Springville Christian Cemetery
Perry Township, Lawrence County, Indiana
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Old Farm Road (Springville - Fayetteville Rd)
In Springville turn South on Old Farm Rd from SR 54-58
go 2/10ths mile cemetery is located on right
Surname A
Adamson, Allen, Armstrong & Arnold
Surname B
Baker, Baugh, Blackwell, Bordwell, Bouher, Bridwell, Bucher, Buher & Byers
Surname C
Canfield, Chambers, Chestnut, Clements, Cobb, Cochran, Colvin & Conner
Surname D
Davis, Defore, Denny, Dorsett & Duncan
Surname E
Elliott, Etter & Evans
Surname F
Ferguson, Field, Fleener, Fleischhaner, Flynn, Freeman & Fuesler
Surname G
Gainey, George, Giles, Glasgow, Goodman, Graves, Gray & Griffeth
Springville Christian Cemetery
Your tombstone stands among the rest;
Neglected and alone.
The name and date are chiseled out
On polished, marbled stone.
It reaches out to all who care
It is too late to mourn.
You did not know that I exist
You died and I was born.
Yet each of us are cells of you
In flesh, in blood, in bone.
Our blood contracts and beats a pulse
Entirely not our own.
Dear Ancestor, the place you filled
One hundred years ago
Spreads out among the ones you left
Who would have loved you so.
I wonder if you lived and loved,
I wonder if you knew
That someday I would find this spot,
And come to visit you.
Author Unknown
Surname H
Hall, Hammonds, Harper, Hash, Hennon, Hert, Hill, Hinshaw, Holt & Hubbard
Surname I
Surname K
Kern, Kirkman & Koval
Surname L
Larter, Lee, Lewis & Louden
Surname M
Martin, Martindale, Mathews, May, Mayfield, McDowell, Miller, Minter, Moore, Mullis & Murray
Surname N
Neuman, Nicholas & Nichols
Surname O
Ody & O'Neal
Surname P
Parker & Pendlay
Surname R
Rafferty, Randolph, Ritchison, Roach, Roberts & Russell
Surname S
Sentir, Short, Sipes, Slaton, Smith, Spoonmore, Stalcup, Staley, Stevenson, Strunk & Swango
Surname T
Tate, Taylor, Terry, Thompson & Turpin
Surname V
Veach & Voss
Surname W
Wade, Wagner, Wilson, Winiger & Wright

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1 The "alternative" listing is a partial list of this cemetery, containing several biographies and obituaries of the people buried there. It was created several years ago, using a product called Web Page Maker. The page is no longer being maintained, and may contain obsolete data which we have since corrected in this listing and its subpages.

Known Maiden Names In this Cemetery:
Armstrong, Baker, Benedict, Brannon, Brazelton, Bridwell, Brown, Carson, Chambers, Clements, Cobb, Cole, Colvin, Conder, Cox, Crane, Davis, Deford, Dye, Evans, Ferguson, Fields, Flynn, Fordyce, Gardner, Giles, Goodman, Gray, Guthrie, Gyger, Hammond, Hardwick, Harper, Henderson, Hert, Hillenburg, Hinshaw, Hollars, Holmes, Hurley, Inman, Jones, Ketcham, Kimmel, Lake, Lancaster, Lemon, Mayfield, McCormick, McDowell, McKim, Minter, Murray, Peek, Pierce, Plake, Rafferty, Roach, Rogers, Rose, Saladee, Sayer, Shacklett, Shepard, Short, Spoonmore, Stailey, Stannard, Strunk, Tate, Thomas, Voorhies, Waggoner, Warner, Waters, West,  Winders & Yeltama