Jay County Mystery Photographs

These are family photos from Jay County submitted by individuals who know little about them and are hoping that someone else might have some information.
If you know anything about these photos please contact Jim Cox

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BurrSchoolthum.jpg (12.8 kb) MetznerSchoolDist3thum.jpg (13.4 kb) GardenGirlthum.jpg (14.8 kb) HerbertMounseyGravethum.jpg (14.5 kb)
Burr School -1911 - Noble Twp #3  Metzner School Dist #3 Young Lady in Garden 3 Girls at Herbert  Mounsey Grave
FrontstepGirlthum.jpg (15.3 kb) westernthum.jpg (17.6 kb) MartinDull50ththum.jpg (18.0 kb) Campbell-2thum.jpg
Young Lady on Front Step Couple in Western dress Martin Dull 50th Wedding Anniversary Gross/Miller/Thrash
RoseandRosaleeThum.jpg (13.1 kb) HoldenNebThum.jpg (15.7 kb) Unident5Thum.jpg (15.2 kb) thum.jpg
Rosa and Rosalee Neb Holden Unknown Unknown
Unident7Thum.jpg (16.0 kb) UnidentFamThum.jpg (17.3 kb) Unident1Thum.jpg (15.7 kb) UnidentSoldierThum.jpg (17.7 kb)
Unknown Unknown Family Unknown Unknown Soldier
Unident2Thum.jpg (14.0 kb) Unident3Thum.jpg (15.2) unident4Thum.jpg (14.0 kb) School_1Thum.jpg (19.3 kb)
Unknown Unknown Unknown Mystery Building
located about 100 yards east of HWY 1 between Redkey and Pennville on a county road
PortlandSchoolThum.jpg (24.9 kb) UnknownGirl1951Thum.jpg (29.7 kb) GrandmaJonesThum.jpg (77.4 kb)
Portland School - 1896 Unknown Girl - 1951 Grandma Jones Cora Starr Blaine
I found this picture in a box of pictures I got from my grandmother, Ora (Hough) Glentzer, just before she passed away.  I have no idea who these people are, but the picture is clearly labeled "Mr. & Mrs. Sherburn."   
If anyone can identify them and wants the picture, I'd be happy to give it to the family
Gail (Glentzer) Lugo

This group photo used to hang in the Adam V. Stolz homeplace, RR 6, Noble County.  Unfortunately, there was nothing with it to identify the people.  They could be Stolz family members including Stone family members, or neighbors gathered for some event.  The sign on the house says Home, New York.  The Stolz homeplace stayed in the family until the death of Leona Stolz in the late 1960s. Glenn Moore, great-grandson of Adam V. Stolz

Submitted by glennmor@optonline.net


Orma HUNT  taken at Mudge's Gallery in Valparaiso, Indiana.  The photograph was likely produced in the 1890's, though the original photograph appears to have included more than one person as an arm is visible in a portion of the photograph.  Don't know if this was an earlier photograph which the studio reproduced during the 1890's or if this was simply a family photograph with one copy made of just Orma.  The young girl in the photograph would appear to be about 12 years old at the time. Hunt family members to Contact SHELLEY for original

This photograph was found in a box of Winfield Scott Glentzer's.  The man has features of some Glentzer men, but we cannot identify him.  The picture was taken at Hunt Studios in Portland, Indiana.

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Many thanks to Wayne Johnston, one of Jay County's previous assistant coordinators, for the beautiful scrapbook pages!

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