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Individual Page # Line # City/Township
O'BRIEN, Charlotte 335b 6 Tippecanoe
O'BRIEN, Eliza 360b 10 Washington
O'BRIEN, Elizabeth 335b 7 Tippecanoe
O'BRIEN, Hannah 335b 5 Tippecanoe
O'BRIEN, James N. 360b 12 Washington
O'BRIEN, Sarah E. 360b 11 Washington
O'BRIEN, Thomas L. 335b 4 Tippecanoe
O'BRIEN, Wm. 360b 9 Washington
O'BRIEN, Wm. N. 335b 8 Tippecanoe
OAKLEY, Rudolph 369b 33 Jackson
OAKS, Margaret 383b 16 Clay
OAKS, Thomas J. 383b 17 Clay
OAKS, Wm. P. 383b 15 Clay
ODELL, Ellen 321b 4 Vanburen
ODELL, Ellen 321b 5 Vanburen
ODELL, Lydia 321b 6 Vanburen
ODELL, Orris B. 321b 3 Vanburen
OFFINEER, George 385a 41 Franklin
OFFINEER, James A. 385b 1 Franklin
OFFINEER, Mary A. 385a 42 Franklin
OLINGER, Jacob 376b 2 Clay
OLINGER, Josiah 376b 5 Clay
OLINGER, Martha A. 376b 3 Clay
OLINGER, Wm. H. 376b 4 Clay
OLINGHOUSE, Catharine 357a 31 Washington
OLINGHOUSE, Eli 357a 33 Washington
OLINGHOUSE, Irzilla 357b 13 Washington
OLINGHOUSE, Israel 357b 12 Washington
OLINGHOUSE, John 357b 14 Washington
OLINGHOUSE, Jonathan 357a 30 Washington
OLINGHOUSE, Jonathan C. 357b 15 Washington
OLINGHOUSE, Malinda 357a 32 Washington
OLINGHOUSE, Philip 357a 34 Washington
OLINGHOUSE, Temperance 357a 29 Washington
OSBORNE, Clarissa 393a 29 Franklin
OSBORNE, Clarissa E. 393a 31 Franklin
OSBORNE, Hanah M. 393a 33 Franklin
OSBORNE, Mary T. 393a 30 Franklin
OSBORNE, Reuben 393a 28 Franklin
OSBORNE, Sarah A. 393a 32 Franklin
OSTRANDER, Amos 346a 37 Plain
OSTRANDER, Ann 346a 36 Plain
OSTRANDER, Benj. S. 346a 35 Plain
OSTRANDER, Frances M. 346a 40 Plain
OSTRANDER, Harriet 346a 39 Plain
OSTRANDER, Maria 346a 38 Plain
OTT, Jacob 329b 29 Turkey Creek
OTT, John A. 329b 31 Turkey Creek
OTT, Jonathan 329b 32 Turkey Creek
OTT, Sarah 329b 30 Turkey Creek
OURS, Eliza 299b 27 Prairie
OURS, Wm 299b 26 Prairie
OUTCELT, Elizabeth 354a 19 Washington
OUTCELT, Harriet 354a 16 Washington
OUTCELT, Jacob 354a 15 Washington
OUTCELT, John W. 354a 17 Washington
OUTCELT, Lilla R. 354a 18 Washington
OVERSTREET, Jeremiah 397b 4 Franklin
OVERSTREET, Mary E. 397b 7 Franklin
OVERSTREET, Patra A. 397b 6 Franklin
OVERSTREET, Permelia 397b 2 Franklin
OVERSTREET, Stephen P. 397b 5 Franklin
OVERSTREET, Thomas 397b 1 Franklin
OVERSTREET, Thomas J. 397b 3 Franklin

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