The Vietnam War was a long, costly armed conflict that pitted the communist regime of North Vietnam and its southern allies, known as the Viet Cong, against South Vietnam and its principal ally, the United States. The divisive war, increasingly unpopular at home, ended with the withdrawal of U.S. forces in 1973 and the unification of Vietnam under Communist control two years later. More than 3 million people, including 58,000 Americans, were killed in the conflict.

Vietnam War Veterans buried in Jay County

There are over 80 Vietnam War veterans buried in Jay County.

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Posted 1/25/2018
Name Birth Death Service Cemetery
Anderson, Ronald David 8/9/1944 12/14/1973 Vietnam IN Pfc US Army Hillcrest
Babbit, Jerald Brooks "Atys" 8/8/1947 9/23/1999 Vietnam US Navy Claycomb
Balle, David M 7/1/1949 10/5/1991 Vietnam SP 5 US Army Green Park
Bantz, Rex A 8/18/1947 3/11/2006 Vietnam US Army PH & BS Hillcrest
Barbour, John F 11/10/1955 3/29/1997 Vietnam A1C US Air Force Antioch
Batchelor, Ronald O 9/18/1945 7/24/2000 Vietnam SFM3 US Navy Antioch
Bentz, Marvin L 7/17/1928 9/1/2013 Korea & Vietnam US Army & Air Force Twin Hill
Bessesen, Teddy P 12/5/1942 11/5/2009 Vietnam SP5 US Army Antioch
Boudreaux, Roland Joseph 9/29/1933 5/1/2010 Vietnam SPc US Army - Bronze Star Green Park
Boughman, Max D 7/13/1934 11/27/2016 Vietnam US Navy Green Park
Bryan, John Allen Cpl 1/1/1945 9/18/1966 Co B 4th Marine Div KIA Green Park
Burkholder, Larry Gene PFC 11/5/1948 10/5/1969 Vietnam PFC Co B 198 Lt Inf KIA Green Park
Bye, Roger D 3/24/1943 3/24/1973 Vietnam Sgt US Air Force Little Salamonia
Call, Harold E 4/23/1937 8/28/1998 Vietnam RCT US Army Twin Hill
Cart, C J 1/12/1943 11/28/2003 Vietnam SP5 25trh IN Div Twin Hill
Chadwick, David 12/30/1950 2/14/2017 Vietnam Cpl US Army Salamonia
Cline, Carl Everett 9/5/1947 6/16/1997 Vietnam Sgt US Army Twin Hill
Curtis, Edward A 4/18/1947 7/17/2011 Vietnam Sgt US Army Hillcrest
Ellis, John Robert Jr 12/11/1948 8/19/1972 Vietnam Cpl US Marine Corps Green Park
Farris, George K CDR 12/6/1931 10/26/1966 Killed in fire on board the USS Oriskany; buried Arlington National Cemetery memorial in Green Park
Fields, Joseph O 1/3/1945 10/20/1978 Vietnam US Navy Green Park
Flores, Manuel Soto 11/23/1946 1/31/1968 Vietnam SP4 550th Ord Dct 1 Log Comm PH - KIA Hillcrest
Franklin, Dale Leon 5/14/1934 9/28/1977 Korea, Vietnam A1C US Air Force Salamonia
Franks, Charles E 5/10/1925 6/26/2007 US Air Force Center
Gillum, Benjamin Jr 1926 1981 CY US Navy Center
Green, Donald D 8/26/1943 11/5/2008 Vietnam MM3 US Navy Green Park
Grogg, Robert Lee Jr 2/16/1954 7/8/2005 Vietnam PN3 US Navy Gravel Hill
Hall, John T 9/1/1951 5/10/2000 Vietnam L Cpl US Marine Corps Gravel Hill
Hall, Kenneth R "Randy" 5/19/1949 1/18/1990 Vietnam Veteran Gravel Hill
Hall, Rick P 12/22/1947 4/13/2008 Vietnam Sp4 US Army Gravel Hill
Hone, Franklin David 4/25/1940 9/1/2003 Vietnam - US Army Salamonia
Hudson, Clarence Fay 3/3/1920 5/11/1990 WW II, Korea, Vietnam CDR US Navy Hillcrest
Hutzler, Ronnie 2/2/1954 6/8/2016 Vietnam US Navy Wells
Iliff, Daniel Wendell 4/30/1946 1/17/1991 Vietnam Cpl US Marine Corps Salamonia
Imel, William A 6/18/1923 2/20/2006 Vietnam S/Sgt US Army Antioch
Jerles, Jay H 10/1/1946 1/22/2013 Vietnam US Navy Seabees Hillcrest
Jones, Donald William 4/21/1950 9/28/1979 Vietnam SP4 US Army Hillcrest
Knote, Steven A 5/9/1947 3/25/1977 Vietnam SP5 US Army Hillcrest
Landess, Robert Kent 11/25/1950 6/21/1976 Vietnam Cpl US Marine Corps Hillcrest
Laux, Charles H 5/15/1948 4/25/2011 Vietnam US Army - PH & BS Green Park
Laux, Robert A 1943 2/22/1990 Vietnam SP4 US Army Gravel Hill
LeMaster, Barbara Lee (Jones) 12/28/1948 6/21/1976 Vietnam SA US Navy Salamonia
Lewis, George Arthur 12/1/1941 7/10/2001 Vietnam Cpl US Marine Corps Hillside
Martin, James R 1939 1989 Vietnam OS US Navy Twin Hill
McFarland, John David Jr 9/26/1943 11/9/2016 Vietnam US Army Twin Hill
McFarland, Rick E, Cpl 7/22/1950 3/20/1971 Vietnam Cpl US Army - BSM - KIA Center
Michaud, Philip 7/23/1921 2/26/1998 WW II HMC US Navy Center
Miller, Phillip 1/6/1947 10/5/1975 Vietnam CMH 3 US Navy Mt. Zion
Montjoy, Jeffery A 2/22/1949 8/12/1990 Vietnam L Cpl US Marine Corps Green Park
Mumby, Jeffrey Ohmart 5/25/1946 6/22/1994 Vietnam SP4 US Army Green Park
Neyman, Daniel R 5/5/1941 11/20/2011 Vietnam US Army Pleasant Hill
Nichols, James T 1930 3/2/1991 Vietnam SFC US Army Hillcrest
Orr, Dan G 2/14/1942 6/19/2012 Vietnam - US Marine Corps - 2 Purple Hearts Green Park
Parsons, George M 9/16/1938 5/14/2004 Vietnam PFC US Army Pleasant Hill
Penrod, Dean A 8/15/1948 9/29/2015 Vietnam US Army Liber
Phillips, Elvin L Jr 11/30/1948 12/9/2014 Vietnam US Army Twin Hill
Prater, James R 4/29/1941 3/6/2012 Vietnam Sgt US Army Hillcrest
Rector, Richard Leon 9/21/1935 5/31/1971 Vietnam S/Sgt Co A 151 Inf Green Park
Rees, Mark Warren 1/22/1953 5/31/1980 Vietnam Sgt US Air Force Hillcrest
Robinette, Robert E 2/7/1930 5/30/1981 Korea & Vietnam M Sgt US Marine Corps Twin Hill
Romine, Richard Allen 7/13/1951 6/3/2004 Vietnam Pvt US Army Green Park
Romine, Robert Leroy 3/25/1947 6/30/2003 Vietnam - SP 4 US Army Twin Hill
Rose, Timothy G 11/23/1948 11/23/1991 Vietnam L Cpl US Marine Corps Hillcrest
Schell, Harry A Jr "Bo" 10/28/1944 4/8/1996 Vietnam A1C US Air Force Salamonia
Schooley, Burla Allen 3/9/1952 4/14/2006 Vietnam Pvt US Army Antioch
Scott, Daniel J 2/6/1947 1/28/2008 Vietnam US Marine Corps Liber
Scott, James Gale 5/8/1947 8/11/1990 Vietnam SP5 US Army Twin Hill
Smith, Charles Edward 4/14/1930 2/2/2000 Vietnam Pvt US Army Antioch
Spencer, James 10/5/1943 5/19/2010 Vietnam US Army Pleasant Hill
Stoner, Thomas W 5/23/1947 12/18/1998 Vietnam - SP4 US Army Salamonia
Timmons, John Nicholas 3/28/1937 12/4/1987 Vietnam SP4 US Army Claycomb
Turpen, Daniel Payne 1/24/1936 10/16/2012 Vietnam Cpl US Army Hillcrest
Upp, Jeff Harold 5/12/1948 6/14/1969 Vietnam SP4 US Army - BSM, PH - KIA Twin Hill
Valentine, Donald Lynn 12/2/1946 11/13/1970 Vietnam Sgt Co D 506th Inf 101 ABN - BSM-PH-KIA Center
Valentine, Walter Steve 5/5/1950 2/18/1993 Vietnam US Marine Corps Twin Hill
Washler, Max Leon 2/6/1940 7/26/2004 Vietnam SP5 US Army Pleasant Hill
Weaver, Thomas E 6/2/1943 9/23/2010 Vietnam SP4 US Army Wells
Whitacre, William A 10/8/1945 5/28/2010 Vietnam SP4 US Army Wells
Wood, Alexander 10/3/1916 8/29/1994 Korea & Vietnam Sgt US Army Little Salamonia
Zimmerman, Tony L 1921 1985 Vietnam Pvt US Army Hillcrest

The following men died in service and are buried out of the county.
Name Birth Death Service Cemetery
Barrett, Larry Wayne PFC 9/6/1947 4/3/1968 C Battery, 2117 Artillery KIA Binh Dinh South Vietnam Gardens of Memory, Muncie, IN
Boice, Larry Lee Cpl 12/16/1947 12/10/1967 Co C 5th Marine Div Riverside, Adams, IN
Gibson, Rowland E Sgt 7/21/1944 1/22/1967 5th Special Forces Army Riverview, Clarksville, TN
Henthorn, Alva Dean Cpl 11/27/1947 6/6/1968 58 Transportation BN, Vietnam St. Joseph Cemeter, Lockbourne, OH
McLaughlin, Olen Burke M/Sgt 12/24/1927 7/7/1967 USAF WW II; Vietnam Arlington National Cemetery
Morgan, Dennis Everrett Cpl 11/28/1948 8/23/1968 Marine Corps; Vietnam Chapel Hill Memorial Gardens, Osceola, IN
Thomas, John Clarence Lt Cdr 3/24/1924 9/8/1964 US Navy pilot shot down over South China Sea Quidnessett Memorial, North Kingston, RI

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