Orange County



1. French Lick J. A. Stackhouse West Baden
2. Greenfield Wm. R. Grimes Youngs Creek
3. Jackson Orville E. Beaty French Lick
4. Northeast Fred H. Chastain Orleans
5. Northwest Everett Pruett Huron
6. Orangeville Claude Mathers West Baden
7. Orleans James A. Lindley, Jr. Orleans
8. Paoli Isaac Morris Paoli
9. Southeast Alson H. Clements Hardinsburg
10. Stampers Creek Charles Patton Paoli

French Lick Town

C. E. Pierce   President
Charles Apple   Treasurer
Ray Deremiah   Secretary

Orleans Town and Township

Ralph W. Jenkins   President
Matthew Taggart   Treasurer
James A. Lindley, Jr.   Secretary

Paoli Town

J. F. Whitmire   President
A. R. Payton   Treasurer
J. E. Coulter   Secretary

West Baden Town

Wm. Newgent   President
John Bedster   Treasurer
J. E. Purkhiser   Secretary


French Lick   C. E. Lane and French Lick H.S.
Orleans   Worrell's Pharmacy
Paoli   Boyds' Drug Store
West Baden   Moore Drug Store

To Indiana University

Edith Atkinson   West Baden
Evelyn Parks   French Lick

To Purdue University

Frank Shirley   Orleans


French Lick Township: None
Greenfield Township: Grades only - Lee Apple and Bedford Hill.
Jackson Township: High School and part of grades - Omer Osbourne, Harry Bledsoe, and Aaron Bledsoe have the high school routes; Herbert Rutherford and Edward Newton haul grade pupils from abandoned schools No. 8 and No. 1 to No. 9 and no. 13 respectively.
Northeast Township: High School and grades from abandoned district. Noble Huffman No. 1, Edwin Tritle, High School No. 2, grades - Emery Lee to No. 6 and Fred Shroyer to No. 4.
Northwest Township: Grades - Ruby Pruett, James Brothers, Oscar Meehan, Arthur Pruett and Heber Tolbert. High School transportation unapproved to date.
Orangeville Township: High School and Grades - Roy Burton and Lawrence Tolbert, high school students. Grades - Alonzo Wilson, Arthur Wilson, Oscar Norman, Lawrence Love and Mary Hamilton and G. Reynolds.
Orleans Township: High School and Grades - F. Chatham, Ollie Bundy, A. Dalton, N. Lindley, G. Vancleave, L. Barnard, J. Brown, S. Pickens, L. Chastain, G. Hall, J. Taylor, E. B. Sanders and Olive Hopper, routes 1-13 respectively.
Paoli Township: Grades - High School students hauled when there is room. Charles Boyd, Irvin Vest, Clarence Gregory, Emery Noblitt, E. Springer, Carl Brough and John Caplinger.
Southeast Township: Grades only - Ed Harvey, Noel McDonald, Raymond Clements and George White.
Stampers Creek Township: Grades only - Raymond Dillard from No. 5 to Lynd No. 1.


First County Meeting: Sept. 27. Other dates to be announced later.
French Lick Township: Library every third Saturday, A. E. Livengood, Chr.; Greenfield, No. 10 school, first Saturday, Jas. A. McCoy, Chr.; Jackson, No. 13 School, second Saturday, Carl Clements, Chr.
Northeast Township: Baker, No. 4 School, every odd month in the a.m., Mr. Ollis Worrel, Chr. 3rd Saturday.
Northwest and Orangeville Township: Alternating first at No. 4 Orangeville, thence to No. 8 in Northwest, a.m., first Saturday on even months. Mrs. Pruett and Miss Love, Chr. First meeting Oct. No. 4, Orangeville.
Paoli Township: Third Saturday, library, Mr. Orville Clements, Chr. (1st held on 4th Saturday)
Southeast Township: Second Saturday at Valeene; first meeting to be held in October and even months following. Meeting in p.m., Floyd Fancher, Chr.
Stampers Creek Township: Third Saturday, at Pleasant Grove School No. 2, 1st in Oct., 4th Saturday, Clifford Strange, Chr.