section 2C

Northside, beginning at northeastern most section and working west a section at a time.
CRAW, Harry S.  	1921-     	m. 4-19-1942 	s/s Leona M. Craw
CRAW, Leona M.       	1923-1982                   	s/s Harry S. Craw
McCRACKEN, J. Raymond 	1884-1965                       s/s Ina R. McCracken
McCRACKEN, Ina R.     	1886-1965        		s/s J. Raymond McCracken
McCRACKEN, Paul W.      1924-2000
McCRACKEN, Charles E.   1926-1994  	m. 10-22-1952  	s/s B. Marie McCracken
McCRACKEN, B. Marie     1930-1996                       s/s Charles E. McCracken
BUTLER, Everett L.      1895-1981                       s/s Ruth Butler
BUTLER, Ruth            1902-2001                       s/s Everett L. Butler
METZGER, Cathy Jo       b. 9-23-1952  d. 11-21-1983
CRAW, Maggie Mae        2002                  	funeral marker only
BUTCHER, Joyce A.       b. 11-12-1936 d.        m. 7-28-1957 	s/s Donald E. Butcher
BUTCHER, Donald E.      b. 5-20-1935  d. 4-26-1994      s/s Joyce A. Butcher
HINDMAN, Christian Stuart b. 1-17-1973  d. 12-31-1992
DAVIS, Rebecca I.       1931-1991                      	s/s John A. Davis
DAVIS, john A.          1927-1987                       s/s Rebecca I. Davis
HOLLOWAY, Laurel B.     1903-1980                       s/s Orville R. Holloway
HOLLOWAY, Orville R.    1904-1986                       s/s Laurel B. Holloway
BRYAN, Judith A.        b. 10-20-1935 d. 4-27-1995
ROWLISON, George W. Jr. b. 9-26-1958  d. 4-8-1977    		PFC US Army
BLACKBURN, Naomi M.     1920-      	m. 4-18-1938 	s/s Joseph W. Blackburn
BLACKBURN, Joseph W.    1917-1977                       s/s Naomi M. Blackburn
McGLYNN, Rev. Vincent   1907-1993    	m. 2-4-1928     s/s Emily S. McGlynn
McGLYNN, Emily S.       1909-1991                       s/s Rev. Vincent McGlynn
CALLAHAN, Marjorie L.   b. 3-27-1932  d.  	m. 9-29-1951  	s/s Jack M. Callahan
CALLAHAN, Jack M.       b. 6-8-1931   d.            	s/s Marjorie L. Callahan
HEINY, Dorothy          1930-     	m. 12-4-1948    s/s Charles B. Heiny
HEINY, Charles B.       1929-1992                       s/s Dorothy Heiny
FULKERSON, Lela M.      1906-1993                       s/s William L. Fulkerson
FULKERSON, William L.   1904-1997                       s/s Lela M. Fulkerson
GIFT, Martha            1925-2001                       s/s Jack Gift
GIFT, Jack              1924-1995                       s/s Martha Gift
GIFT, Juliette Marcile  1920-                       	s/s Fred Robert Gift
GIFT, Fred Robert       1920-1993                       s/s Juliette Marcile Gift
WADE, J. Joanne         1927-                       	s/s James C. Wade
WADE, James C.          1921-1996                       s/s J. Joanne Wade
MILLER, Shirley M.      1927-      	m. 8-5-1951     s/s Carl I. Miller
MILLER, Carl I.         1930-1998                       s/s Shirley M. Miller
EAST, Edgar Lewis       b. 6-27-1907  d. 1-5-1991      	s/s Mildred L. (Sanders) East) “Dad”
EAST, Mildred L. (Sanders)  b. 6-24-1926  d.            s/s Edgar Lewis East    
		m. 5-25-1943       “Mom”
PONDER, Lori Ann        1969-1981                       s/s Doris Jean Ponder
PONDER, Doris Jean      1949-1981                       s/s Lori Ann Ponder
STEELE, Fred E.         1922-1981                       	PVT US Army WWII
STEELE, Fred A.         b. 8-25-1946  d. 11-17-1987
HUBBARD, Sandra L.      b. 9-12-1963  d. 11-12-2000        	“mother”
HUBBARD, Amanda Marie   b. 2-1-1980   d. 8-26-1992              “daughter/sister”
HUBBARD, Marion H.      b. 10-8-1939  d. 3-17-1992
McMANAMAN, Robert M.    1922-        	m. 12-24-1943 	s/s Marjorie E. McManaman
McMANAMAN, Marjorie E.  1923-1992                       s/s Robert M. McManaman
HAYES, Estherine        1910-1999          	funeral marker only
HAYES, Charles Edgar    1915-1998               funeral marker only
BODENHORN, Thomas M.    b. 11-26-1877 d. 9-7-1949    	s/s Aurie L. Bodenhorn
BODENHORN, Aurie L.     b. 4-25-1877  d. 7-15-1953      s/s Thomas M. Bodenhorn
SMITH, Vera Ruth        1925-1994                       s/s Forrest E. Smith
SMITH, Forrest E.       1921-2001                       s/s Vera Ruth Smith
SMITH, Glen E.          1884-1981                       s/s Jessie Smith
SMITH, Jessie           1890-1969                       s/s Glen E. Smith
SMITH, Paul M.          b. 10-18-1932 d. 11-23-1969
STOOKEY, John M.        1913-2001           	funeral marker only
STOOKEY, Roscoe         1872-1955                       s/s Caroline Stookey
STOOKEY, Caroline       1877-1952                       s/s Roscoe Stookey
ELKINS, Justin A.       1906-1962     	freemason       s/s Thelma B. Elkins
ELKINS, Thelma B.       1908-1993     	Eastern Star    s/s Justin A. Elkins
ELKINS, Willard L.      1875-1953                       s/s Marguerite M. Elkins
ELKINS, Marguerite M.   1878-1966                       s/s Willard L. Elkins
DULING, Virgil B.       1873-1953                       s/s Olive J. Duling
DULING, Olive J.        1876-1957                       s/s Virgil B. Duling
DOME, Lynn G.           1900-1989                       s/s Mary T. Dome
DOME, Mary T.           1913-1976                       s/s Lynn G. Dome
DOME, John              1868-1957                       s/s Mary L. Dome
DOME, Mary L.           1869-1959                       s/s John Dome
BLAIR, James H.         1869-1938                       s/s Lydia A. Blair
BLAIR, Lydia A.         1873-1943                       s/s James H. Blair
BLAIR, Lilian I.        1904-1971
SMITH, Lula Blair       1895-1960
MORRIS, Arthur P.       1878-1959                       s/s Opal H. Morris
MORRIS, Opal H.         1889-1976                       s/s Arthur P. Morris
STERN, Kate W.          1891-1931
NEFF, Joseph F.         1921-1986                       s/s Evelyn Smith Neff
NEFF, Evelyn Neff       1922-1998                       s/s Joseph F. Neff
ALLEN, William K.       1929-                       	s/s Marjorline A. Allen
ALLEN, Marjorline A.    1923-1991                       s/s William K. Allen
HIATT, Bette L.         1922-1984    	m. 6-22-1940    s/s Evert R. Hiatt
HIATT, Evert R.         1922-1999                       s/s Bette L. Hiatt
WINDSOR, William W.     no dates                   	s/s Margaret L. Windsor
WINDSOR, Margaret L.    no dates                   	s/s William W. Windsor
HIATT, Aralee Ruth      b. 4-30-1928  d.   m. 6-23-1946 s/s “Fritz” Francis Hiatt
HIATT, “Fritz” Francis  b. 9-6-1925   d. 9-13-2000      s/s Aralee Ruth Hiatt
WALLACE, Gertrude Josephine 1906-1990      	Eastern Star
DILL, James W.          1879-1968                       s/s Anna M. Dill
DILL, Anna M.           1879-1965                       s/s James W. Dill
EWEN, Hattie E.         1901-1994                       s/s Elmer J. Ewen
EWEN, Elmer J.          1896-1979                       s/s Hattie E. Ewen
CAUGHELL, Barbara Pickett  1910-1978                    s/s Hugh & Allen Caughell
CAUGHELL, Hugh          1907-2003	              	s/s Barbara Pickett & Allen Caughell
CAUGHELL, Allen         1946                    s/s Barbara Pickett & Hugh Caughell  
		(Allen is on the back)
SICKMAN, Rebecca J.     1927-                   	s/s Edward H. Sickman
SICKMAN, Edward H.      1924-1985                       s/s Rebecca J. Sickman
RAMSEY, Mary O.         1915-1993                       s/s James C. Ramsey
RAMSEY, James C.        1909-1988    	1st Sgt 26th Div WWII	s/s Mary O. Ramsey
	also has separate mil. stone, same info;    1909-1988	1st Sgt US Army WWII
AYLESWORTH, John L.     1905-1965                       s/s Mary L. Aylesworth
AYLESWORTH, Mary L.     1919-1964                       s/s John L. Aylesworth
VAUGHT, Charles R.      b. 12-25-1927 d. 1-9-2000
BROWN, Dean             1938-1964                       s/s Ethel Brown      “son”
BROWN, Ethel            1904-1980                       s/s Dean Brown      “mother”
BEASLEY, Uva C.         1904-1967
BEASLEY, John O.        1899-1969
BEASLEY, William A.     1923-1988                       s/s M. Suzanne Beasley
BEASLEY, M. Suzanne     1924-1999                       s/s William A. Beasley
HELMS, Clyde E.         1889-1975    	m. 6-20-1915    s/s Hazel D. Helms
HELMS, Hazel D.         1889-1983                       s/s Clyde E. Helms
BRIGHT, Lela M.         1897-1966                       s/s Charles O. Bright
BRIGHT, Charles O.      1888-1979                       s/s Lela M. Bright
BRIGHT, Charles O.      b. 6-12-1888  d. 10-21-1979        	PVT US Army WWI
JOHNSON, Pamela D.      1964-2000                        	funeral marker only
SCOTT, Roy C.           b. 12-4-1932  d. 5-8-1972        	PVT Co. C 63 INF Korea
COUCH, Velma E.         1901-1981                       s/s James A. Couch
COUCH, James A.         1897-1984                       s/s Velma E. Couch
KELLER, Newton H.       1905-1967                       s/s Mary G. Keller
KELLER, Mary G.         1925-                       	s/s Newton H. Keller
BRILES, Flora C.        1876-1966
TRADER, Robert E.       1924-1992                       s/s Norma D. Trader “Bob & Norma”
TRADER, Norma D.        1927-                       	s/s Robert E. Trader
WILEY, Philip E.        1932-                       	s/s Mildred E. Wiley
WILEY, Mildred E.       1934-1991                       s/s Philip E. Wiley
RILEY, Ralph R.         1912-1991      	m. 6-13-1936    s/s Maxine Riley
RILEY, Maxine           1917-1997                       s/s Ralph R. Riley
SMITHSON, Jimmie L.     1932-1998    	m. 1-14-1961    s/s Mary E. Smithson
SMITHSON, Mary E.       1936-                       	s/s Jimmie L. Smithson
HARVEY, Mary Frances    b. 12-9-1920  d.   m. 8-20-1939 s/s Ralph W. Harvey
HARVEY, Ralph W.        b. 2-21-1918  d. 5-7-2001       s/s Mary Frances Harvey
ANDERSON, Albert G.     1906-1988                       s/s Idris H. Anderson 	“dad”
ANDERSON, Idris H.      1914-1970                       s/s Albert G. Anderson  “mother”
VAN TIEM, Barbara J.    b. 11-26-1928 d. 9-4-1993
VETOR, Chester O.       1904-1971   	m. 10-17-1928   s/s Mary E. Vetor
VETOR, Mary E.          1910-2002                       s/s Chester O. Vetor
TOLLE, Donovan Dean     b. 9-1-1977   d. 4-23-1978        	“Little Man”
BLAIR, Hubert T.        1899-1984     	m. 4-26-1924    s/s E. Lois Blair
BLAIR, E. Lois          1902-1975                       s/s Hubert T. Blair
VETOR, Timothy James    b. 11-11-1970 d. 2-6-1971        	“Our Precious Baby”
KRALL, Larry Joe        1946-1978                       s/s P. Lulabelle Krall                          
		“Beloved Husband & Father”
KRALL, P. Lulabelle     1952-                       	s/s Larry Joe Krall 
		“Beloved Wife & Mother”
SMITHSON, Robert W.     1937-         	m. 5-28-1957    s/s Beverly S. Smithson “father”
SMITHSON, Beverly S.    1939-                       	s/s Robert W. Smithson  “mother”
LOGAN, Michael D.       1958-1979
POLING, Dorothy M.      1934-                       	s/s Johnny R. Poling
POLING, Johnny R.       1934-                       	s/s Dorothy M. Poling
HOWELL, F. Orville      1910-1992    	m. 9-1-1937     s/s Dorothy L. Howell
HOWELL, Dorothy L.      1916-19--                       s/s F. Orville Howell
LECKRON, Carlee Ann     b. 8-21-1995  d. 8-22-1995
PACE, Russel C.         1908-1997     	m. 5-26-1934    s/s Agnes B. “Mike” Pace
WRIGHT, Lewis Eugene    b. 6-21-1917  d. 7-19-1996      s/s Dorothy J. Wright
WRIGHT, Dorothy J.      b. 2-4-1918   d.             	s/s Lewis Eugene Wright
DOYLE, Charles E.       b. 3-2-1935   d. 6-30-1989   m. 3-4-1961  s/s Patricia J. Doyle
DOYLE, Patricia J.      b. 11-22-1935 d.                          s/s Charles E. Doyle
WEBB, C. Wayne          1927-1981  	Veteran of WWII  m. 11-5-1948   s/s Wilda M. Webb
WEBB, Wilda M.          1930-                       			s/s C. Wayne Webb
McCOON, Alice K.        1936-2002                    		funeral marker only
ROE, David Aaron        b. 7-8-1964   d. 9-26-1998 “Beloved husband, father, son, & brother”
ROE, Aaron              b. 1-25-1911  d. 8-6-2000       s/s Alma Roe
ROE, Alma               b. 8-5-1915   d. 2-19-1998      s/s Aaron Roe
ROE, Michael W.         b. 2-11-1947  d. 2-9-1988
NUNN, David B.          1946-                       	s/s Devlin “Dev”, & Carol E. Nunn        
		“Imagine I’m on a stairway to heaven”
NUNN, Devlin “Dev”      1966-1986                       s/s David B. & Carol E. Nunn
NUNN, Carol E.          1944-                       	s/s David B. & Devlin “Dev” Nunn
STROUP, Ivan J.         b. 12-31-1909 d. 5-11-1992      s/s Elenora V. Stroup
STROUP, Elenora V.      b. 10-30-1914 d. 10-27-1998     s/s Ivan J. Stroup
SMITH, Charles E.       1921-                       	s/s Velma W. Smith
SMITH, Velma W.         1921-1990                       s/s Charles E. Smith
WADE, John D.           b. 9-8-1921   d. 5-20-1999      s/s Alice E. Wade
WADE, Alice E.          b. 1-27-1930  d.                s/s John D. Wade
DIXON, Baxter H.        1911-1992                       s/s Beadie S. Dixon
DIXON, Beadie S.        1912-2000                       s/s Baxter H. Dixon
PRESTON, Iva B.         1908-1995                       s/s Russell Preston    photo
PRESTON, Russell        1916-1985                       s/s Iva B. Preston
WILSON, Betty           1931-1980                       	funeral marker only
WILSON, Bessie P. “Granny” b. Dec. 1893 d. June 1989
LARKIN, Byron K.        1956-1979                        	“son”
LARKIN, A. W.  “Tony”   b. 8-26-1954  d. 10-19-1986        
WYATT, Myrtle R.        1889-1978             	s/s Olga M. Felton “Sisters" – Eternal Love”
FELTON, Olga M.         1891-1978               s/s Myrtle R. Wyatt
SMALL, Kenneth D.       b. 9-28-1917  d. 11-2-2002	m. 7-19-1946   	s/s Betty L. Small
SMALL, Betty L.         b. 1-3-1923   d.                             	s/s Kenneth D. Small
SMITH, Thomas Albert    1911-1983                       s/s Cora Etta Smith
SMITH, Cora Etta        1914-1992                       s/s Thomas Albert Smith
BENNETT, Carol Suzanne  b. 9-2-1943   d. 9-25-1998   m. 5-26-1961    s/s Garland Lee Bennett
BENNETT, Garland Lee    b. 2-16-1941  d.                             s/s Carol Suzanne Bennett
SOUTHERLAND, James A.   b. 2-9-1919   d. 1-30-1991   m. 8-18-1946    s/s Lois M. Southerland
SOUTHERLAND, Lois M.    b. 1-27-1927  d.                             s/s James A. Southerland
SEBREE, William M.      1907-1992                       s/s Ruby S. Sebree
SEBREE, Ruby S.         1913-1996                       s/s William M. Sebree
SILVERTHORN, Charley    b. 2-2-1927   d. 10-5-1989      s/s Bernice Silverthorn
SILVERTHORN, Bernice    b. 8-1-1929   d.                s/s Charley Silverthorn
SMITHSON, James S.      1939-1985                       s/s Ellen L. Smithson
SMITHSON, Ellen L.      1939-                       	s/s James S. Smithson
FOX, Robert W.          b. 3-19-1918  d.                s/s Virginia A. Fox 	“Rev. 21:4”
FOX, Virginia A.        b. 2-28-1929  d.                s/s Robert W. Fox
COLE, Paul L.           1912-1981                       s/s Mildred I. Cole
COLE, Mildred I.        1916-1991                       s/s Paul L. Cole
MILLER, Eugene A.       1914-1991	m. 6-2-1934     s/s Imogene M. Miller   photo
MILLER, Imogene M.      1918-                       	s/s Eugene A. Miller
TURNER, Howard J. “Joey”  1971-1983
ROARK, Rev. Carl        1916-                       	s/s Mary Edna Roark
ROARK, Mary Edna        1918-1995                   	s/s Rev. Carl Roark
BROWN, Jean C.          1917-1979                   	s/s Mary K. Brown
BROWN, Mary K.          1917-1982                   	s/s Jean C. Brown
BRIGHT, Joseph W.       1920-1988                   	s/s Dorothy P. Bright
BRIGHT, Dorothy P.      1922-                       	s/s Joseph W. Bright
RYE, Cleo P.            b. 8-28-1897  d. 9-10-1983
CASH, Clarence O.       1908-1976                   	s/s E. Julia Cash
CASH, E. Julia          1910-2001                   	s/s Clarence O. Cash
FIELDS, Sherman         b. 6-18-1913  d. 1-23-1999  m. 11-28-1935  s/s Vedus Fields “father”
FIELDS, Vedus           b. 7-9-1915   d. 10-31-1987                s/s Sherman Fields “mother”
KRIEG, Dean W.          1935-1978                    	s/s Norma D. Krieg
KRIEG, Norma D.         1933-                       	s/s Dean W. Krieg
WYSONG, Everett W.      1909-1977                   	s/s Ercel N. Wysong
WYSONG, Ercel N.        1918-1990                   	s/s Everett W. Wysong
WATSON, Clara E. “Liz”  b. 6-26-1941  d. 5-29-1979        photo                “mother”
BLAIR, Howard E.        1909-1982                   	s/s Georgia C. Blair
BLAIR, Georgia C.       1912-                       	s/s Howard E. Blair
THOMAS, Walter Lewis    1903-1991                   	s/s Elsie Louise Thomas                
		“Ministers of the Wesleyan Church”
THOMAS, Elsie Louise    1903-1989                   	s/s Walter Lewis Thomas                
		“Children:  Rita, Kay, Vangie, John”
TOMLINSON, Beth Evelyn  b. 7-22-1957  d. 2-14-1967
TOMLINSON, Ruth Evelyn  b. 11-7-1923  d. 4-22-1970  	s/s Wright Tomlinson
TOMLINSON, Wright       b. 3-6-1921   d. 9-27-1971  	s/s Ruth Evelyn Tomlinson
TIMBS, William Winfred  1926-1992     	freemason            	SI US Navy WWII
FELTON, Orville V.      1908-1995                   	s/s Juanita J. Felton
FELTON, Juanita J.      1915-                       	s/s Orville V. Felton
KEYS, Margie M. Francis b. 1-26-1931  d. 12-20-1988
LAMBERT, Brenda Gale    b. 10-10-1951 d. 11-17-1976
JONES, Everett L.       1894-1971                   	s/s Neta A. Jones
JONES, Neta A.          1896-1979                   	s/s Everett L. Jones
DILLEY , Paul L.        1913-1969
KIMES, Rhoda M.         1905-2002      	m. 4-7-1928     s/s Edward H. Kimes   	Eastern Star
KIMES, Edward H.        1904-1979                       s/s Rhoda M. Kimes   	Freemason
MICHAEL, Walter F.      1922-                       	s/s Alta S. Michael
MICHAEL, Alta S.        1925-1964                       s/s Walter F.  Michael
BLAKE, Joseph F.        1889-1972                       s/s Marie Blake
BLAKE, Marie            1892-1987                       s/s Joseph F. Blake
BLAKE, Maxine           1918-                       	s/s Wayne Blake  
		on the back of Joseph & Marie Blake’s stone
BLAKE, Wayne            1915-1989                       s/s Maxine Blake 
		on the back of Joseph & Marie Blake’s stone
JONES, Jean             b. 12-21-1923 d. 2-5-2000        	“daddy”
CREEK, Xen              b. 2-27-1899  d. 5-17-1964        	IN PFC BTRY E 51 ARTY CAC WWI
CREEK, Neva M.          b. 1-20-1902  d. 10-30-1990
STROUP, Bernard C.      1908-1966                       s/s Elizabeth R. Stroup
STROUP, Elizabeth R.    1914-1999                       s/s Bernard C. Stroup
SCOTT, Jack C.          1904-1968      	m. 10-23-1926   s/s Pauline R. Scott
SCOTT, Pauline R.       1907-1978                       s/s Jack C. Scott
RELFE, Eileen           b. 8-1-1920   d. 12-26-2002     s/s Wayne Relfe
RELFE, Wayne            b. 5-20-1917  d. 5-26-1985      s/s Eileen Relfe
RELFE, Ozz W.           1895-1966
CRAWFORD, George L.     b. 11-30-1939 d. 5-10-1997  m. 8-24-1958   	s/s Mary Lou Crawford           
CRAWFORD, Mary Lou      b. 10-16-1939 d.                             	s/s George L. Crawford                
		“Our children:  Ginger, Lori, Aaron, Jason”
CRAWFORD,------------   stone is missing, name handwritten in yellow across base of stone
ROBERTSON, Fred M.      1898-1954                        Freemason
DAY, Charles W.         1914-1985                       s/s Dorothy K. & Charles R. Day
DAY, Dorothy K.         1914-2003                      	s/s Charles W. & Charles R. Day
DAY, Charles R.         1950-1950                       s/s Charles W. & Dorothy K. Day
SHUGART, Ella Knox      1863-1933                       s/s Merrill D. & Mae D. Shugart 
		on the back of Charles W., Dorothy, & Charles R. Day’s stone
SHUGART, Merrill D.     1886-1960                       s/s Ella Knox & Mae S. Shugart 
		on the back of Charles W., Dorothy, & Charles R. Day’s stone
SHUGART, Mae S.         1890-1960                       s/s Ella Knox & Merrill D. Shugart
		on the back of Charles W., Dorothy, & Charles R. Day’s stone
GARY, Nellie Opal       b. 4-17-1908  d. 9-9-2000
GARY, Miller Q.         b. 11-3-1898  d. 6-1-1964        IN CCM USNR WWII
RELFE, Forest           1892-1958                 	s/s Frank Relfe
RELFE, Frank            1882-1969                       s/s Forest Relfe
DURHAM, Charles E.      1922-1988    PVT US Army WWII   s/s Bertie N. Durham
DRUHAM, Bertie N.       1926-                       	s/s Charles E. Durham
SMITH, Claude Z.        1895-1993                       s/s Ruth Robertson Smith
SMITH, Ruth Robertson   1897-1977                       s/s Claude Z. Smith
SMITH, Col. Ellsworth   1873-1968                       s/s Louisa Osborn Smith
SMITH, Louisa Osborn    1874-1947                       s/s Col. Ellsworth Smith
GILBERT, Edward L.      b. 5-17-1930  d. 8-5-1988  m. 8-22-1948   s/s Jeanette L. “Jan” Gilbert
GILBERT, Jeanette L. “Jan”  b. 4-6-1930  d.                       s/s Edward L. Gilbert
BEESON, Warren L.       b. 6-5-1938   d.                s/s Judith A. Beeson   “Father”
BEESON, Judith A.       b. 6-22-1941  d. 9-4-1986       s/s Warren L. Beeson   “Mother”
THOMPSON, Rev. Walter Lee  b. 5-4-1876  d. 12-4-1946    s/s Blanche L. Hartson Thompson
THOMPSON, Blanche L. Hartson  b. 6-12-1877 d. 2-15-1959 s/s Rev. Walter Lee Thompson
CLEMENT, Willett M.     1914-1957        
BLAIR, Lois E.          1913-
BLAIR, F. Kelsay        1898-1950                       s/s Mary B. Williams Blair
BLAIR, Mary B. Williams 1900-1980                       s/s F. Kelsay Blair
BLAIR, Kelsay Forest    b. 1-17-1898  d. 10-14-1950        	IN PVT STU Army TNG Corps
BLAIR, David Branson    b. 8-16-1937  d. 2-1-1995
BLAIR, Albert J.        1912-1996
ZARAGOZA, Katherine R.  1933-1997
ZARAGOZA, Carmen        1909-2944
ZARAGOZA, Luisa Pena    1886-1945
ZARAGOZA, Elie E.       1928-1994
ZARAGOZA, Francis H.    b. 10-16-1919 d. 11-16-1999
MONAHAN, William C.     1906-
MONAHAN, John H.        1867-1949
MONAHAN, Nettie J.      1874-1958
MONAHAN, James H.       1909-
MONAHAN, Eddie          1900-1964       freemason       s/s Helen Monahan
MONAHAN, Helen          1902-1989     	Eastern Star  	s/s Eddie Monahan
MONAHAN, Laura Mae      1911-                       	s/s John Junior Monahan
MONAHAN, John Junior    1912-1978                       s/s Laura Mae Monahan
JOHNSON, Mary           1905-1994                       s/s Charles O. Johnson
JOHNSON, Charles O.     1905-1996                       s/s Mary Johnson
TITUS, J. Frank         1883-1958                       s/s Amanda E. Kenney Titus “Father”
TITUS, Amanda E. Kenney 1885-1976                       s/s J. Frank Titus
DAVID, Ward             1907-1984  	m. 52 years     s/s Madge David
DAVID, Madge            1912-1993                       s/s Ward David
TITUS, Robert E.        b. 2-14-1930  d. 12-31-1951        	IN CPL Co A 1st BN 7th CAV Korea
LAVANCHY, Harry C.      1937-1993                        	“DVM”
MATREJEK, Alfonse J.    1914-1986                       s/s Thelma L. Matrejek
MATREJEK, Thelma L.     1922-1997                       s/s Alfonse J. Matrajek
WEAVER, Fred H.         b. 3-17-1918  d. 7-30-1955        	IN TEC5 US Army WWII
PEACOCK, John Charles   1917-                       	s/s Norma Louise Peacock
PEACOCK, Norma Louise   1918-1968                       s/s John Charles Peacock
REEVES, Ted L.          1883-1968                       s/s Maude L. Reeves
REEVES, Maude L.        1891-1980                       s/s Ted L. Reeves
SMITH, Paul L.          b. 2-3-1914   d. 2-21-1998  m. 3-23-1932 	s/s Dorothy P. Smith
SMITH, Dorothy P.       b. 4-26-1915  d. 4-6-2001        		s/s Paul L. Smith
JAY, Leona S.           1867-1954                       s/s Clinton H. Jay
JAY, Clinton H.         1867-1963                       s/s Leona S. Jay
JAY, Esther S.          1907-19--                       s/s Richard C. Jay 
		on back of Clinton & Leona Jay’s stone
JAY, Richard C.         1898-1996                       s/s Esther S. Jay 
		on back of Clinton & Leona Jay’s stone
PEACOCK, Myron R. Sr.   1893-1976                       s/s Lucile Peacock
PEACOCK, Lucile         1897-1983                       s/s Myron R. Peacock, Sr.
PEACOCK, Myron R. Jr.   b. 6-26-1923  d.                s/s B. Joan Peacock
PEACOCK, B. Joan        b. 5-22-1926  d.                s/s Myron R. Peacock, Jr.
PEACOCK, J. Reece       b. 7-31-1947  d.                s/s Beth A. Peacock
PEACOCK, Beth A.        b. 11-13-1953 d.                s/s J. Reece Peacock
RUNYAN, Linsie          b. 11-19-1974 d.                s/s K. C. Runyan
RUNYAN, K. C.           b. 10-29-1973 d. 10-23-1999     s/s Linsie Runyan
CASNER, Lewis Fred      1913-1988                       s/s Blanche Shortridge Casner
CASNER, Blanche Shortridge  1909-1977                   s/s Lewis Fred Casner
McCRACKEN, Wilbur R.    1919-2002
McCRACKEN, Charlotte C. 1920-1958
PETERSON, G.E. Gene     1924-                       	s/s June Ann Peterson
PETERSON, June Ann      1925-                       	s/s G.E. Gene Peterson
KERR, Fannie            1906-1995                       s/s Velona Kerr
KERR, Velona            1910-1996                       s/s Fannie Kerr
KERR, William J.        1903-1974        
KERR, Anna Leach        1870-1951
CRAW, Wilbur            1899-1982                       s/s Helen Craw        	“Father”
CRAW, Helen             1900-1984                       s/s Wilbur Craw        	“Mother”
SHAW, Monte G.          1949                        	s/s Sgt. Gordon O. Shaw
SHAW, Sgt. Gordon O.    1921-1949                       s/s Monte G. Shaw
BUNDY, Clifford T.      1902-1951                       s/s Ava M. Bundy
BUNDY, Ava M.           1905-1999                       s/s Clifford T. Bundy
ORAM, Earl E.           b. 11-3-1930  d. 2-15-1993
ORAM, Virgie L.         1909-1973                        			“Mother”
FLOREA, Albert W.       1915-1998
MASON, Ralph            1918-1952                       s/s Virginia Mason
MASON, Virginia         1922-1998                       s/s Ralph Mason
MASON, Jeanette L.      1922-2000                       s/s Hester A. & William Mason 
		on back of Ralph & Virginia Mason’s stone
MASON, Hester A.        1920-                       	s/s Jeanette L. & William Mason 
		on back of Ralph & Virginia Mason’s stone
MASON, William          1883-1954                       s/s Jeanette L. & Hester A. Mason 
		on back of Ralph & Virginia Mason’s stone
CRIST, Lewis A.         1907-1976  	m. 6-29-1929    s/s Martha E. Crist
CRIST, Martha E.        1905-1983                       s/s Lewis A. Crist
COUCH, Ethel Crist      1888-1953                        			“mother”
WAYMAN, Harry G.        1912-1999                       s/s Mabel M. Wayman
WAYMAN, Mabel M.        1910-1964                       s/s Harry G. Crist
KESLER, H. Eugene       b. 7-23-1910  d. 7-24-1990   m. 10-30-1931	s/s Valneda E. Kesler                     
KESLER, Valneda E.      b. 7-23-1914  d. 3-17-1989      s/s H. Eugene Kesler 	Eastern Star
PETERS, Charles Vernon  1934-1954
MILLER, Mary C.         1928-1996                        			“daughter”
MILLER, Lucy J.         1897-1958                       s/s Clark Miller       	“mom”
MILLER, Clark           1887-1962                       s/s Lucy J. Miller     	“dad”
PEARSON, Elva Ruth      1907-1987                       s/s Kenneth F. Pearson
PEARSON, Kenneth F.     1907-1985                       s/s Elva Ruth Pearson
PEARSON, Ada Pope       1886-1959                       s/s Otis O. Pearson
PEARSON, Otis O.        1879-1965                       s/s Ada Pope Pearson
CARMIN, C. Fletcher     1911-1990   	m. 8-11-1942    s/s Joyce Carmin
CARMIN, Joyce           1921-                       	s/s C. Fletcher Carmin
ROY, Ronald E.          1941-1962                        			“husband”
TAPPAN, Freda F.        1904-1980                       s/s Floy W. Tappan    	“mother”
TAPPAN, Floy W.         1899-1958                       s/s Freda F. Tappan    	“daddy”
DAILEY, Orville L.      b. 12-29-1947 d. 6-18-1997        			US Air Force
RITTER, Grace M.        1893-1957                       s/s Virgil C. Ritter
RITTER, Virgil C.       1894-1978                       s/s Grace M. Ritter
HENDERSON, Gertrude     1913-1989                       s/s Ralph J. Henderson
HENDERSON, Ralph J.     1911-1984                       s/s Gertrude Henderson
NOLDER, James A.        1941-1977
NOLDER, Ruth A.         1910-1986
NOLDER, James E.        1909-1953
BARNHART, Robbin Jeannine  1957-1968
SWISHER, Georgia S.     1906-1962
FELTON, Carrie L.       1884-1970                        			“mother”
VARDAMAN, Mildred P.    1907-1961                        			“wife”
VARDAMAN, Virgil S.     1906-1962                        			“Reverend”
THOMAS, Jennie Alice    1928-1961             	s/s David W., Gregory, & Glenda Thomas
THOMAS, David W.        1958-1991               s/s Jennie Alice, Gregory & Glenda Thomas
THOMAS, Gregory         1956                    s/s Jennie Alice, David W., & Glenda Thomas
THOMAS, Glenda          1956                    s/s Jennie Alice, David W. & Gregory Thomas
HARROLD, Katherine J.   1902-1964                    	s/s Ernest L. Harrold
HARROLD, Ernest L.      1903-1986                       s/s Katherine J. Harrold
LOGAN, T. Myrtle        1904-1989                       s/s Ellis Logan
LOGAN, Ellis            1900-1978                       s/s T. Myrtle Logan
SALISBURY, Jeanette     1880-1966                       s/s Earle C. Salisbury
SALISBURY, Earle C.     1881-1958                       s/s Jeanette Salisbury
SALISBURY, Martha E.    1906-1966                        
JULIAN, Joshua C.       1985-1987
HAMMOND, L. Garl        1914-1965                       s/s C. Harriett Hammond
HAMMOND, C. Harriett    1918-                       	s/s L. Garl Hammond
HIATT, Madonna          1924-                       	s/s Kemuel Hiatt
HIATT, Kemuel           1908-1995                       s/s Madonna Hiatt
HIATT, Donna Louise     1909-1960                        			“mother”
NEAL, Judith Carol      b. 12-5-1958  d. 10-27-1959
STANLEY, Daniel DeWayne b. 1-4-1960   d. 1-10-1960
REEVES, Virginia M.     1923-                       	s/s Ted N. Reeves
REEVES, Ted N.          1922-1992                       s/s Virginia M. Reeves
RICKS, James “Mike”     1952-1960                        
RICKS, M. Juanita       1923-          	m. 2-7-1946     s/s Robert H. Ricks
RICKS, Robert H.        1917-1997                       s/s M. Juanita Ricks
REEVES, Donald Eugene   1927-1987             			SI US Navy WWII
GADDIS, Treva D.        1887-1978                        			“mother”
GADDIS, Ernest T.       1887-1957                        			“father”
HOLLOWAY, Leslie        1902-1982                       s/s Cleo Holloway 	“mother”
HOLLOWAY, Cleo          1898-1963                       s/s Leslie Holloway 	“dad”
HOLLOWAY, David Allen   1955-1963                        			“son”
LOGAN, Denise Elaine    b. 3-18-1961  d. 3-26-1961
HIMELICK, Robert E.     b. 1-12-1913  d. 11-11-1961
FLOREA, Charline M.     1925-1960                       s/s Hubert L. Florea
FLOREA, Hubert L.       1917-1998                       s/s Charline M. Florea
BUSH, Leona L.          1889-1984                       s/s Arthur J. Bush
BUSH, Arthur J.         1879-1959                       s/s Leona L. Bush
GOTTLIEB, Manuel        1913-1988                       s/s Margaret Rush Gottlieb
GOTTLIEB, Margaret Rush 1918-                       	s/s Manuel Gottlieb
SPITZMESSER, Mary Lou   1927-1995        	s/s Jack E., Margaret E., & Ralph E. Spitzmesser
SPITZMESSER, Jack E.    1925-                   s/s Mary Lou, Margaret E., & Ralph E. Spitzmesser
SPITZMESSER, Margaret E.  1888-1972             s/s Mary Lou, Jack E., & Ralph E. Spitzmesser
SPITZMESSER, Ralph E.   1895-1979               s/s Mary Lou, Margaret E., & Jack E. Spitzmesser
CAMPBELL, Jennie Monahan  no dates
CAMPBELL, George Washington  1893-1972
BENNETT, Dorothy Rush   1911-1978                   	s/s Joseph H. Bennett
BENNETT, Joseph H.      1913-1988                       s/s Dorothy Rush Bennett
BENNETT, Elizabeth G.   1877-1972                       s/s Thomas P. Bennett
BENNETT, Thomas P.      1879-1957                       s/s Elizabeth G. Bennett
HOWELL, Gladys E.       1900-1994                       s/s Robert W. Howell
HOWELL, Robert W.       1897-1957                       s/s Gladys E. Howell
KEMPHER, Rose Nell      1898-1981                       s/s Harry F. Kempher
KEMPHER, Harry F.       1891-1957                       s/s Rose Nell Kempher
DENTON, Donna           1918-2002                       s/s Lowell Denton
DENTON, Lowell          1904-1956                       s/s Donna Denton
STROUD, Billy F.        1934-1956
STARKEY, Betty J.       1932-         	m. 12-10-1948   s/s Claude A. Starkey, Jr. 
STARKEY, Claude A. Jr.  1919-1986                       s/s Betty J. Starkey
STARKEY, Claude A.      b. 3-29-1919  d. 4-10-1986        	PVT US Army Air Corps WWII
HAISLEY, Willa Mae      1925-                       	s/s Harley R. Haisley
HAISLEY, Harley R.      1923-1998                       s/s Willa Mae Haisley
SHUGART, Ella Knox      1863-1933                       s/s Merrill D. & Mae S. Shugart
SHUGART, Merrill D.     1886-1960                       s/s Ella Knox & Mae S. Shugart
SHUGART, Mae S.         1890-1960                       s/s Ella Knox & Merrill D. Shugart
GARY, Nellie Opal       b. 4-17-1908  d. 9-9-2000
GARY, Miller Q.         b. 11-3-1898  d. 6-1-1964        	IN CCM USNR WWII
GRAVES, Crystal         1913-1960
GARNER, Ernest T.       b. 12-3-1915  d. 8-29-1961    	IN PFC 6 BASE HQ & AB SQ AAF WWII
SELLERS, Daisy I.       1889-                       	s/s Earsy A. Sellers
SELLERS, Earsy A.       1887-1975                       s/s Daisy I. Sellers
GROSS, Alice L.         1901-1977                       s/s Howard L. Gross     “mother”
GROSS, Howard L.        1902-1974                       s/s Alice L. Gross   	“father”
THOMAS, James E.        b. 1-27-1927  d. 6-22-1997        	PFC US Army Korea
THOMAS, Barbara E.      b. 10-17-1929 d. 1-13-1995
CISCELL, Genevra B.     1912-1997                       s/s Eugene T. Ciscell
CISCELL, Eugene T.      1917-1979                       s/s Genevra B. Ciscell
CAMPBELL, Athleen McDermott  1924-                       			“mother”
TUTOROW, Mary L.        1913-1972                       s/s Fred E. Tutorow
TUTOROW, Fred E.        1910-1965                       s/s Mary L. Tutorow
SEATON, James Steven    1950-1967
FUQUA, Lorene           b. 3-1-1913   d. 7-26-1999      s/s James Fuqua
FUQUA, James            b. 11-7-1920  d. 5-16-2002      s/s Lorene Fuqua
CREEK, Betty J.         1930-          	m. 5-29-1949    s/s Max E. Creek
CREEK, Max E.           1927-1995                       s/s Betty J. Creek
YARBROUGH, Donna M.     1889-19--                       s/s Voss H. Yarbrough
YARBROUGH, Voss H.      1887-1965                       s/s Donna M. Yarbrough
CARL, Tommy             1955-1974
CARL, Ellen A.          1926-                       	s/s Robert J. Carl
CARL, Robert J.         1922-1981                       s/s Ellen A. Carl
THOMPSON, Eva M.        1903-1996                       s/s Denzil D. Thompson
THOMPSON, Denzil D.     1899-1972                       s/s Eva M. Thompson
RATLIFF, Bonnie J.      1920-2003                      	s/s George J. Ratliff
RATLIFF, George J.      1919-1975                       s/s Bonnie J. Ratliff   freemason
FARMER, Gladys E.       1914-1984                       s/s Herman C. Farmer
FARMER, Herman C.       1913-1980                       s/s Gladys E. Farmer
FARMER, Herman C.       b. 1-11-1913  d.  3-12-1980        	SSGT US Army WWII
LAROWE, Zernelle R.     1908-1971
MALLEN, Robert E.       1921-2002
SEVICK, Zenia I.        1898-1977                       s/s Joseph M. Sevick
SEVICK, Joseph M.       1899-1998                       s/s Zenia I. Sevick
STARKEY, Opal P.        1925-1997                       s/s Milton C. Starkey
STARKEY, Milton C.      1913-1974                       s/s Opal P. Starkey
KROMA, Orville L.       1913-1975
TOMLINSON, Marie O.     1901-1977 	m. 2-24-1921    s/s W. Glen Tomlinson	“mother”
TOMLINSON, W. Glen      1901-1983                       s/s Marie O. Tomlinson  “father”
KING, William M.        1894-1977                        	SGT US Army WWI
SHANKS, Virginia L.     1936-         	m. 5-7-1955     s/s Ronald E. Shanks
SHANKS, Roanld E.       1936-1977                       s/s Virginia L. Shanks
MITCHENER, Mary L.      1920-1984                       s/s Kenneth S. Mitchener
MITCHENER, Kenneth S.   1918-                       	s/s Mary L. Mitchener
LEWIS, Christina L.     2-3-1972
MUSE, Erbie C.          b. 4-8-1917   d. 9-22-1974        	PVT US Army
MUSE, Charles R.        b. 8-12-1914  d. 11-2-1981   m. 4-9-1938    	s/s Ethelyn Muse
MUSE, Ethelyn           b. 3-3-1914   d. 12-20-1994        		s/s Charles R. Muse
MARTIN, April M.        b. 11-11-1978 d. 12-28-1996
MARTIN, Gladys M.       1927-1976                  	s/s Emmett H. Martin
MARTIN, Emmett H.       1927-1995                       s/s Gladys M. Martin
MILLER, Steven W.       1962-1978
MAYNARD, Marlene S.     b. 1-26-1935  d.   	m. 10-30-1954        	s/s Jack E. Maynard
MAYNARD, Jack E.        b. 12-11-1934 d. 2-9-2002        		s/s Marlene S. Maynard
LEWIS, Edna M.          1911-1990                       s/s John W. Lewis
LEWIS, John W.          1909-1983                       s/s Edna M. Lewis
BUSSARD, Clarice S.     1914-                       	s/s Walter G. Bussard
BUSSARD, Walter G.      1905-1992                       s/s Clarice S. Bussard
BUSSARD, Steven A.      b. 11-19-1946 d. 10-9-1999
FORD, Robert E.         b. 4-3-1920   d. 11-25-1980        	TEC 5 US Army WWII
DEVINE, Beverly         1940-                       	s/s William Devine
DEVINE, William         1937-1980                       s/s Beverly Devine
HOLLOWAY, Lillian L.    1912-2002                      	s/s John H. Holloway
HOLLOWAY, John H.       1904-1996                       s/s Lillian Holloway
YOUNG, Vera             1934-                       	s/s Earnest L. Young
YOUNG, Earnest L.       1929-1971                       s/s Vera Young
BROWN, Delsa L.         1922-                       	s/s Jasper P. Brown
BROWN, Jasper P.        1919-1988                       s/s Delsa L. Brown
BROWN, Jasper P.        b. 4-29-1919  d. 2-4-1988        	SSGT US Army WWII
HOLLENBECK, Mildred C.  1916-1977                       s/s Raymond G. Hollenbeck
HOLLENBECK, Raymond G.  1911-1975                       s/s Mildred C. Hollenbeck
VOGEL, Dr. John E.      b. 10-21-1924 d. 3-12-1987
DeLONG, Carolyn A.      1937-                       	s/s Ronny L. DeLong
DeLONG, Ronny L.        1938-1992                       s/s Carolyn A. DeLong

Updating to May 25, 2003
Sickman, Joseph L. 	b. 12-24-1934	d. 8-10-2002	freemason symbol, shriners symbol, photo
Clement, Margaret	1914-2003			funeral marker only

...Original pages by Sheila D. Watson from readings by Julie Ward

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