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Individual Page # Line # City/Township
PALMER, Henry 334a 8 Tippecanoe
PARCELS, Catharine A. 394b 40 Franklin
PARCELS, Delila 394b 39 Franklin
PARCELS, Isaac 395a 2 Franklin
PARCELS, Jemima 394b 42 Franklin
PARCELS, John 394b 38 Franklin
PARCELS, John F. 395a 1 Franklin
PARCELS, Joseph 395a 3 Franklin
PARCELS, Mary J. 394b 41 Franklin
PARENT, Samuel S. 331a 33 Turkey Creek
PARENT, Sarah 331a 34 Turkey Creek
PARKER, Abraham 372a 36 Jackson
PARKER, Allen 372a 41 Jackson
PARKER, Christopher 372b 2 Jackson
PARKER, Daniel 372a 39 Jackson
PARKER, David 372a 38 Jackson
PARKER, Elias 382a 24 Clay
PARKER, Ephraim 372b 1 Jackson
PARKER, Henry 367b 26 Jackson
PARKER, Hiram 382b 19 Clay
PARKER, John 372a 40 Jackson
PARKER, John 382a 19 Clay
PARKER, John 382a 22 Clay
PARKER, Lalana 382a 25 Clay
PARKER, Martha 372a 37 Jackson
PARKER, Mary 382a 20 Clay
PARKER, Mary 382a 23 Clay
PARKER, Mary 382b 21 Clay
PARKER, Mary A. 372a 42 Jackson
PARKER, Matilda 382a 26 Clay
PARKER, Reuben 382b 22 Clay
PARKER, Sarah 382b 20 Clay
PARKER, Wilson 382a 21 Clay
PARKS, Caroline 350b 37 Plain-Leesburg
PARKS, Edward R. 351b 27 Plain-Leesburg
PARKS, Eley M. 351b 28 Plain-Leesburg
PARKS, Elizabeth 304b 26 Prairie
PARKS, Emiline 351b 31 Plain-Leesburg
PARKS, Esther 304b 28 Prairie
PARKS, Geo. W. 322b 9 Vanburen
PARKS, George 350b 35 Plain-Leesburg
PARKS, James 304b 29 Prairie
PARKS, James 309b 26 Scott
PARKS, James 309b 28 Scott
PARKS, Lawrence 351b 30 Plain-Leesburg
PARKS, Margaret 304b 27 Prairie
PARKS, Marshall 351b 29 Plain-Leesburg
PARKS, Mary 304b 25 Prairie
PARKS, Mary 350b 34 Plain-Leesburg
PARKS, Nancy 309b 27 Scott
PARKS, Nancy Ann 350b 36 Plain-Leesburg
PARKS, Rush 351b 32 Plain-Leesburg
PARKS, Thomas 304b 30 Prairie
PARKS, William 304b 24 Prairie
PARKS, Wm. 350b 33 Plain-Leesburg
PARRIS, Joseph 297b 36 Prairie
PARRIS, Magdaline 297b 37 Prairie
PATTERSON, Allen 347a 29 Plain
PATTERSON, Eliza A. 347a 27 Plain
PATTERSON, Elizabeth A. 347a 31 Plain
PATTERSON, John 347a 26 Plain
PATTERSON, John F. 347a 32 Plain
PATTERSON, Sarah J. 347a 28 Plain
PATTERSON, Thomas M. 347a 30 Plain
PATTY, Mary 340b 4 Plain
PAUGH, Elizabeth A. 348a 33 Plain
PAUGH, Ezra 348a 30 Plain
PAUGH, Henry 348a 28 Plain
PAUGH, John 348a 29 Plain
PAUGH, Mary 348a 32 Plain
PAUGH, Wm. 348a 31 Plain
PAULEY, Elizabeth 338a 40 Tippecanoe
PAULEY, John C. 338a 41 Tippecanoe
PAULUS, Anna 379b 20 Clay
PAULUS, Catharine 379b 21 Clay
PAULUS, Christeena 376a 4 Clay
PAULUS, Daniel 379b 17 Clay
PAULUS, Henry 379b 22 Clay
PAULUS, Jacob 376a 3 Clay
PAULUS, Jacob 379b 19 Clay
PAULUS, Mariah 379b 18 Clay
PAULUS, Mariah 383b 10 Clay
PAULUS, Mary A. 379b 23 Clay
PAULUS, Wm. 383b 9 Clay
PAVY, Elizth. 414b 5 Wayne
PAVY, Golsberry 414b 4 Wayne
PAVY, Hethy 414b 6 Wayne
PAVY, Wm. 414b 7 Wayne
PAXTON, Abby 389a 19 Franklin
PAXTON, Anna 389b 9 Franklin
PAXTON, Catharine 389b 2 Franklin
PAXTON, Ellen J. 389a 17 Franklin
PAXTON, Isabella 389b 6 Franklin
PAXTON, James 389a 16 Franklin
PAXTON, Jesse 389a 13 Franklin
PAXTON, John 389b 1 Franklin
PAXTON, John 389b 7 Franklin
PAXTON, Jonathan 389a 14 Franklin
PAXTON, Joseph 389a 18 Franklin
PAXTON, Lydia 389b 10 Franklin
PAXTON, Mary 389b 4 Franklin
PAXTON, Nathaniel 389a 11 Franklin
PAXTON, Rebecca 389a 15 Franklin
PAXTON, Rebecca 389b 5 Franklin
PAXTON, Ruth 389a 12 Franklin
PAXTON, Sarah 389b 3 Franklin
PAXTON, Wm. 389b 8 Franklin
PEASHWEY, Stephen 349b 14 Plain
PEAVY, Abigail 339b 8 Plain
PEAVY, Stephen S. 339b 7 Plain
PEGG, Amos 401b 17 Harrison
PEGG, Elisha 401b 20 Harrison
PEGG, Hannah 401b 18 Harrison
PEGG, Jane 401b 19 Harrison
PEGG, Mary A. 401b 21 Harrison
PEGG, Thompson 401b 22 Harrison
PELTON, Elizabeth 297a 10 Warsaw
PELTON, Ferdinand 297a 8 Warsaw
PELTON, Mary 297a 9 Warsaw
PELTON, Rowland W. 297a 11 Warsaw
PELTY, Henry 328b 34 Turkey Creek
PENNY, Catharine 360b 3 Washington
PENROSE, Vantuart 299a 11 Prairie
PERDUE, Asa 405b 31 Harrison
PERDUE, James 405b 33 Harrison
PERDUE, Jonathan 405b 34 Harrison
PERDUE, Mary 405b 32 Harrison
PERINE, Catharine 295b 1 Warsaw
PERINE, James 349b 31 Plain-Leesburg
PERRY, Elizabeth 345b 40 Plain
PERRY, Elizabeth A. 346a 1 Plain
PERRY, John 357a 28 Washington
PERRY, John 380b 1 Clay
PERRY, Levi 345b 39 Plain
PERRY, Nancy 380b 2 Clay
PERRY, Silas 345b 41 Plain
PERRY, Silas 357a 23 Washington
PERSHING, Arthur C. 294a 15 Warsaw
PERSHING, David R. 294a 12 Warsaw
PERSHING, Ervin 370a 15 Jackson
PERSHING, Geo. 370a 16 Jackson
PERSHING, Marion W. 294a 14 Warsaw
PERSHING, Samuel 370a 13 Jackson
PERSHING, Sarah 370a 14 Jackson
PERSHING, Sarah M 294a 13 Warsaw
PETERSON, Debera 324a 41 Vanburen
PETERSON, Elizabeth 324a 39 Vanburen
PETERSON, Jacob 324a 36 Vanburen
PETERSON, Peter 324a 40 Vanburen
PETERSON, Rebecca 324a 37 Vanburen
PETERSON, Samuel 383a 19 Clay
PETERSON, Sarah 324a 38 Vanburen
PHEBUS, Andrew 329a 20 Turkey Creek
PHEBUS, Carlisle 330a 16 Turkey Creek
PHEBUS, Elizabeth 330a 17 Turkey Creek
PHEBUS, Gabriel 330a 14 Turkey Creek
PHEBUS, Henry 330a 13 Turkey Creek
PHEBUS, John 327a 1 Turkey Creek
PHEBUS, Maria 330a 2 Turkey Creek
PHEBUS, Milton L. 330a 3 Turkey Creek
PHEBUS, Nancy 330a 15 Turkey Creek
PHEBUS, Thomas 330a 12 Turkey Creek
PHEBUS, Wm. 330a 1 Turkey Creek
PHEBUS, Wm. 330b 38 Turkey Creek
PHEBUS, Wm. S. 330a 4 Turkey Creek
PHERSON, Solomon M. 363b 26 Jackson
PHILIPS, Alvina 351b 16 Plain-Leesburg
PHILIPS, Antanet 351b 17 Plain-Leesburg
PHILIPS, David A. 351b 14 Plain-Leesburg
PHILIPS, Rebecca J. 351b 15 Plain-Leesburg
PHILLIPS, Albert 368b 35 Jackson
PHILLIPS, Caleb 378b 2 Clay
PHILLIPS, Catharine 357b 40 Washington
PHILLIPS, Catharine 358a 6 Washington
PHILLIPS, Daniel 358a 2 Washington
PHILLIPS, Daniel 369a 35 Jackson
PHILLIPS, David 297b 29 Prairie
PHILLIPS, David 297b 31 Prairie
PHILLIPS, Geo. W. 357b 38 Washington
PHILLIPS, Henry 357b 32 Washington
PHILLIPS, Henry 368b 33 Jackson
PHILLIPS, Isaac 297b 35 Prairie
PHILLIPS, Jacob 357b 42 Washington
PHILLIPS, James K. 358a 9 Washington
PHILLIPS, James W. 297b 32 Prairie
PHILLIPS, Jane 358a 8 Washington
PHILLIPS, Joel 364a 24 Jackson
PHILLIPS, John 358a 3 Washington
PHILLIPS, John 368b 31 Jackson
PHILLIPS, John P. 357b 39 Washington
PHILLIPS, Joseph V. 358a 7 Washington
PHILLIPS, Lydia 369a 36 Jackson
PHILLIPS, Malinda 358a 1 Washington
PHILLIPS, Margaret 357b 33 Washington
PHILLIPS, Margaret M. 297b 34 Prairie
PHILLIPS, Mariah 357b 37 Washington
PHILLIPS, Mariah 364a 26 Jackson
PHILLIPS, Martha 297b 30 Prairie
PHILLIPS, Martha J. 357b 35 Washington
PHILLIPS, Mary 320b 13 Vanburen
PHILLIPS, Mary 364a 25 Jackson
PHILLIPS, Mary E. 368b 34 Jackson
PHILLIPS, Milton 369a 38 Jackson
PHILLIPS, Nelson 358a 4 Washington
PHILLIPS, Rachael 358a 5 Washington
PHILLIPS, Rebecca 357b 41 Washington
PHILLIPS, Reginah 357b 36 Washington
PHILLIPS, Robert W. 297b 33 Prairie
PHILLIPS, Sarah 368b 32 Jackson
PHILLIPS, Susan 378b 3 Clay
PHILLIPS, Susannah 357b 34 Washington
PHILLIPS, Sylvestor 369a 39 Jackson
PHILLIPS, Wesley 369a 37 Jackson
PHILLIPS, Wm. 358a 10 Washington
PIERCE, Cyrus 396b 30 Franklin
PIERCE, Cyrus 396b 33 Franklin
PIERCE, Martha 396b 31 Franklin
PIERCE, Sarah 396b 32 Franklin
PIERSON, Erastus C. 345b 28 Plain
PIERSON, Israel G. 345b 27 Plain
PINKERTON, Agnes Jane 313a 25 Jefferson
PINKERTON, Catharine 376a 22 Clay
PINKERTON, Dicy 376a 23 Clay
PINKERTON, Elenor J. 320a 25 Vanburen
PINKERTON, Elizabeth 320a 21 Vanburen
PINKERTON, Hiram 320a 18 Vanburen
PINKERTON, James 320a 16 Vanburen
PINKERTON, Jane 376a 20 Clay
PINKERTON, John 313a 27 Jefferson
PINKERTON, John B. 376a 18 Clay
PINKERTON, Josiah 320a 19 Vanburen
PINKERTON, Margaret 313a 26 Jefferson
PINKERTON, Margaret 320a 17 Vanburen
PINKERTON, Margaret 320a 22 Vanburen
PINKERTON, Margaret A. 376a 21 Clay
PINKERTON, Matilda 376a 19 Clay
PINKERTON, Nancy 320a 20 Vanburen
PINKERTON, Sarah Ann 320a 23 Vanburen
PINKERTON, Wesley 320a 24 Vanburen
PINKERTON, William 313a 24 Jefferson
PIPER, John 321a 39 Vanburen
PITTINGER, Agnes 410a 24 Wayne
PITTINGER, Alexander 410a 19 Wayne
PITTINGER, Catharine 410a 28 Wayne
PITTINGER, Danl. 410a 22 Wayne
PITTINGER, Danl. 410a 26 Wayne
PITTINGER, Jane 410a 20 Wayne
PITTINGER, John 410a 27 Wayne
PITTINGER, Nancy 410a 23 Wayne
PITTINGER, Rebecca 410a 25 Wayne
PITTINGER, Rebecca J. 410a 21 Wayne
PLATT, Geo. 324a 32 Vanburen
PLATT, John 324a 29 Vanburen
PLATT, John 324a 31 Vanburen
PLATT, Mary 324a 35 Vanburen
PLATT, Mary Ann 324a 30 Vanburen
PLATT, Sarah J. 324a 34 Vanburen
PLATT, Wm. H. 324a 33 Vanburen
PLEAS, Jane S. 390a 36 Franklin
PLEAS, Ruth 390a 35 Franklin
PLEAS, Samuel 390a 33 Franklin
PLEAS, Wm. 390a 34 Franklin
PLUMMER, Daniel 309a 15 Prairie
PLUMMER, Eli 306a 23 Prairie
PLUMMER, Isabella 306a 25 Prairie
PLUMMER, James 306a 27 Prairie
PLUMMER, Mary 306a 24 Prairie
PLUMMER, Samuel 306a 26 Prairie
PLUMRUGE, Barbara 319a 23 Vanburen
PONTIAS, Adam 336b 25 Tippecanoe
PONTIAS, Andrew 336b 26 Tippecanoe
POOL, Emily 351a 19 Plain-Leesburg
POOL, Harrison 351a 18 Plain-Leesburg
POOLER, James 333b 22 Tippecanoe
POOLES, Alexander 401b 14 Harrison
POOLES, Harrison 401b 12 Harrison
POOLES, Margaret 401b 13 Harrison
POOLES, Oliver 401b 11 Harrison
POOLES, Sarah A. 401b 9 Harrison
POOLES, Sylvester 401b 15 Harrison
POOLES, Truman L. 401b 8 Harrison
POOLES, Wm. 401b 10 Harrison
POOP, Eli 383a 30 Clay
POOP, Helen 383a 28 Clay
POOP, Levi 383a 29 Clay
POOP, Michael 383a 27 Clay
POOR, Alouis A. 299a 1 Prairie
POOR, David 298b 40 Prairie
POOR, George 298b 42 Prairie
POOR, John 298b 37 Prairie
POOR, Joshua 298b 41 Prairie
POOR, Mary 298b 39 Prairie
POOR, Sabina 298b 38 Prairie
POOR, Susannah E. 299a 2 Prairie
POPHAM, Almira E. 380b 24 Clay
POPHAM, Braddock 384a 6 Clay
POPHAM, Elias 384a 8 Clay
POPHAM, Francis 384a 5 Clay
POPHAM, John S. 384a 2 Clay
POPHAM, Julia A. 384a 4 Clay
POPHAM, Lucy A. E. 380b 23 Clay
POPHAM, Lydia C. 384a 30 Clay
POPHAM, Margaret 384a 3 Clay
POPHAM, Mary A. 384a 31 Clay
POPHAM, Mary E. 384a 42 Clay
POPHAM, Mary T. 384a 41 Clay
POPHAM, Orange 384a 9 Clay
POPHAM, Richard 380b 22 Clay
POPHAM, Samantha G. 384b 1 Clay
POPHAM, Sarah 384a 7 Clay
POPHAM, Thomas 384a 29 Clay
POPHAM, Wm. 384a 40 Clay
POTTINGER, Catharine 295a 27 Warsaw
POTTINGER, Elizabeth 295b 23 Warsaw
POTTINGER, Isabelle Y. 295a 29 Warsaw
POTTINGER, John W. 295b 22 Warsaw
POTTINGER, Lewis 295a 26 Warsaw
POTTINGER, Ritchey 295a 28 Warsaw
POULSON, Allen 412a 10 Wayne
POULSON, Andrew 412a 7 Wayne
POULSON, James 412a 5 Wayne
POULSON, James 412a 12 Wayne
POULSON, Joshua 412a 8 Wayne
POULSON, Mary 412a 6 Wayne
POULSON, Mary 412a 13 Wayne
POULSON, Mary 412a 14 Wayne
POULSON, Newton 412a 11 Wayne
POULSON, Senna 412a 9 Wayne
POWELL, Casey Ann 306b 33 Prairie
POWELL, Clark 306b 21 Prairie
POWELL, Dorothy 306b 31 Prairie
POWELL, Elizabeth 303a 5 Prairie
POWELL, Elizabeth 306b 20 Prairie
POWELL, Isaac 303a 4 Prairie
POWELL, Isaac M. 306b 32 Prairie
POWELL, John 306b 30 Prairie
POWELL, John C. 303a 8 Prairie
POWELL, John C. 306b 19 Prairie
POWELL, Lydia 306b 34 Prairie
POWELL, Mary Jane 303a 6 Prairie
POWELL, Zelpha 303a 7 Prairie
POWERS, A. J. 351a 30 Plain-Leesburg
POWERS, Charlotte 352b 3 Plain-Oswego
POWERS, Elizth. 352b 2 Plain-Oswego
POWERS, Jane 352a 40 Plain-Oswego
POWERS, John 352a 42 Plain-Oswego
POWERS, Martha 352b 5 Plain-Oswego
POWERS, Prudence 352a 41 Plain-Oswego
POWERS, Thomas 352a 39 Plain-Oswego
POWERS, Thomas J. 352b 4 Plain-Oswego
POWERS, Wm. 352b 1 Plain-Oswego
PRATT, Asa 356a 9 Washington
PRATT, Doratha 356a 10 Washington
PRATT, Helen 356a 13 Washington
PRATT, Lucy 356a 11 Washington
PRATT, Otis 356a 12 Washington
PRINDLE, Amasa 360a 4 Washington
PRINDLE, Bethuel 360a 6 Washington
PRINDLE, Charles 360a 1 Washington
PRINDLE, George 360a 3 Washington
PRINDLE, Harriet 360a 5 Washington
PRINDLE, Horace 360a 7 Washington
PRINDLE, Loretta 360a 2 Washington
PRISER, Elizabeth 367b 14 Jackson
PRISER, George 367b 9 Jackson
PRISER, Jacob B. 374b 6 Clay
PRISER, John 367b 13 Jackson
PRISER, Margaret 367b 8 Jackson
PRISER, Mary 367b 10 Jackson
PRISER, Nancy 367b 11 Jackson
PRISER, Samantha 367b 12 Jackson
PRITCHARD, Elijah 299a 32 Prairie
PRITCHARD, Elizabeth 299a 24 Prairie
PRITCHARD, Henry 302a 7 Prairie
PRITCHARD, James 299a 30 Prairie
PRITCHARD, Jeremiah 299a 21 Prairie
PRITCHARD, John 299a 23 Prairie
PRITCHARD, Lorinda 299a 25 Prairie
PRITCHARD, Lydia 299a 28 Prairie
PRITCHARD, Malinda 302a 8 Prairie
PRITCHARD, Mary A. 299a 29 Prairie
PRITCHARD, Nancy Jane 299a 26 Prairie
PRITCHARD, Salina 299a 31 Prairie
PRITCHARD, Sarah 299a 22 Prairie
PRITCHARD, Sarillda 299a 27 Prairie
PUNCH, Abraham 336a 29 Tippecanoe
PUNCH, Maria 336a 30 Tippecanoe
PUNCH, Sarah M. 336a 31 Tippecanoe
PUNTNEY, Ann 308a 13 Prairie
PUNTNEY, Eli 308a 12 Prairie
PUNTNEY, Geo 308a 9 Prairie
PUNTNEY, John 308a 10 Prairie
PUNTNEY, Noah 308a 11 Prairie

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