Park Cemetery

Section 4C

Northside, beginning at northeastern most section and working west a section at a time.

HAISLEY, Cora A.	1872-1951                		s/s Clinton Haisley
HAISLEY, Clinton        1870-1953                		s/s Cora Haisley
HAISLEY, Chester N.     1891-1920                		s/s Mary B. Haisley
HAISLEY, Mary B.        1893-1981                		s/s Chester Haisley
O’MARA, Patrick Henry   1869-1928
SCOTT, John H.          1868-1951                		s/s Marie Scott
SCOTT, Marie            1879-1955                		s/s John H. Scott
DRIGGS, Harry S.        1895-1951                	300th ENG WWI
DRIGGS, Asa             1867-1933                		s/s Ida M. Driggs
DRIGGS, Ida M.          1868-1938                		s/s Asa Driggs
DRIGGS, Frederick Earl  b. 2-18-1893	d. 6-13-1906
HOLT, Nellie Driggs     1891-1959
HENLEY, Richard L.      1904-1966
HENLEY, Margaret M.     1878-1961                		s/s Glenn Henley
HENLEY, Glenn           1870-1962                		s/s Margaret M. Henley
HENLEY, James E.        1910-1914
HENLEY, Robert A.       d. 6-16-1906
HARVEY, Austice M.  	1875-1915                father
HARVEY, Rosa H. Johnson 1875-1950
HARVEY, Paul M.         1900-1946
HARVEY, Edna W.         1903-2000
BREWER, Burl            1878-1943
BREWER, Ollie M.        1877-1926
EATON, John A.    	1875-1951
BOGUE, Jesse      	1846-1925
BOGUE, Mary M.          1845-1931
BOGUE, Leora A.         1879-19—
COLLINS, Mary C.        b. 10-18-1844	d. 11-7-1907  his wife    	s/s John S. Collins
COLLINS, John S.        b. 10-31-1838   d. 6-27-1908  			s/s Mary C. Collins
SCOTT, Lola L.          1905-1987                			s/s Norman Scott
SCOTT, Norman           1903-1952                			s/s Lola L. Scott
JOHNSON, Betty L.       1920-1989
BAKER, Jennie           1882-1935
SCOTT, Anna B.          1871-1947        	mother           	s/s Oliver J. Scott
SCOTT, Oliver J.        1872-1907               father             	s/s Anna B. Scott
DAVIS, Henry            b. 2-16-1840	d. 9-10-1915  			s/s Sarah A. Davis     
		Mittank on the back of stone
DAVIS, Sarah A.         b. 2-2-1843     d. 2-16-1912  			s/s Henry Davis
DAVIS, Amanda           1860-1943                			s/s Wm. Foster Davis
DAVIS, Wm. Foster       1860-1943                			s/s Amanda Davis
MITTANK, Ralph          1896-1974                m. 10-11-1917          s/s Lois Mittank
MITTANK, Lois           1899-1976                			s/s Ralph Mittank
DAVIS, Carmen A.        1895-1972                m. 3-4-1914            s/s Clarkson Davis
DAVIS, Clarkson         1890-1962                			s/s Carmen A. Davis
LIESTENFELTZ, Gail Ann  d. 12-15-1963
LEACH, Reuben J.        b. 5-3-1866 	d. 11-16-1949
LEACH, Olive            b. 1-11-1872    d. 5-8-1907    		wife of R.J. Leach
LEACH, Alice Ice        b. 4-16-1872    d. 7-29-1928
BARRETT, Eva Belle      1894-1930                			s/s Ralph D. Barrett
BARRETT, Ralph D.       1892-1960                			s/s Eva Belle Barrett
MITTANK, Luella   	1853-1929
MITTANK, Michael        1833-1920
GOSSETT, Sue Ann        b. 4-28-1947	d. 4-28-1947  			s/s Robert Morrish
MORRISH, Robert         b. 5-25-1914    d. 5-25-1914  			s/s Sue Ann Gossett
HOPPES, William R.      1892-1973            	m. 12-3-1921            s/s Mary J. Hoppes
HOPPES, Mary J.     	1894-1979                			s/s William R. Hoppes
DICKSON, Effie Dennick  1890-1966
MORRISH, Vida G.        1886-1960            	s/s John E. Morrish 	Eastern Star symbol
MORRISH, John E.        1884-1961               s/s Vida G. Morrish     Freemason Symbol
LEE, Dottie B.          1891-1982               s/s Omer H. Lee         Eastern Star symbol
LEE, Omer H.            1885-1966               s/s Dottie B. Lee       Freemason symbol
ALLEN, Ida              1873-1962
ALLEN, Eli              1871-1954
ALLEN, Mary E.          1847-1933           	mother
ALLEN, Lucy             b. 10-14-1882	d. 1-14-1907
ALLEN, James R.         1927-1949     	medical doctor symbol	“We live in deeds not years”
ALLEN, Helen            1901-1992      	teacher
ALLEN, Orville, DDS     1902-1998
Infant Dau.             d. 7-17-1899             
		(I don’t know if last name is Wilson or Poole, no surname on individual stone)
Charles                 1872-1911            	father             
		(no surname, it’s either Wilson or Poole)
MANLOVE, Laroy          1876-1938                			s/s Cora J. Manlove
MANLOVE, Cora J,.       1889-19--                  			s/s Laroy Manlove
CAREY, Lydia            d. 2-6-1911 	aged 88y, 7m, 25d
CAREY, John             d. 7-19-1895    aged 79y, 4m, 2d
CAREY, Ida              b. 2-8-1881     d. 5-22-1899  	daughter of J.T. and R.T. Carey
CAREY, Ruth T.          1855-1942                			s/s John T. Carey
CAREY, John T.          1851-1931                			s/s Ruth T. Carey
CAREY, Nettie I.        1888-1980                			s/s J. Stanley Carey
CAREY, J. Stanley       1888-1981                			s/s Nettie I. Carey
SCOTT, Calvin           d. 8-18-1871 	aged 22y, 10m, 3d
SCOTT, George D.        b. 4-10-1869    d. 4-6-1924    			s/s Ida B. Scott
SCOTT, Ida B.           b. 7-21-1872    d. 10-31-1939                	s/s George D. Scott
KNIGHT, Edward Chalmers b. 10-13-1910   d. 9-30-2001  m. 9-26-1936      
		s/s Melba, Thurlow, & Cora Knight
KNIGHT, Melba June Johnson	b. 8-6-1918	d. 3-11-1997  
		s/s Edward, Thurlow, & Cora Knight
KNIGHT, Thurlow Bennett, II	b. 11-17-1912	d. 1-2-1986	m. 12-8-1933   
		s/s Cora, Edward, & Melba Knight
KNIGHT, Cora May Marvin         b. 1-12-1916    d. 8-3-1994    
		s/s Thurlow, Edward, & Melba Knight
KNIGHT, Thurlow Bennett         1882-1943
KNIGHT, Verna Howell            1883-1965
KIMBROUGH, Mary                 1909-1980                		s/s Winfred Kimbrough
KIMBROUGH, Winfred H.           1903-1978
JENKINS, Virginia               1906                          s/s Stanford & Brenda Jenkins         
		Infant children of Tom & Eva Jenkins
JENKINS, Stanford               1912                          s/s Virginia & Brenda Jenkins
JENKINS, Brenda                 1923                          s/s Virginia & Stanford Jenkins
JENKINS, Tom                    1879-1935                		s/s Eva Jenkins
JENKINS, Eva                    1888-1963                		s/s Tom Jenkins
JENKINS, Marjorie E. “Billie” Warden	b. 3-25-1913	d. 10-7-1999 	s/s Lyle Jenkins
JENKINS, Lyle                   b. 6-4-1914	d.           	m. 6-16-1935  
		s/s Marjorie Jenkins
JENKINS, Mary E. Neubauer       b. 1-13-1923    d.              m. 8-22-1941          
		s/s Gordon Jenkins
JENKINS, Gordon                 b. 2-4-1921     d. 12-29-1999	s/s Mary E. Neubauer Jenkins
MILLIKAN, Joseph B.             1854-1923                		s/s Mary L. Millikan
MILLIKAN, Mary L.               1862-1937                		s/s Joseph B. Millikan
SPENCER, Laura Fullhart         1914-1985                	our mother
SPENCER, Maria                  b. 12-18-1882   d. 6-26-1968  	mother
SPENCER, Mildred                1912-1914
SPENCER, Harry                  1904-1908
SPENCER, Beatrice               1901-1905
RITTENHOUSE, Gladys L.          1902-1986
RITTENHOUSE, Bernard R.         1882-1965
RITTENHOUSE, Henry D.           b. 6-3-1859	d. 4-30-1905  	s/s Thirza A. Rittenhouse
RITTENHOUSE, Thirza A.          1857-1940                	s/s Henry D. Rittenhouse
SCOTT, Evan B.                  b. 12-25-1855   d. 5-2-1908
MONTGOMERY, John C.             b. 5-22-1857    d. 1-16-1910  	father
FERREE, Webster J.              1893-1981     
		s/s Grace, Arthur, S. Alice, Iva, Mary, Alvin & Edison Ferree
FERREE, Grace                   1890-1986                
		s/s Webster, Arthur, S. Alice, Iva, Mary, Alvin & Edison Ferree
FERREE, Arthur H.               1922-2002    
		s/s Grace, Webster, S. Alice, Iva, Mary, Alvin & Edison Ferree
FERREE, S. Alice                1932-1972                
		s/s Grace, Arthur, Webster, Iva, Mary, Alvin & Edison Ferree
FERREE, Iva J.               	1885-1969                
		s/s Grace, Arthur, S. Alice, Webster, Mary, Alvin & Edison Ferree
FERREE, Mary M.                 1861-1938                	mother           
		s/s Grace, Arthur, S. Alice, Iva, Webster, Alvin & Edison Ferree              
FERREE, Alvin                   1852-1934                	father             
		s/s Grace, Arthur, S. Alice, Iva, Mary, Webster & Edison Ferree
FERREE, W. Edison               1895-1929                
		s/s Grace, Arthur, S. Alice, Iva, Mary, Alvin & Webster Ferree
PARRILL, Joseph W.              1850-1913
PARRILL, Permelia J.            1861-1934
PARRILL, Lucia M.               1878-1967
PARRELL, Winton C.              d. 11-1-1900             	son of W.H. & M.L. Parrell
KNIGHT, Emmett C.               b. 10-5-1875 	d. 9-20-1905
Mother                          1850-1937                	(matches Knight stones)
KNIGHT, Clara H.                1876-1961
KNIGHT, Robert Edward           1934-1936
SMITH, Minerva C.               1843-1941
SMITH, Leander                  no dates              		Ind. Inf.
SMITH, Mary J.                  d. 11-19-1895	aged 18y, 1m, 8d   	daughter of L. & M. Smith
SMITH, Charley                  d. 5-28-1895    aged 18y, 8m, 22d     	son of L. & M. Smith
SMITH, John                     b. 10-16-1877   d. 9-13-1905  	son of Leander & Minerva Smith
GOSSETT, Allie         		1864-1942
GOSSETT, Elmer E.               1860-1921
GOSSETTE, Arthur Jay            d. 12-10-1920           	Indiana PVT 607 Aero Squadron
MANLOVE, Helen M.   		d. 10-23-1906	aged 24y, 3m, 23d     	wife of R. Manlove
MANLOVE, Bertha M.              d. 1-12-1899    aged 18y, 11m, 4d       wife of R. Manlove
WILSON, Lin                     1870-1928
WILSON, Effie                   1869-1952
WILSON, Samuel C.               1834-1919
WILSON, Elizabeth J.            1842-1913
WILSON, Jessup                  1872-1919
WILSON, Hubert D.               1897-1948                		s/s Mary E. Wilson
WILSON, Mary E.                 1911-1980                		s/s Hubert D. Wilson
LEE, Belle                      1857-1911
LEE, Howard                     1884-1956
LEE, Lillie F.                  1883-1958
LATHAM, Hannah                  b. 6-24-1868 	d. 8-31-1907
WILSON, Alvin J.                1859-1936                		s/s Margaret R. Wilson
WILSON, Margaret R.             1857-1931                		s/s Alvin J. Wilson
WILSON, Nathan D.               d. 2-13-1881 	aged 63y, 1m, 24d
WILSON, Mary                    b. 12-11-1822   d. 11-19-1909
WILSON, Henry                   b. 4-12-1852    d. 11-10-1931
WILSON, Alvin Leroy             1908-1953
WILSON, Chester Webster         1881-1973
WRIGHT, Audrey                  1890-1918
MITTANK, Emma                   1867-1945         			s/s Lewis Mittank
MITTANK, Lewis                  1864-1960       	m. 10-8-1885 	s/s Emma Mittank
CECIL, Nellie B.              	1882-1955               mom            	s/s James M. Cecil
CECIL, James M.                 1875-1956               pop             s/s Nellie B. Cecil
CECIL, Donald N.                1905-1969    	freemason symbol        s/s Ruth G. Cecil
CECIL, Ruth G. (McGill)         1906-1993       Eastern Star symbol     s/s Donald M. Cecil
SWAIM, Arvel E.                 d. 9-16-1928   	Missouri Corp’l 217 Field Sig Battn 17 Div
SWAIM, Margaret E.              1859-1938
SWAIM, William L.               1855-1941
SWAIM, J. Claude                b. 8-2-1890 	d. 5-15-1910  	son of W.L. & M.E. Swaim
SWAIM, Joseph Edwin             1903-1967
SWAIM, Frank                    1877-1938
SWAIM, Cora                     1882-1918                	wife of Frank Swaim
SWAIM, Lucy Ruth                1913-
CLOCK, Gula C.                  1907-1909
CLOCK, Gertie M.                1882-1944                		s/s Charles E. Clock
CLOCK, Charles E.               1880-1960                		s/s Gertie M. Clock
LEE, Verna A.                   1883-1972                		s/s Charles E. Lee
LEE, Charles E.                 1882-1947                		s/s Verna A. Lee
LEE, Larrie                     b. 12-11-1880	d. 4-14-1909
PATTISON, Martha A.  		b. 6-2-1860  	d. 6-25-1936
PATTISON, F.C.                  b. 9-25-1861    d. 12-29-1908
PATTISON, Leo                   b. 4-5-1896     d. 4-21-1947
THOMPSON, Jimmie E.             1872-1981                		s/s Stella J. Thompson
THOMPSON, Stella J.             1879-1956                		s/s Jimmie E. Thompson
CARPENTER, Ambrose B.           1850-1914    	s/s Felicia Carpenter & Joel & Amy Wilson
CARPENTER, Felicia J.           1856-1908       s/s Ambrose Carpenter & Joel & Amy Wilson
WILSON, Joel M.                 1874-1960       s/s Ambrose & Felicia Carpenter & Amy Wilson
WILSON, Amy L.                  1882-1965       s/s Ambrose & Felicia Carpenter & Joel Wilson
JONES, Charles W. 		b. 1-6-1899  	d. 3-18-1963  Indiana PVT STU Army TNG Corps WWI
FARR, Ida D.                    b. 2-17-1865    d. 6-16-1907  wife of William B. Farr
CORN, Rhoda J.                  1861-1912       	mother
CORN, Ruth M.                   d. 8-19-1906 	aged 1y, 4m    	daughter of Lena M. Corn
CORN, Nina Winslow              1894-1918                	wife of Harvey Corn
FELTON, Orange P.               1886-1953                	funeral marker only
FELTON, Lena                    1885-1951                	funeral marker only
HOWELL, Susan L.   		b. 10-17-1863 	d. 9-12-1931
HOWELL, Henry                   b. 2-9-1855     d. 11-30-1914
HOWELL, Alice J.                b. 2-13-1859    d. 2-24-1935
HOWELL, Elizabeth               b. 6-15-1829    d. 2-9-1915
HOWELL, Riley                   b. 3-19-1825    d. 7-25-1906
HOWELL, Lorene A.               1910-1933
SWINDELL, Rhoda                 b. 11-14-1847	d. 11-30-1907        	s/s Emery Swindell
SWINDELL, Emery                 b. 8-20-1843    d.                    	s/s Rhoda Swindell
SWINDELL, Eugene L.             1878-1950                		s/s Vivian Swindell
SWINDELL, Vivian                1892-1967                		s/s Eugene L. Swindell
SWINDELL, Ella B.               1877-1947                		s/s Frank A. Swindell       
		“and their children”
SWINDELL, Frank A.              1872-1941                		s/s Ella B. Swindell
JAY-STEWART, Martha E.          b. 8-28-1848 	d. 4-2-1913
STEWART, Robt. G.               no dates              	Co A 33 Ind. Inf.
SMITH, Donna L.                 b. 12-25-1925 	d.      m. 4-24-1949  	s/s Lloyd D. Smith
SMITH, Lloyd D.                 b. 7-21-1918  	d. 12-10-1989		s/s Donna L. Smith
ENGLE, Susan M.                 1944-1990               m. 12-28-1969  	s/s Max E. Engle
ENGLE, Max E.                   1944-                        		s/s Susan M. Engle
HOWARD, Rev. D.W.               b. 12-8-1890 	d. 6-9-1939
HOWARD, Amy F.                  b. 9-3-1896     d. 6-20-1980
KEY, Solomon                    1871-1980
KEY, Maggie F.                  1860-1910
KEY, Clyde                      1903-1906
UNDERWOOD, Ben L.               1866-1940                		s/s Emma O. Underwood
UNDERWOOD, Emma O.              1869-1915           	his wife        s/s Ben L. Underwood
UNDERWOOD, Mary L.              d. 2-13-1905	aged 6m, 27d
LEWIS, Gladys M.                1898-1923
HIATT, Jennie                   1859-1941
VUNCANNON, Elias                1827-1906      	Co. I 33rd Ind. Vol. 	s/s Evaline Vuncannon
VUNCANNON, Evaline              1837-1914                		s/s Elias Vuncannon
MILLER, Maunta G.               1881-1929
MILLER, Frank C.                1876-1944
WHYBREW, William H.             b. 10-18-1840 	d. 4-8-1907
WHYBREW                         everything else illegible
ROSS, Christina E.              1867-1935
WINEGARDNER, John A.            b. 5-11-1854   	d. 3-25-1917
WINEGARDNER, Jennie             b. 12-25-1871   d.             	his wife
FEAR, Homer F.                  1924-1981        	CPL US Army 
		– Army Air Corps GCA WWII  	on back of stone
FEAR, Homer F.                  b. 1-6-1924   	d. 11-29-1981  	m. 8-31-1947  s/s Billie C. Fear       
		freemason symbol
FEAR, Billie C.                 b. 4-4-1927     d. 3-28-2001  		      s/s Homer F. Fear
RELFE, Corean                   1901-1985                	mother
HOCKETT, Joseph                 b. 9-19-1841   	d. 3-28-1905  	s/s Phebe Ann & Lizzie Hockett
HOCKETT, Phebe Ann              b. 2-7-1846     d. 2-26-1926  	s/s Joseph & Lizzie Hockett
HOCKETT, Lizzie                 1875-1896                	s/s Joseph & Phebe Ann Hockett
HOWELL, Benton C.               b. 5-25-1862   	d. 2-6-1918    	s/s Anna R. Howell
HOWELL, Anna R.                 b. 4-22-1864    d.             	his wife  s/s Benton C. Howell
HOWELL, Benton C.               no dates
HOWELL, John R.                 b. 3-7-1889     d. 9-7-1919
HOWELL, Helen M.                b. 4-4-1921     d. 4-20-1921
JONES, Thomas Edwin             1878-1947
JONES, Lula L.                  1878-1965
JONES, Sarah I.                 b. 4-6-1854 	d. 12-29-1906     	s/s Braxton W. Jones
JONES, Braxton W.               b. 4-13-1849    d. 10-2-1907  		s/s Sarah I. Jones
JONES, Newton             	b. 8-1-1831 	d. 5-22-1907  
JONES, Permelia E.              b. 3-24-1832    d. 7-24-1919
COX, Isaiah W.                  d. 4-22-1885    aged 27y, 5m, 19d
TREON, Flora Johnson            1872-1905                mother      	s/s Margaret Treon Hall
HALL, Margaret Treon            1904-1971                daughter       s/s Flora Johnson Treon
WOOLLEN, Sarah V.               b. 5-28-1861  	d. 11-12-1932
HOWELL, Ruth M.                 1904-1971                		s/s Palmer O. Howell
HOWELL, Palmer O.               1895-1973                		s/s Ruth M. Howell
HOWELL, Ellen                   1859-1931                		s/s Edward Howell
HOWELL, Edward                  1851-1931                		s/s Ellen Howell
HOWELL, Fred R.                 1881-1943
HOWELL, Elizabeth C.            1826-1907                his wife       s/s Robert Howell
HOWELL, Robert                  1825-1906                		s/s Elizabeth C. Howell
HOWELL, Frank                   1870-1920
Father                                              	(goes with Robert Howell)
Mother                                            	goes with Elizabeth C. Howell)
GOODYKOONTZ, Malinda Conger 	1836-1919
JONES, Zenna H.                 1898-1990                		s/s Charles W. Jones
JONES, Charles W.               1899-1963                		s/s Zenna H. Jones
JONES, Ellen Ann                1926-1926                Infant
HOWELL, Mattie L.               d. 2-13-1881 	aged 1y, 4m, 17d  daughter of E.H. & L.E. Howell
HOWELL, Eldora L.               1876-1930
LEDBETTER, Henry B.             1829-1906                		s/s Abigail H. Ledbetter
LEDBETTER, Abigail H.           1842-                        		s/s Henry B. Ledbetter
Father                                              	(goes with Henry Ledbetter)
Mother                                            	(goes with Abigail Ledbetter)
HOWELL, Isaac N.         	1868-1965
TYGART, Leota Stewart           1880-1975
THOMPSON, William M.            1847-1928                		s/s Sarah E. Thompson
THOMPSON, Sarah E.              1842-1908           	his wife        s/s William M. Thompson
Mother                                            	(goes with Sarah Thompson)
Father                                              	(goes with William Thompson)
WEST, Lova Irene               	d. 1906
WORL, Dawn L.                   1962-1998
HOCKETT, Lewis                  1836-1911                	s/s Susanna Peacock Hockett
HOCKETT, Susanna Peacock        1834-1911            	his wife      	s/s Lewis Hockett
EWING, Samuel J.                b. 7-14-1841  	d. 1-28-1907  		s/s Mary Ewing
EWING, Mary                     b. 10-25-1841  	d.     	his wife    	s/s Samuel J. Ewing
SMITHSON, William Thomas        d. 7-8-1911           	Indiana Seaman US Navy
SMITHSON, Guy W.                1892-1920
SMITHSON, Dewey                 1898-1920
SMITHSON, Clyde                 1900-1933
SMITHSON, Rosa B.               1870-1959                		s/s Schuyler C. Smithson
SMITHSON, Schuyler C.           1868-1959                		s/s Rosa B. Smithson
SMITHSON, Howard                1916-1931
SMITHSON, Cordelia              1889-1948
SMITHSON, Mable                 1904-1921
SMITHSON, Charles F.            1906-1940
KINSEY, Martha A.               1853-1909                		s/s David M. Kinsey
KINSEY, David M.                1843-1915                		s/s Martha A. Kinsey
KINSEY, Winifred                1883-1969
KINSEY, Chester C.              1887-1910
MINTON, Irma V.                 1885-1941
MANRING, Amanda Parsons         1865-1934
PARSONS, George W.              1836-1918                	s/s Virginia Ross Parsons
PARSONS, Virginia Ross          1845-1912  	his wife       	s/s George W. Parsons
PARSON, Jonathan G.             1869-1935                	s/s Flora H. Parsons
PARSONS, Flora H.               1869-                        	s/s Jonathan G. Parsons
HOLINSKY, Trella S.             1878-1966                	s/s William & Anna Holinsky
HOLINSKY, William C.            1865-1946                	s/s Trella & Anna Holinsky
HOLINSKY, Anna E.               1898-1912                	s/s William & Trella Holinsky
HARSHBARGER, A.D.               d. 1937
HARSHBARGER, Charles E.         1867-1937
HARSHBARGER, Arletta            1869-1941
HARSHBARGER, Blanche            1892-1960
HARSHBARGER, Glen E.            b. 4-8-1898  	d. 8-11-1997  	PVT  US Army WWI
HARSHBARGER, Mabel              b. 9-9-1889     d. 8-11-1908  	daughter of C.E. & A. Harshbarger

...Original pages by Sheila D. Watson from readings by Julie Ward

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