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Isabella C. Simmons daughter of James and Avaline Simmons Born August 10th 1835.

Avaline Simmons Born October 29th 1816.

Joseph C. Simmons Born March 2nd 1837.

Benjamin W. Simmons Born August 20th 1939.

Nancy J. Simmons Born August 18th 1841.

Nathan C. Simmons Born May 26th 1844.

Mary G. Simmons Born Dec. 22nd 1846.

John J. Simmons Born May 12th 1850.

Lucinda A. Simmons Born July 28th 1852.

Henrietta Simmons Born Dec. 24th 1853.

James A. P. Simmons Born May 25th 1857.

King Dayton Simmons Born March 12th 1859.

Sinah L. Simmons Born Feb. 12th 1862.

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Joseph Brown Jr. Born Nov. 14th 1837.

Mary Florence Brown Born Jan. 27th 1862.

May Flarilla Brown Born Jan. 11th 1865.

Oscar A. J. Brown Born Feb. 17th 1867.

Sydney C. Brown Born June 2nd 1870.

Lotta A. Brown Born Jan. 16th 1873.

Jennie L. Brown Born March 17th 1878.

Family Record Miscellaneous 1

William Starbuck born March 11th 1748.

Jane Taylor Born November 24th 1758.

Abigail Simmons daughter of William Starbuck

And Jane his wife was Born July 24th 1780.

William Simmons Born May 26th 1798.

Charles Simmons Born Feb. 19th 1800.

Samuel Simmons Born Feb. 3rd 1802.

Rebecca Simmons Born April 16th 1804.

Jane Simmons Born January 22nd 1807.

James Simmons Born July 20th 1809.

Edward Simmons Born Jan. 4th 1812.

Phebe Simmons Born Sept. 13th 1814.

John Simmons Born April 8th 1817.

Andrew Simmons Born July 21st 1819.

Ann Simmons Born Jan. 3rd 1822.

Lucinda Simmons Born Sept. 1st 1824.

Catharine Simmons Born Aug. 6th 1836.

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