Jennings County Surname Researchers

         The following surnames are being researched in Jennings County-you may contact the researcher by clicking on their name or e mail address, which ever is listed!

          Keith, Lewis, Parks, Miller, Butler, Owen(s), and indirectly Coryell Jonathan
                                                  Dardis, Donnelly Sharlotte
                                         Murphy, Andrews, Swinford Diane
                                       Hagins, Blankenbaker, Monroe Jeanne
                  Phillips, Ballard, Wilson, Graham, Shepherd, Fleming Mike
Eastman, Green, Kellar, McKinney, Smith, Sprout, Tillman, Toms, Trousdale Judy
                                   Dixon, Goodhue, Shilliday, Osborn Marti
                                   Lard/Laird, Wells, Walton, Hughes Sharon
            McClanahan, Roseberry, Hutton, Waldsmith, Earhart, Ayers Ardath
                                   Day, Staley, Freeman & Others Carol
                                               Arbuckle, Kysar Carol
                                      Eastman, Green, Buchanan Sunni
                                 Sporeleder, Maupin, Walton, Hays, Judy
                                 Malcomb, Cox, Osborn, Stribling John
                Lett, Peoples, Hopkins, Arbuckle, Winscott & Others Sherri
                                      Riplinger, Didlinger, Specht Joseph
                                                Humphrey, Smith Linda
                                                Robbins, Burton Lanny
                                                        Gray Joan
                                               Brower, Shepherd Sharon
                                                Taulman, Foster  Jim
                                                  Corya, Amick Marian
                                                         Hinds Clif
                                      Clarkson, Miles, Denton, Pool Donna
                                                      Denslow Heather
                                            Solomon, Weis, Fauth Kathy
                                            Hammond, Tannehill Myrna
                                                 Brown, Sutton, Manhart Patri
Ayers, Stewart, Zener, Lett, Youngman, Wells, Hutchinson, Arbuckle, Colvin, Foster & Lots of Others Sheila

                            Hutchinson, Stout, Jordan, Newkirk, Corya Larry

                        Vawter, Branham, Steward, Compton, Hinchman Joni

Rutledge, William, wives Martha Moody, Diantha Eastman, children & parents Ginny
                       Joseph M. Smith family of Bigger Township Cindy
                                                      Pulliam unnamed
                                 Jolly, Delay, Hulse, Wilds, Amick
                                 James (Daniel), Fifer/Phifer (Eve)

                                                     Arbuckle Donnagene

    Stoddard, Hutton, Burson, Hinchman, Carney, Lee, Waggoner, Davis Marilyn
                                             McCaslin, Snodgrass Lois

                                                   Jelf, Vanwye Bonnie

                                                 Sprout, Eastman Lynn
                                       Woolf, Pearcy, Neal, Watts

                                                         Black Fran

                                               Staley, Underwood Belinda

                                           Lewis, Bridges, Stewart Susan

                                     Hooker, Gallamore (Gallimore) Linda

                                            Specht, Spade, Haag Judy

                           Crist, Harsh, Todd, Randall, Kitchen, Moore                                                          Diane
                                           Montgomery, White Barbara
                                           Woodson, Savage, Mote, Johnson, Green, Teresa
If you would like to be added to this list, or have corrections or additions to what is here now please let me know Sheila 

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