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1850 Federal Census

1850 Montgomery County transcripts

Link to Index to Mortality Schedule -- Mortality Schedule (just as fun to just scan through this one as use the index first but up to you all :)

1860 Federal Census

1860 Montgomery Mortality

1870 Federal Census

1870 Montgomery County transcripts

1870 Mortality Schedule (love these :)


1880 Federal Census

Listing from LDS (free)




Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, 30 March


When the Census Enumerator Begins His Interogations A child born on May 31 and dying on June 2 must be counted, with full im­formation of nativity, ancestry, and family. A dwelling house for census purposes may be a room in a factory, store, or office building, a loft over a stable, a canal boat, tent, or wigwam. A tenement house counts for as many buildings as there are front doors. If a couple be married on June 2, they are to to counted as single persons, because that was their condition on June 1, the census day. A sailor may have been absent any number of years, but he is to be enrolled if he is supposed to be alive. The proprietor of a hotel is marked the head of a family, the family consisting of all boarders and employ es living in the hotel. A child born after June 1 cannot be enumerated. A wife is not a housekeeper unless she receives a stated wage or salary for her services. The difference between a clerk and a salesman is that one does office work and the other sells commodities. All females, as well as males, must tell their ages, even to the month.

1910 =- Stats

Source: Crawfordsville Review April 13, 1911

1910 Census report of Montgomery Towns - Washington, DC April 7 The following official census report has just been issued by the census bureau at Washington Crawfordsville - First ward, 2,155; Second ward, 1,884; Third ward, 2,582; Fourth ward 2,748 - Total 9,369 Ladoga 1,148 New Richmond - 446 Wingate - 446 Waynetown - 734 New Market - 334 Darlington - 780 Waveland - 676 Linden - 558

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