Pike County Births

Pike County,


To add additional sources relating to Pike County, E-Mail the County Coordinator.
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All of the Pike County Birth information was researched at the ( LDS Library ) typed and submitted by

Lora Addison Radiches. Our Thanks to her for allowing its use on the Pike County web page.

Names with a ( * ) means information has been changed or updated, from the ones researched at the LDS Library. When changes are made, will put the person or persons who had this info on the births page. Names that are underlined are related in some manner to the web master, Michael Aaron Pierce. If you find mistakes or have info on any person listed on this page, please e-mail me with this info to the e-mail address listed above. Will try not place any info on anyone born after 1930, unless they are deceased. This is in line with the census reports which do not become public info, for 72 years, after the census was taken. Names with ( + ) are new to the list. Do to space, a ( ? ) will replace all of the UNKNOWN NAMES.