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Welcome, to the newly revised
Montgomery County, Indiana Genweb Site

~A Work in Progress~
Because of a computer crash, Karen and I have pushed ahead our schedule on moving Montgomery County GenWeb Site into a new site building program.  This requires us to have a series of projects or mini-sites which promotes faster access.  It will require some time to imput all data into the new format, so please bear with us.  All the old pages will still be available from links and will eventually be updated.
!!! Something New!!! To help facilitate moving between projects, I have added what I call the "Get Around Links"  You will find their menu tab, just below the "Home Page ~ Tab", in the pull down menu by clicking the three bars in the left column.  There is also a link to them at the top of each sections main page.  I suggest that you open them in their own browser tab for easier access.   These links will make it easier to move more directly between the sub-sites.  I hope you enjoy them and have FUN, Happy Genealogy Days!!!   Have Fun, Jim

I have tried hard to give the Genealogists of Montgomery County something to be proud of.  If you discover a problem, let Karen know. Everyday I am learning something new about this procedure. Please be patient, Thanks, Jim!

NOTE: I and many others have spent 20 plus years (from its inception) on this project -- PLEASE GIVE CREDIT if you use our work! I've found hundreds of obituaries FROM THIS SITE on findagrave and many personal genealogy sites - I know the obituaries etc. came from here but I don't see any credit. PLEASE GIVE CREDIT!!!! Here is the citation you should use & thanks so much in advance :)

Citation: The Indiana (INGenWeb Project), Copyright ©1996-2019 (and beyond), Montgomery County GenWeb site - thanks soooo much - Karen Bazzani Zach

My name is Karen Bazzani Zach and I am your Coordinator for Montgomery County.    My hubby is constantly helping me as well - thanks, Jim Z :) . Your Indiana State Coordinator is Lena Harper .  Her assistant state coordinators are : Jim Cox and Karen Bazzani Zach


This site indexed by Free Find NOTE: Thanks so much to this great site for the indexing job -- this is a HUGE site and without FreeFind it would be literally "hard to find" things :) Thanks, Guys & thanks to my GenWeb partner, Jeff S for helping me get this straightened out! kbz

Montgomery County, Indiana is rich with history and owns many interesting sites, including the Old Jail Museum (with one of the only workable rotating cells); the Lane Place (home of Henry S. Lane, Senator and personal friend to President Lincoln); Lew Wallace Study (author of the book, Ben Hur); DAR house (owned by the Elston family until the Dorothy Q Chapter, DAR purchased it); and Wabash College (an all-male Liberal Arts School with less than 1,000 students dating back to 1832). Townships include Brown (with towns of Browns Valley and Waveland); Clark (Ladoga); Coal Creek (New Richmond, Wingate and Elmdale); Franklin (Darlington, Shannondale); Madison (Linden and Kirkpatrick); Ripley (Alamo, Yountsville); Scott (Parkersburg, New Market); Sugar Creek (Bowers); Union (Crawfordsville; Whitesville); Walnut (New Ross, Mace); Wayne (Waynetown). Crawfordsville, the County seat, is a third-class city with a full time mayor, a seven-member council and a clerk-treasurer. The city is located just off Interstate 74, about 45 miles West of Indianapolis.

Note: There has been a group of folks who have found (can you believe this?) 500 towns to date (5-1-2018 ) - click on towns on the left column to read about not only those above but many, many more.Thanks so much to Suzie & Jerry for the majority of them -- It's truly amazing!

In Honor and Memory of our past State Coordinators : Thanks for your dedication - here are Betty's remembrances of how Indiana began :) Loved that lady!

1996 - 1998 - Betty Sellers

1998 - 2000 - Fred Finkbiner

2000 - 2002 - Patrick Hays

2003 - 2004 - Gene Andert

2004 - 2011 - Debra Behler

2011 - 2012 - Katy Hestand

2012 - 2016 - Denise Wells

2016 - 2017 - John Peck

2017- -------- Lena Carlson Harper

(and thanks to Judi Burns (Greene Co Coordinator) for the INGenWeb history lesson :) I've seen 'em all come/go. Some were great (like Betty & Fred), others good, a couple not so much :) Overall, though, they tried and kept us going as one of the ONLY FREE genealogy sites. ENJOY


.... DIGGING UP BONES MYSTERIES (a new page began by Kim Hancock and myself to try to get others involved helping to find tombstones of people buried in our county, or specific places of burial or dates or who they are (say, from footstones with only initials) - that type of thing) - ENJOY

Destination Indiana (Montgomery County link)

***Submission notification*** -
effective November 21, 2012 -- Anyone submitting an obituary, picture, letter, biography ... for this site SHOULD note that the person being submitted (the obituary is about that person, in other words) SHOULD have been born, lived, or died in Montgomery County (sorry, but the site is getting sooo huge, I think this is necessary - THANKS MUCHES)- kbz

I want to take this space to THANK MY WONDERFUL TYPISTS


Chris -
Debby M.
Jack * Current typist (Jack has been absolutely amazing)
John - John has done much work recently on the WWI Vets
Kim H. - Current typist
Sara Mc (our newest :)
Tom H.
Walt * (Walt typed a humongous bunch - think Jack may have just surpassed him - thanks guys)


** PLEASE let me know if I left anyone out because these guys & gals are
SUPER and I want to make sure they get a BIG THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!! ***

T H I S - W E E K' S - F E A T U R E D - P H O T O -

Love the old Crawfordsville Downtown pictures - early 1980s perhaps or a bit later - I'm not a car whiz so not sure but Schloot's has been gone for quite awhile.  Looking West and North from Court House.
(thanks to for the cute gif)
IF YOU HAVE ANY PICS OF ANY OF THE TOWNS / BUILDINGS / AREAS / CHURCHES/ BUSINESSES/PEOPLE, please send them my way :) for this page and to archive in the photos section !! Love to share our history! kbz


CHECK -2019 additions to date. Current month below

NOTE: Some of the additions below are on the new site - it will take quite a few months to get the new one up and running so if you need anything from the items below, let me know :) Otherwise, check the place they should be (obituary check there)

January 2018 --Additions on Montgomery County INGenWeb

Alumni - Schools -- _Added -

Bibles ____ - 76 bibles - (LOVE more)

Biographies -- __ _ Added --

BLOG -- new -- Karen's Gen Blog --

Cemeteries -- __ -

Court Proceedings ___ -

Census ____

Death Records _____

Diaries --___ -

Digging Up Bones Mysteries _____ =

Divorces __ Added -

Family Fact Sheets _____ =

Letters _____

Links -- __ Added -

Misc -- ____

MARRIAGES (announcment in newspapers)_ Added: __ Names :

MILITARY --____Added -

NEWS ____ -- Added -

OBITUARIES: ___565__ -- ALL NEW OBITUARIES WILL BE FOUND IN THE NEW PAGES THRU THE "GET AROUND LINKS"  Added - Alexander, Margaret M. Salman; Kadinger, Clara Duffy; Karnes, Hazel Harper Lawson; Kay, Everett; Kay, Forest (2); Kay, Julia Smith; Keedy, Pauline Kincaid;Keller, Elizabeth White (added 1); Kelson, Dorothy Eliza; Kirpatrict, John W.; Kleiser, James; Keefe, Byron; Kelling, Charles Edward (2); Keeling, Dick;Keck, Lucille Clark Perkins; Keeling, James C.; Keeling James William; Kelling, John Daniel; Keeling, John H.; Keeling, John L.; Keeling, Leslie Carlisle; Keeling, Lucietia Starnes; Keeling, Paul M.; Keeling, Aquire (2); Keller, Amy Ross (2); Keller, Anna Mae; Keller, Billy Dean; Keller, Charles; Keller, Charles Jackson "Shof"; Keller, Cluster Dewitt; Keller, Clyde; Keller, Cora Lighty; Keller, Dwight Eugene (2); Keller, Devit Aldridge; Keller, Earl A.; Keller, Edna Riley; Keller, Ephraim; Keller, Frank; Keller, George Roscoe; Keller, Grace Bodine; Keller, Guy; Keller, Herbert Lee; Keller, Hiram R.; Keller, Ira Eston;Keller, Iva Croak; Keller, Jesse F.; Keller, Joe; Keller, John "Mamson" (2); Keller, John Taylor (3); Keller, Keith Earl; Keller, Leslie Lee; Keller, Lucinda Combs; Keller, Lucy Jackson; Keller, Martin L. (2); Keller, Marx (2); Keller, Mary Etta Brewer (2); Keller, Myrtle A.; Keller, Nanct Tate; Keller, Nijel; Keller, Rex V.; Keller, Rosa Livingood; Keller, Vernell "Mike"; Keller, Vora Nelson; Keller, Wilmer "Pat" (2); Keller, William Frances; Kelly, Kenneth R.; Kelley, Lelan Carl (2); Kelley, Dr. William -Civial War; Kemble, Raymond; Kennedy, Mary Wainscott; Kerr, Arthur; Kerr, Catherine Lough (2); Kerr, Fletcher (2); Kerr, Isabella Beatty; Kerr, John G.; Kerr, Percy; Kerr, Ralph Cooper (3); Kerr, Samuel d-1907; Kesner, John William; esner, Raymond Donald (2); Kester, Minnie Anderson; Keys, Carl Frances; Keys, Eva Hicks (3);  Kibler, James (2); Kincaid, Ethel Forest Moreland; Kieran, Ruth McMahon; Kiger, H. Reid; Kiger, Ia Delp; Kiger, Margaret Kolaiser; Kiger, Miranda Simmons; Kiger, Verna Allen; Kiger, William Mckinley; Kilby, Neil; Kindell, Beulah; Kindell, Hurschell; King, Celia Vancleave;Kinneer, Clyde (2); Kinneer, Elizabeth Keeling; Kineer, Jacie Stonecipher; Kinner, Percy; Kinner, Perry; Kirkpatrick, Mae Stokes; Kirkpatrick, Thomas Farel; Kiser, James Franklin; Knee, George Wesley (2); Knauer, Dennis L; Knowles, Albert; Knowles, Freeman; Knowles, Louise Fink; Knox, Bea Bailey; Kolaiser, Florence Drollinger; Kromm, Franklin (2); Krout, Edith Allen (2); Krout, Ernest (4); Krout, Ivan (2); Krout Kenneth Ray; Krout, Lottie; Krout, Nora Stephens; Krout, Ora Woodrow; Krout, Zenith L. (4); Krug, Gladys May; Krug, Billy; Krug Herbert L.; Krug, Josephine Shade; Kunkel, Elmer; Kunkle, John W.; Lady, Maude Smith Simmerman; Lady, Robert R.; LaBAW, Dorothy Graves; LaBAW, Ralph; LaBAW, Simon; Laube, Ruth Ferling; Laird, Andrew Ray; Laird, Dorothea Clore Shoaf; Laird, Harry; Laird, James (2); Lane, Della Allen; Lake, Dora Medows (2); Lamb, Elza F.; Lamb, Samuel Leroy; Lambdin, Della Wilkinson; Lambdin, Elmer P.; Lambdin, James Franklin (2); Lane, Walle, Shoup; Lang, Bessie; Lang, Cecil; Lang, Edward Glenn; Lang, Guy; Lang, Kathryn Briles; Lang, Mary Alice Baldwin; Lang, Robert David (KIA Korea); Lang, Stella Shoup; Lang, William D.; Lape, Owen E.; Lape, Thelma Marie Glover (2); Laudeman, Estella Gowen Brown; Larson, Carl William; Zeigler, Phoebe Jane LaBAW (added 1); Young, Nellie; Young, Mary Fine; Young, Lucille Elizabeth Fishero; Young, L.B. "Brig"; Young, Julia Dunjam (2); Young, John M.; Young, James Douglas (Viet Nam War); Young, Elpha L. Stockdale; Zachary, Crystal Runion; Zeller, Mike; LaRue, Basil E.; Lasley, Guy W.; Latourette. Catherine Cooper; Lawson, Ada Carpenter; Lawson, Alva Harold (2); Lawson, Dan; Lawson, Dora Mann; Lawson, Elmer G.; Lawson, Goldie Smith (3); Lawson, John Davis; Lawson, Walker Thomas; Lawson, Marion Emmett; Lawson, Maurice Lee; Lawson, Minnie A, Hyatt; Lawson, William Albert; Layman, Miriam Boord; Leech, Ellerslie W. (2); Leckner, John; Leighty, Alta Porter; Leighty, Carl; Leighty, Effie Keller Simms (2); Leighty, Everett; Leighty, Harry F.; Leonard, Ella; Leonard, Perry S.; Lewis, Andrew J.; Lewis, Brantley J.; Lewis, Elmer; Lewis, George; Lewis, Iva; Lewis, Martha Jane Bond; Lewis, Minnie Lamb Edwards (2); Lewsader, Daisy Smith Vickery Chezem; Lewsader, Elmer (2); Lewsader, Richard C.; Lewsader, Ruth Pearl Meharry; Lewsader, Sherman;Lewellwn, Mary Leigh Pickett; Lewellen, John Ralph; Lewellen, Robert F.; Lewellen, Harve; Ayers, Alonzo J.; Bryant, Col. Robert E.; Litsey, Juliet "Julia" Orpha Dooley; Litsey, Myrtle Thompson; Liebrandt, William Edward; Lightle, Eva Robbins; Lightle, Gilbert; Lightle, Guy (2); Lighty, Archie Estel; Lighty, Archie E.-Sr.; Lighty, Essie Keller; Lighty, James M.; Lighty, James R.; Lighty, Virgil (2); Lilley, Teddy; Lindley, Bernard Aaron; Lindley, Charles E.; Lindley, Clyde; Lindley, Fred; Lindley, George M,; Lindley, Grace Harmon; Lindley, Hannah Woody; Lindley, Herbert (2); Lindley, Icy Parrent (2); Lindley, Icy Pickard; Lindley, Jane Barker;Lindley, Juanita (added 1); Lindley, Miles (with picture); Lindley, Patrick William; Lindley, Perry (3); Lindley, Ruby Vaughan; Lindley, Samuel; Lindley, Virgil Byron (2); Lindquist, Fern; Lindquist, May Miller; Lindquist, Sadie Gilbert; Lith, Nicholas; Linton, Dora Huber; Linton, Guy Wilbur; Linton, Odetta Westhoben; Linville, Alma Fretz; Linville, James Taylor; Linville, John D. (3); Linville, Maude Neal; Lister, William; Mason, Thomas D.; McCrea, Edward T. (Capt); McGilliard, George W.; McIntire, Forgison; Montgomery, Simpson; Moody, Foster: Neff, William H. (Capt); Nelson, Clark B.; Newton, Horace E.; Nicholson, Elihu; Nicholson, Samuel; Osborne, Isiah Jackson; Pattison, Loren G.; Pearson, Richard S.; Phillips, William O.; Pittman, William; Pratt, Hiram Austin; Little, Ken; Little, Warren "Shorty"; Little; William I. (2); Lively, George; Livengood, Albert; Livemgood, Albert E.; Livemgood, Andrew; Livengood, Arista; Livengood, Austin; Livengood, Charlene Jones; Livengood, Charles Andrew (2); Livengood, Elias (added one); Livengood, Elizabeth Day; Livengood, Isa Miller; Livengood, Jessie Warfield; Livengood, Levi; Livengood, Manford; Livengood, Mary Williams; Livengood, Omer; Livengood, Ora M.; Livengood, Solomon; Livengood, Winford W.; Livengood, Zula Bowman; Livings, Velora Mitchell; Livingdton, Dallas; Livingston, Mildred McElwee; Livingston, Susan Swank; Lloyd, Sallie Morgan; Ross, Col. James; Ross, William; Sanders, James Noleman; Shaw, Jasper Newton; Shipman, Issac; Simpson, (Capt.) Joseph; Smith, Peter; Smith, Thomas A.;Locke, Otis Harlan (2); Lockwood, Opal Ford; Loeb, Julius; Logsdon, Isaac; Logsdon, Jennie Logsdon; Long, Alonzo Newton; Long, Charles Franklin; Long, Chloie Clodfelter (2); Long, Elizabeth Read Dearing; Long, Jerome; Long, Paul (added 1); Long, Ellen Myers (added 1); Long, Everett B. (2); Long, Mabel Greenley; Long, Ruby Florence; Long, Pearl; Long, Thurman (2); Long, Volney Alexander "Ecke"; Long, Walter Francis; Longden, Cleo Kirkpatrick (2); Long, Clara Keck; Longnecker, William E.; Long, Mary Ann Scott; Lookabill, Arthur "Pete"; Loudermill. Joe (added 1); Lough, Arnett (4); Lough, Arnett Lee (2); Lough, Rheuben; Lovell, Walter William; Lowe, Charlews; Lowe, Cora Thomas (2); Lydick, Catherine Hicks; Lydick, William (added 1); Lynch, Benjamin; Lowe, Gertrude Brumer; Lowe, Isaah; Lowe, Leslie Earl; Lowe, Martha Dinsmore; Lowe, Sidney; Lucas, Bertha Myers Knight; Lucas, Charles E.; Lucas, Claude C.; Lucas, Geroge Raymond; Lucas, Ruth Adamson; LaFollette, Melinda Kennedy; LaRue, child-1869; Lydick, Charles Andrew (added 1); Lydick, Catherine Hicks; Lyons, Nannie Clasby; Lyon, Mary Jennie Willis; Lyon, William;Lyon, Emerson (2); Lyon, Pauline (2); Lowery, Daniel; Lowery, Frank; Loyd, Owen; Lee, Henry K.; Leslie, Miles; Lewellen, Maggie; Leonard, Carrie Long (added 1); Lyons, Ora; Ludlow, Alice LaBaw French (2); Ludlow, Charles; Ludlow, Ernest; Ludlow, Marvin (2); Ludlow, Paul Leroy; Lydick, Adam; Luke, Della Cade; Lusk, Claude (2); Luzader, Clara Reath Darwactor; Linn, Mary; Linn, Susannah Fender; Leech, Thomas Franklin; Lampe, Mollie (added 1); Layne, Sarah (added 1); Lough, Thomas (added 1); Landis, Christopher; Long, Cecil G.; Lucas, Alta Record (2); Lucas, Catherine Smith (1st female born in Fountain Cty); Southard, William (Capt.-KIA); Sprague, A.A.; Stallard, James P. (3); Stillwell, Stephen (Capt.); Streight, Jesse; Tague, Johnson; Tate, Joseph; Thomas, Dr. Charles Lambert; Walker, A. B. ; Warbriton, Andrew; Warren, Henry; Watson, James H.; Weeks, Robert; Wilson, John Ward; Wilson, Samuel McKee, Wilson, William C.; Zachary, Elijah B.; Zachary, Milton Hezekiah; Westfall, Jacob I.; Watkins, George; Oldshue, Jacob (2); Owens, James; Smith, William E. L. -1904; Thomas, John E.; Britton, Benjamin F.; Maxwell, John Milton; Moore, Walter A.; Machledt, John H.; Machledt, Jeanette Reffett; Martin, Joseph; Matney, William; Matthews, Edna Berry (added 1); Mahoy, Robert Joseph (photo); Macy, Cecil (2); Madden, Aason (2); Madden, Fred (2); Madden, Glenwood; Madden, Lloyd (2); Mahony, Anna; Madigan, Nellie McComas; Maffett, Elmer Charles (2); Maffett, Ladoska Dearing; Maffitt, Ruby Young; Mahoney, Cain (added 1); Mahoney, Mary (added 1); Mahan, Bertha; Mahorney, Frank; Malott, Wreatha Warrick; Maltsbarger, Andrew Jackson; Maltsberger, Amy Hershberger (2); Maltsberger, Jacob A.; Maltsberger, Robert T.; Maltsberger, Virgil Ernest; Manlove, Edwin O.;  Mann, Marie Booe; Mann, Sylvia McGahan; Manners, George; Mapes, Elizabeth Patterson; Mapes, Earl; Mapes, Laura Langford; Mapes, Leonard Daniel; Marana, Michael; Maris, Elizabeth Davis; Maris, Ethel Moffett; Maris, Frank; Marks, Armilda Allen; Marks, James Scott; Marlatt, Alma Wineniger; Marlatt, Pearl Lydia Martin; Marlatt, Maxine Cronk; Marlatt, Ruth Kerr; Marques, Emma Lawson; Marquess, Glenn; Marquess, Gwendyth Swaim; Marr, Eliza McCloud; Marr, David; Marsh, Katherine Robinson; Marsh, Esta, Gookins; Marsh, Nellie Stephens; Marsh, Rollie Delmar (2); Marshall, Eleanor Furr (2); Marshall, Grace Busard; Marshall, Leora (2); Martin, Alta Ratliff; Martin, Arthur Henry (2); Martin, Basil; Martin, Ben C.; Martin, Carrie Young; Martin, Cassie; Martin, Donald; Martin, Helen E.; Martin, James P.; Martin, Jerome; Martin, Joseph E.; Meadows, Kenneth W.; Sechman, Donald R.; Teague, Kenneth J;

PHOTOS -- _ __- Added -- PHotos -

TOWNS: : __ : Total # 508 - towns to date -

Resources: (Surnames) ___ =

QUESTIONS - _____ -

Reunions -- __ Added -

SHARED: ____ Sent articles/obits/info to these


Who's Who ____ -- Added

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(thanks to Al Wolf for this awesome site - greatly appreciazted)

Hilary from the IN Div. of Hist Pres & Archaeology sent this recently - nifty

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